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  1. Great! Thanks for the info. I think I'll manage without a solid rock belly, I prefer gaining strength and weight. I don't think it's even healthy to have a really dry body all the time. Sorry about my bad English, luckily you still figured out what I tried to express.
  2. Are there any scientific studies of creatine production when on a vegan diet? I think body might produce a bit more creatine if you're not getting any of it from food. This is just guessing, but it doesn't sound that unrealistic since human body tends to get used to different diets and exercises. Nice to hear that people are getting really good results without creatine supplements!
  3. There's lots of creatine in red meat and other animal products. Taking creatine just as natural as taking vitamin pills. Obviously, if you take too much of it it's unhealthy, but the same thing is with most of the vitamins too. -> I take 1 multi vitamin pill every day (D, B12 ect) and some creatine, 5-10g/day. German 100 % creatine monohydrate (no cheap Korea crap, it might be dangerous!) I've felt a lot better and stronger than before and I'm making huge progress, I can make more reps and I feel bulked. Remember that body produces creatine itself, but not enough for maximal strength excercise. There's no creatine in vegetables, so you have to take it in synthetic form. I have no problem with it, but I understand if people want to stay "natural". But don't complain if you don't get fast results. Creatine, if taken properly, can be even benefical for wealth (f.e. reduces cholesterol, which obvioiusly isn't a big deal for vegans), whereas side effects are uncommon.
  4. This answers exactly to the question I was looking for -> I have trained loads of abs and I can easily do 100+ reps of regular sit-ups and more than 30 reps with 16kg weight on my chest. Still, my abs aren't showing that well. However, I'm not that keen to get rid of all my body fat, because I want to gain weight and I believe getting too few calories will not only burn fat but also reduce muscle gain. If I only eat less carbs but get loads of protein and healthy fat, will it still reduce muscle gain if I burn more calories than I consume?
  5. Hi! Just joined and wow, there's huge amounts of information and also loads of motivational pictures to keep me pumping! I'm 26, I work at Turku School of Economics as a project developer and a researcher (well, officially my title in that project is a research assistant until I graduate). I also teach breakdance at a couple of dance schools nearby. I've been a vegan for ~ 1,5 years, before that I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian since the age of 13. I got interested in pumping iron when I was 16 but I had a small injury at the age of 17 which caused a pause for a couple of months and after that I no longer had an opportunity to work out easily. However, just a couple weeks ago I bought a bench press stuff at home and my roommate has girya weights. I've been working quite hard for a couple of weeks already. I also started eating loads of protein (in seeds, nuts, protein pasta and soy products, I try to eat only very ecological food) and started taking pure creatine ~ 10g/day. I'll take a pause on creatine soon. I've already made some improvement but I don't want to post pics of my full body yet, however, here's my left arm (the right one is quite similar) after ~ 6 weeks of training: http://img523.imageshack.us/img523/7772/hauis2treenattu6vkolq3.jpg It's not much (since I didn't have much to begin with) but well, you have to start somewhere. Sry 'bout the bad pic quality, my digital camera is in Senegal along with my GF so I had to use a webcam. Actually the whole training got started because I wanted to surprise my GF when she comes back from 4 month trip to Senegal educating children. I only have 3 more weeks left, gotta train really hard for the last days! There's quite a few vegans in Finland pumping iron, I didn't know this is so damn easy and fun. I have to get all my vegan friends pumping so that people won't keep vegans as weak and skinny people.
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