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  1. I agree it's super cute, but since the video was uploaded last year, the piggy has been sent to the slaughterhouse by that man already.
  2. Video here: More info here: http://www.veganfitness.net/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21284 GERMANS SHOW HOW IT'S DONE! I will meet those guys next month in Germany! After 2 year pause Vegan Fitness Week is here again!
  3. I would not have noticed anything unless without you telling about the size differences. Just get to work, pump those muscles and eat lots of protein and the size difference will be gone. And if it's not, at least you'll be strong enough so that you can kick people's asses if they mock you about it. But seriously, it is very rare to be 100 % symmetrical and you really should not worry about such things. I'd worry a lot more about your calorie intake than asymmetrical pecs.
  4. Welcome! I suggest you buy this: http://www.veganbodybuildingbook.com/ ...there are loads of info on how and what to eat, how to train and how to stay healthy as a vegan. I ordered 3 copies. Also, try to concentrate on full body workout, such as squats and deadlifts. And eat food packed with calories. Nuts, seeds, soy stuff, beans, lentils, peanut butter...
  5. Spend your time eating the protein instead of counting those percentages and you'll get much better results. All pea/rice/soy/hemp proteins have good amino acid profiles so you'll be fine with any of those. More seriously: I'd just take pea, rice & others one at a time so it will take more time to get fed up with one flavor. I don't think even pro bodybuilders count those ratios.
  6. Starting up lifting regularly again, so this is the "before" pic for now. http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk250/tuc_finland/19062010193_crop.jpg My general condition now: Strength: Bad. I haven't lifted heavy weights for a long time so current 1 rep max's must suck ass big time. Body fat: ok, could be lower but not an issue Legs: really skinny since I haven't trained because of my lower back which is now in good condition. I'll start with light weights again. I don't want to share pics of my legs right now. Upper body: looks ok I guess but a few lbs less mass than 1½ years ago. Body suitability to breakdance: really good since I am a bit lighter. Moves feel really easy!
  7. tuc

    French Vegan

    Welcome! It must be quite hard to be a vegan in France unless you live in a big city. There aren't that many vegans in France.
  8. I just ordered 3 copies. And if there's a lot of interest here in Finland, I will order a lot more!
  9. http://i528.photobucket.com/albums/dd321/34tmyl337/Courage%20Wolf/courage_wolf_26.jpg RAEG TIEM! That web page is the lamest thing since Terry Schiavo.
  10. I just ordered 3 VBB books, I think I'll give one to my business associate who also sells vegan books in her boutique and then one will be given away by Vegetukku.fi (my company) to some of my great customers. Then some training: I was really stuck after training and decided to rest since I knew what was coming. Another sports camp and loads of bboying lessons to keep. 10th June - 2h bboying 11th June - 3h bboying 12th June - 3h bboying And in addition, loads of more bboying in the evenings. 14th June - another light training, just some bench presses and bicep curls ect. to get familiar with weights again. LONG sets, like 20 reps per set. Good pump!
  11. Some really nasty ones between the some really good ones. My favourite: "Today's Horoscope: F**K YEAH!"
  12. My vegan food company just got its first order from a multi-million euro eco market chain. The first order is small, but I have a feeling this will be BIG!
  13. It is quite unreliable source and I would not count on it.
  14. You can get biologically active B12 from chlorella which is not a supplement. But since very few tests have been conducted on humans, chlorella and B12 levels, I'd suggest you go for chlorella for a while and check if your B12 levels start going down. It's not expensive to take blood samples and you'll be a lot happier when you know you're ok. It takes a year or two to get B12 deficiency so you can try chlorella without any other B12 source for months without problems. The B12 analogues in spirulina ARE NOT absorbed by humans and eating spirulina won't get your B12 levels up.
  15. I use the same teeth I have chewed meat with back in the 80's and early 90's and have no problems with it. Why should I refuse to use a grill that has touched meat? Why use the time and energy on something totally irrelevant? I don't see any reason why one should throw something out just because meat has touched it. Unless you are some weird religulous enemy of reason.
  16. Wow! I gotta get a few copies of the book asap! I planned to pre-order but for forgot to do that! Looks like it is selling pretty well! Getting back in shape! Today I took sets in bench press @ 50 kg (110lbs). About 20 reps per set just to get familiar with the barbell again. After that a few sets standing shoulder press, bicep curls and bent-over rows. Feels good man! To boost my return I am taking recovery drinks which have: - Soy/pea/3-component protein (I don't cycle them in order, just take what I feel like. - Creatine - Megazell optimizer (loads of vitamins and nutrients) - Algomed chlorella (super quality german tube farm chlorella which I sell) - Beta-alanine Tastes great!
  17. Scheisse! Sooooo long time without updates. I've had nasty pain in my lower back every now and then which has kept me away from squatting and deadlifting, and because of that I haven't been training with weights for a while. Another reason is that I've been running my vegan company, http://vegetukku.fi , all days and nights and so far I've sold stuff worth more than 50 000 USD this year. I've sold hundreds of pounds of protein so at least I'm contributing to the Finnish vegan fitness scene all the time. I actually am starting up with weights again now, since you can't go to the beach without being SWOL. So at least I'll pump my upper body every day if the sun is shining. Another thing I've thought about is to start training more with own body weight, it is more convenient while getting my back back in shape. I'm not totally in crappy shape, since I've been bboying a LOT and I can actually do more with my body on the dancefloor since I'm leaner but haven't lost strength compared to my weight. But now that I finally have time to promise people to start lifting again, I really have to do it. It will be interesting to see how fast the muscles come back!
  18. Joni Purmonen aka. JP won the last qualifying round and will be competing in the Britain's strongman national championship finals! He is in the -105kg category. Can't wait to see the finals later this year! Here's a vid of how the qualifying went:
  19. I actually had the privilege to see Candyflip live a couple of days ago and she looks even better in the real world. I was selling vegan snacks at Vegfest, Tampere (a three day vegan festival in the middle of the second largest metropolitan area in Finland). It was a great event with thousands of visitors.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDVXr3pdkU0
  21. Wow, this is wonderful news! GO MIKE!
  22. Smoked paprika ftw! In Spanish it's called pimentón. Gives a great flavor for any food!
  23. Did you gave birth or what? Really huge transformation!
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