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  1. Hey everyone! Wow - my last visit here was in 2008..! =P Just wanted to let you all know about a new vegan project I've begun, called VeganStart. It encourages people to take their first step towards veganism by switching out their breakfasts - how's that for a practical first step? =) It came about because there's a bit of a gap when it comes to going vegan... There's Meatless Monday, and then 7 or 30 day Kickstarter programs, but nothing 'in-between'...so if someone is intimidated by going fully vegan for 7+ days, what else is there for them? Hopefully we make it easier for people to begin the transition. There's already a ton of neat info on the site, and lots more to come (working on a redesign as well) - check it out here, and let people know if they're keen on going vegan, but not sure where to start! http://VeganStart.org Any feedback welcome, thanks so much! =)
  2. Hey everyone, organizing a fun and unique sprint duathlon here on May 17th: http://www.thevictoriavegan.com/organicathletevictoria/trackntrail.asp It's unlike any duathlon you've seen before, centered at our velodrome, it features the following events (sans transitions): * one lap bike sprint (333m) * one lap foot sprint (333m) * 3km or 4km bike TT * 5km chip trail run I know most of you's aren't anywhere near this, but in case someone is, please do join us (or volunteer!)
  3. Thoughts as i'm catching up on this thread: Mishie - wow, thank you for sharing your experiences. It's an unspeakable shame that you've been largely ignored. My guess is that you aren't confirming what strip club supporters have claimed. It would be very mature of these people to admit as much. Josh - glad we agree on this topic, and this is significant because i think this is much more important than the subject we disagreed on. Bronco - very well made points, thank you for your participation. Offense - you're coming off as incredibly specious. For example, you keep making a point about 0.68% of the population, and 'thank goodness they don't have any more influence'... Tell me, about what portion of the population of Europe, America or Canada is vegan? Clearly, the vast majority of the population is against veganism. By your (flawed) deductive reasoning, you should give up being vegan, because so little of the population supports it. The examples you provide are all awful, some exceptionally awful, and really only highlight your ignorance on the subject. Josh is perfectly correct calling this a 'pseudo-conversation'. Jeremy - once more, you need to change how you frame what you say. You sound like a moron spouting off the way you do, and this is disappointing because i thought you were more interested in understanding issues than what you're displaying here. You really ought to engage Mishie on this subject, and she's very kindly offered to discuss this. Once more a very important issue in all this: there are no women participating in this discussion. With the lone exception of Mishie, the last three pages (of relative chatter) have been entirely from men. Isn't that a problem? It seems so clear to me that the patriarchy on here is significant, enough so to silence women. Give your heads a shake people, this is a very disturbing problem.
  4. This is so narrow-minded Jeremy. Yeah, it's their choice, and yeah they're confident, but the societal repercussion of the choice is profound and fundamentally oppressive. Further, you've clearly missed the point of my message, and are one of the people who needs to clam up and listen. You demonstrate exactly what i'm saying: you're acting like an authority on the subject. You're telling us what's what with women. Who the hell are you to do that??! On top of it, you're not trying to understand anything, you're simply trying to rationalize your mindset. You're spouting out, telling us what you think and how you justify it. None of this has any foundation in an attempt to understand the issue at a meaningful level. As an example, if you were really sincerely interested in feminism and socially progressive perspectives, you would frame your message very differently. Instead of telling us what you think, you'd ask about it. You'd say something like "i'm under the impression that women who perform at strip clubs gain confidence, isn't this true?" Instead, you're just telling us what you think, which does nothing for the conversation, and demonstrates that you're closed-minded and are fully opinionated on the subject, unlikely to change your perspective. And that really, really sucks when it's such an important issue. I'm out of here for the night.....
  5. Exactly how is this supposed to justify it? People are going to do all sorts of things, does that make it right?? The way it's done in a strip club certainly isn't the venue for people who are 'secure and content with their bodies'. Sheesh. PS - i apologize for the harshness of my message, i'm clearly pretty pissed off over this.
  6. Interesting, thanks Lee. I'm on the fence with grains...my overall consumption is down, but i'm not sure i'd discount them either.. I enjoy enough other foods it's not an issue for me personally, but if someone is eating predominantly grains, it can be a problem, but i think it's more that they're overdoing them, than that they're particularly unhealthy...?
  7. Wow. I rarely visit here, and this thread reminds me why. Simply disgusting how many people are attempting to rationalize sexism and the sexual dysfunctions of our society. (And how few are speaking out...or perhaps even feel that they can with these mindless and insulting arguments, posted oh-so authoritatively from big brave loudmouth men.) Great job in slowing down progress.... Bravo David, at least, for speaking out. For those who argue against him, ask yourself why no women are speaking out against this. Think it's because they all agree with you, or because they're just "radical feminists"? In reality, the insults and insensitivity run deep, and that's the result of an ignorant and patriarchal society, and it's so very sad that even a supposedly 'progressive' vegan site demeans and oppresses women, and prevents any from even considering speaking out. And unfortunately you thoughtless male primates are only perpetuating it. If you're actually sincere and serious about understanding the issue, ask questions. Stop spewing your idiocy and stop acting like some kind of authority on the subject, because you're only proving how lacking your understanding actually is, and preventing any real discourse from occurring. STOP DEFENDING AND LISTEN. And for the women on here who have benefited from exploiting sexist mentalities, keep in mind that you're doing just that, and perpetuating the status quo. It's an awful joke to think you're somehow challenging it. Certainly not. Also take a moment to consider what David touched on, being the effect on women who choose not to look like Barbie, or other ridiculous sexualized celebrities -- very few have any interest in appearing this way, yet are often made to feel less valued because they don't fit into that visualization. That's really great too, ain't it. Sexism is alive and well, and clearly being exploited by any who can look the part. No part of this is progressing society. Wake up.
  8. Hiya - for me: * much easier on digestion * body remains in a more alkaline state * no concern about protein supplements, etc * much faster recovery * more energy for actually training / working out To define 'low protein', i'm not saying less than any health org. would recommend, but down around 10% of calories, or specifically, just under 0.4g/kg per day. For me, that's around 30g. I can't keep it that low, but i'm trying... As a bike racer, i'm finding that i'm having more energy, meals digest more quickly and efficiently without including as many protein-containing foods (many of which are highly processed), and i'm actually making bigger gains than when i was eating more protein. My legs are actually bigger (and i'm gaining weight), and i'm getting new PB's in power ratings, despite not even training that system (i'm really focused on slow-twitch muscle systems, yet i hit a new 5sec max wattage the other day. I have a power meter on my bike, which tells me exactly how hard i'm pedaling in watts.) Mind you i'm eating more complex than just 'low protein', i advocate a whole foods diet, with a huge focus on greens. It's been working spectacularly, i practically feel like a new person. =) I think you'd be surprised at how successfully you could gain muscle with protein intake at this level and major focus on whole foods.
  9. Consider that maybe you're eating too much protein, or the wrong kind.
  10. Hiya, Protein combining is 'true', in the respect that it's optimal to consume enough of all 9 essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) within a 24hr period. Unless you are starving, or eating a severely restricted diet (say, only bagels), protein will really be the least of your concerns...including getting enough essential amino acids. If you're eating enough calories, and it's from varied food sources, you're unlikely to be deprived.
  11. I'd say it's becoming a critical mass.... Health and environmental issues, as well as ethical, are all pointing towards veganism as an answer... The evidence will continue to pile up and it'll become harder and harder for people to deny.
  12. hehe - the tri kit is waaay too short! I dunno what they were thinking with that. Looks good tho!
  13. Hey there Leety neighbor. =) Interesting to read your experience with the Thrive diet, glad it had such a positive influence! I think you might be giving Vega a hard rap over something it's not: a 'true' meal substitute for a functioning athlete. I believe it's marketed towards 'normal' (more or less inactive) people as a meal replacement, and in this instance, i think it works for the most part (i'd prefer it with little or no protein, but that's me. For inactive people, carbs aren't actually 'essential', tho it's not something i'd recommend going without...but for an endurance athlete, water and Vega powder is not a real 'meal', but i could list a million things that aren't real 'meals' either! I think a scoop or two in a smoothie with lotsa fruit, etc, is probably much closer to being a 'meal', imo...and i don't think that's the fault of the Vega. I hope i don't sound like an apologist, but i think it has its place... Personally, i took Vega for over a year, but am now simply taking the maca and chlorella separately, because again, i don't want all the protein. (I'm down to ~40-60g/day, and it's *awesome*.) Curious about what else in the Thrive program that you mention in your last paragraph that can be harmful...?
  14. Hey Tashie - the cranks on both are Truvativ (or whatever they are) - they're both pretty much the same. I thought one was compact, but it isn't. What happened at the shop? Did you get the Norco? It was Erin Willock and Alex Wrubleski, both ride for Webcor. Potter - 10mins is pretty good! It's not the Malahat (the nearly 30min climb), but you can get some good workouts in on a 10min hill. =)
  15. Nothing to do with your post, but wanted to say 'hey'. =)
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