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  1. If you want something really light and flexible, I recommend Jingas: http://www.jingashop.com/jinga_shop.asp My friend runs a vegan store here in Turku and she just ordered a nice bunch of these shoes. They are incredibly light (200g/7oz per pair) since they are obviously made for capoeira! I don't use shoes when I lift weights. I do have 3 pairs of shoes for breakdancing but since it's my profession more or less, I need to have really good shoes since I do it hundreds of hours every year. Otherwise I have like 7 pairs of shoes for different purposes but I mainly use just 2 or 3 pairs depending on season.
  2. http://www.makemymood.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/swedishgirls.jpg
  3. LOOK AT THAT BACK! I'm thrilled! I've missed this thread earlier, glad I found it! MORE PICS PLZ!!!
  4. I actually agree with everything you say. This article did not give a single fact and did not contribute to the subject in any way. Just a bunch of empty words.
  5. Zomg, that's awesome! You look a lot bigger than in old pics!
  6. Mirco "Cro-Cop" Filipovic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs7u8INuE6c When see him kicking ppl in the face you are SURE you do not want to fight him.
  7. Don't cut the fat! Eat more and get even bigger! You can get really big if you just keep eating enough. It's easy to get rid of excess fat so concentrate on building more mass. You look great already! It is essential to bulk if you want to build serious muscle and I see absolutely no reason for you to cut fat.
  8. I actually found one T-Nation article which had "scientific evidence" that it lowers testosterone. However, when I run a search on the journal the source was published, I found out that there has never been an article with that name, and I also checked that no scientist with same last name has published anything about soy in that magazine. Ever. If you guys find articles which claim such things, I heavily recommend that you find the original study and first check a) that it exists b) the article actually claims what it should and c) that the amounts used to get statistically significant results are from this world (i.e. you should drink 16-20 litres of soymilk per day to get too much phytoestrogens).
  9. Yo Robert! Sorry, I have been SUPER BUSY lately! I have sold stuff worth more than 10 000 USD in just 3 weeks! I am creating something huge here, since on friday I'll take 15 000 USD more loan and I already have some restaurant customers and I will get a proper warehouse soon (I hate all the regulations and bureaucracy you have to do in order to get one!!!), and next week I will probably get a really nice ecological van for my company so that I can move stuff harder, better, faster and stronger than now. On one saturday I had more than 1000 USD sales! But yeah, I think I mostly need is some Vega stuff. Some small bags for starters I guess and a lot of those trial packages since we first have to make the brand known. And I just love giving away some free stuff with every order, and those packages will do the job more than well! If you ship via UPS it shouldn't be a problem since I've ordered loads of stuff from the U.S. and I've never had any problems. I'm sorry to hear about your surgery. It really sucks for you guys to get sick or hurt yourself in the U.S. without insurance!
  10. http://knowyourmeme.com/i/29398/original/Iareseriouscat.jpg
  11. YEAH ROBERT! (Still looking forward for you to send me some promotional stuff! ) Now it's open! Today 10.01.10 @ 10:01:10 I opened the shop. Nice amount of orders already, even though I am still waiting for most of the stuff which means my product palette is a bit weak right now. JP showed how it's done, so I really have to give a big up for JP for being such an inspiration! He started the first vegan food webstore in Finnish and now we have two, which of course support each other! Tomorrow is the first interview, I'm getting loads of free publicity in a few weeks! You can check my web pages, which are now pretty much finished (and in Finnish): http://vegetukku.fi/
  12. I actually got rid of knee problems after I started to squat deep. Start with light weights, of course and add weight gradually and you'll be fine. And don't to stuff that feels bad.
  13. tuc

    New Member.

    Wow, that's quite a story! You seem like a guy who doesn't give up and you'll probably succeed with that attitude in no time! Welcome to the board!
  14. Thank you all! It's great to hear that I am not the only one who's really excited about this! Things are now happening for real! I spent ~ 5000 USD today while ordering food (about 1000 lbs food on its way over here!). I already have web pages almost finished: http://www.vegetukku.tarjoaa.fi/ (don't worry about the top banner, the pic will change and it just says that DON'T ORDER YET, TEST MODE ONLY!) Things I still have to do: - Order sh*tloads of more stuff such as protein powders ect. - Receive items as soon as they arrive and print labels in Finnish. - Type in all the items in my web store. - SELL EVERYTHING AND MAKE THE WHOLE FINLAND EAT VEGAN FOOD! Right now I will have things such as: - Protein powders and other sports nutrition - A large variety of soy and lupin food products including bulk packs (20 lbs of textured soy products in one box, now that should last for a while) - Sausages, tofu, Spacebars - Primal jerky - over 10 different vegan protein bars - Vegan toothpaste - Goji berries, spirulina, maca, coconut and such - Spices All vegan, many products are 100 % organic, some raw food...
  15. OK, I had a few days without any lifting since I want my back to heal asap. It's still a bit sore, so I took a light session once more. Mon 14th December - 2h bboying Thu 17th December - 1h 15mins bboying Sun 20th December - Bench press, barbell: 3 x 15 @ 50kg - Bent-over row, dumbbells (one arm at a time): 3 x 10 @ 30kg per arm - Dips: 15 + 15 + 11 @ bw - Bicep curls, curl bar: 15 + 15 + 10 @ 32kg
  16. Hey Octo! I think I should be fine... except that back pain that is really pain in the ass, literally since it's lower back pain just above the ass. I guess it's just some weak muscle a bit torn, I'll try to train lower body with tiny weights just to build it up again. We'll see how it goes. Mon 7th December - 3h bboying Fri 11th December - Bench press, barbell: 10 @ 50, 6 + 6 + 6 @ 74kg - Dips: 12 + 12 + 9 @ bw - Deadlift: warm up @ 50, then 5 @ 100kg and then that back pain I had last time came back. - Bicep curls: 4 x 10 per arm @ 16.5kg It'll take a while to get myself back in shape unless my back pain goes away. It's ridiculous to think that I didn't have any pain when I was pulling deadlifts like crazy at the very limits of my body and now it gets sore when I lift weights I used to lift while warming up!
  17. Welcome! I love your signature pic, awesome! Sounds like you're doing great, just keep asking! There's always someone who can help here!
  18. Yeah and this time ACTUALLY BACK IN BUSINESS! I started a company on friday and I will start importing vegan stuff big time! What comes to training, I've had rdiculous amounts of bboying and that's why I haven't been able to train much. But now everything is set up for a new start! Gym is all cleaned up and looking fine! I won't even tell you how much I've dance but this gives some clue: in one week I earned about 1000 EUR (1500 USD) by teaching breakdance. You can just imagine how exhausted I was by the end of the week! Sun 6th December - Bench press, barbell: 6 + 8 + 6 @ 72kg - Shoulder press, dumbbells: 10 + 10 + 10 @ 16,5kg - Deep squats, barbell: 10 @ 52kg, 6 @ 70kg, then realized small pain in lower back and just for caution decided not to do more. - Bicep curls, dumbbells: 3 x 10 @ 16,5kg per arm - Bent-over rows: 3 x 15 @ 58kg Fresh start, so taking it easy for the first few sessions.
  19. You should use a mixture of oat/soy/rice milk and melted margarine. If you want to check using google translate there's lots of recipes and discussion here: http://www.oikeuttaelaimille.net/foorumi/index.php?showtopic=7444&st=0 (but obviously it's in Finnish. Hope this helps!
  20. Bumping this up and telling also that I need some time to shave my legs for this one.
  21. You'll be fine in no time, my dad got Lyme's disease some years ago (actually 2 different versions at the same time) and he had big pains for a while but he's totally fine now! And hey, even if you don't get better soon, there's so much stuff you can still do. And you can wait for kick ass cybernetic arms and legs and such in the near future. Get well soon!
  22. http://i.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/4831934/g-080522-hlt-crying-baby-11a.widec-main_Full.jpg
  23. Just wanted to tell you all that I am starting up an own company which will import vegan food, supplements, vitamins and superfoods to Finland! I'll start with a modest budget of 10 000 EUR (15 000 USD). If you have vegan stuff that you think I might be able to sell directly to consumers or to retail stores, please contact me! I am able to buy stuff in a week or two. I am convinced that my company will greatly help Finnish vegans to get good protein and stay healthy. My pricing will be modest, since I am more into helping vegans than making money. I print my own labels and I won't have much fixed costs so there isn't that big risk for me. If I can't sell something, I eat it myself! Wish me luck!
  24. http://kuvaton.com/bshit/policesquad_facepalm.gif
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