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  1. Her "Whole Living" magazine does gave a lot of vegetarian or vegan recipes in it, at least the one edition I've seen.
  2. Ah good thanks for making me look at their menu. I remember reading about it when it opened, but I thought it was going to be a new, different restaurant from the same people. Didn't realize it was replacing Horizons. Menu looks similar, prices don't look too crazy either.
  3. I was about to comment that you forgot Horizons... But I just searched and found out they're closed! NOOOOOOOOO!
  4. My wife and kids are vegan so there's no problem now. My wife used to eat a little dairy a few years ago, I wouldn't prepare it for her. It was a bit gross having it in the house but not a huge problem. With Daiya and the coconut ice creams nowadays there's just no reason to go back...
  5. Unhealthy? I don't think so. Some people are unusually sensitive to MSG and may get headaches and go flush after consuming it, but that's a small part of the population. It's just used as a flavor enhancer, perhaps not healthful but I don't think there's any real evidence that it's harmful.
  6. Is this a vegan restaurant or just one with options? Menu lists lots of meat but maybe it's all mock stuff? I don't see anything to that effect. Too bad the offer is expired today but thanks for posting this.
  7. TP hasn't had the ajinomoto bcaas on the site for a while. Not sure if discontinued or just out of stock.
  8. IMO the two don't work together. I also had an aquarium pre-vegan and of course maintained it after going vegan, but I never "replaced" fish after they died so that situation fixed itself after a few years. I have vegan fed cats which is enough trouble, I don't know that you could even feed fish a vegan diet, but that topic has been exhausted with regard to cats and dogs, with no resolution, countless times already. The question that's more applicable here is how those fish are acquired. Puppy mills are a definite no no, I strongly suspect that the business of selling fish is similar or worse. You can argue that a good home aquarium is a better place than a pet store, but there's a lot than happens before that which needs to be considered. That said, I'm not absolutely against all sorts of animal captivity. I have two rescued cats, and I do believe their lives are better in my home than in a feral colony in a city. But even that I sometimes doubt. Personally I don't have a *conceptual* problem with large professional aquariums, I think the purpose they serve in preservation, education, and so on may justify some captivity concerns. A personal aquarium, populated from a pet store at least, is difficult to justify in my view.
  9. In the US it depends on the type. I believe the reduced fat ones are ok but the normal varieties are not. The fudge creme ones in the plastic tray are ok, but the fudge creme ones in the box (which otherwise look like the same product) are not.
  10. Follow the link in the OP. It's all right there. But the short answer is, you need to take a B12 supplement. Many people (including non vegans) don't get enough and many people don't absorb it well. The supplement is cheap, safe, and a deficiency doesn't usually present symptoms until permanent damage has occurred.
  11. Well, I oversimplified that. There is tamari that contains wheat as well, and it's not exactly the same as soy sauce (similar to how dark soy sauce is quite different). But my point is that there's already a commodity gluten-free soy sauce equivalent out there, and Braggs has a strikingly similar ingredients list... So I don't see how it isn't just a scam.
  12. I think they are worth it if you consider them to be cheap insurance for possible nutritional gaps. I'm currently taking the one from GNC which is vegetarian, but that's because they periodically have good sales on them. You don't need to get to fancy with which one IMO, they're not magic, they just can help fill in any gaps. B12 on the other hand is a critical supplement.
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