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  1. wow , amigo, youre the greatest vegan bodybuilder. From now on Im your #1 Fan in México. Thats precisely the type of muscularity that I want to achieve.
  2. My sister got me into it. And since I actually didn´t smoke, drink or did drugs Its a great way to live. Here in Tj is flooded with druglords and drug mafias, we call them "Narcos", and they commit A LOT of criminal activity here in Tj, every single day you see and read in the news of kidnapping, fights in the nightclubs, homicides related to that, corrupt policeman that are with the mafia, politicians that protect druglords, its a mess. The worse is that the young generation admire and want to be like them, that´s messed up, If you go out at night into a nightclub you have to be very careful cuz you never know who may be infiltrated with the druglords, and Im talkin of kids of 18, 19, 20 - 25 years old, you just have to look at them and that´s enought to get them angry, just like that.
  3. Hello guys, I've been working out since august '07 and been a vegetarian for 10 years, tried to be vegan but it only lasted for one year, it's pretty hard to be vegan here in Tijuana, Mexico, but with all the limitations that the mexican market has I don't eat any eggs, milk, or wathever comes from an animal. Got bored of going to the gym, finding parking space, rules, music (I can't workout with disco music and hate to hear it with earphones) so I started to buy second hand stuff and made one in my house, very humble by the way. Anyway I co-own an organic products company here in Mexico, so that is mostly what I eat, fortunalety Mexico has A LOT of organic agriculture. My goal is to become the first famous vegetarian (or vegan) bodybuilder in Mexico ( I haven't heard of anyone else yet), it's a big challenge for me because it's a way to show people that you can be powerfull and at the same time compasionate to all sentient beings. Strong as steel, soft as cotton. Hasta pronto amigos!
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