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  1. It's possible to gain strength and definition without putting on any weight, but it's going to be nearly impossible if you're already underweight and undereating. Your body doesn't have much to work with and it's already struggling to keep its weight up without building strength. You might be able to sneak in more calorie dense foods like peanut butter. It won't feel like you're eating too much more but it's more calories. I'd also cut back on the cardio a bit and spend that time lifting weights. The little handheld weights are dumbbells, barbells are the longer bars that are a few feet long. You can start out with 10 lb ones and see how that goes.
  2. Any idea if either of these products are really vegan? Often leucine comes from duck feathers and I don't recognize some of the things in Uplift. I used a different BCAA product for a while before it was discovered that the manufacturer considered "synthetically derived from feathers" to mean vegan safe. I've confirmed that Xtend and Purple Wraath are ok but have been striking out find many other vegan mixes.
  3. What results are you after? You are underweight and not even eating at your maintenance calorie level!! Eat more! If you don't get sore doing lunges you're not using enough weight.
  4. My wife is always making yummy cupcakes out of this cookbook. They are dangerous though. A dozen cupcakes with two adults and one little kid to eat them doesn't leave much room for moderation.
  5. RAW ALMONDS 1 package of raw almonds Open package. Eat. I win!
  6. Sports Authority is having a 25% off friends and family sale this weekend if you go that route. I just picked up a pair of nike frees for $64. You need the coupon: http://a.slickdeals.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=399756&d=1281611905
  7. Most or all of the spiru-tein flavors contain bee pollen, which many vegans avoid. Just pointing that out--not trying to judge. I avoid it but I think it's borderline.
  8. Everything said above, plus: YOU have to be in control. YOU have the power, you just have to use it. I know you were leading into those questions, but I want to emphasize that you need to own yourself. Look to others for information and guidance, but realize that you are responsible for yourself. Take that power, own it everyday, and you'll be able to achieve the results you seek. I also wouldn't worry about sitting in front of a desk all day. I've been a sysadmin for the past six years and I'm in the best shape of my life right now. Sitting around while you work isn't the problem... it's all that other related stuff: drinking soda, going out to lunch, etc. that does us in. Maybe your plan will cause some hardship, skipping happy hour, skipping takeout, etc., but what really matters? You do. Don't let others own your life, own it yourself. (I'm not sure that this is exactly your situation but it's what I've commonly seen happen with others.)
  9. Ooh yum. Now we're talking. Thanks a lot! Remedy Diner's only a few blocks from my hotel and the Ethiopian place is right near where I'll be working.
  10. Anyone from the area or have been there? I'll be there on business for the next two weeks and am looking for restaurant recommendations. According to happycow there's no vegetarian places other than Indian (which I like), though plenty of veggie-friendly ones. I guess I'm spoiled being smack between NYC and Philadelphia. Any experiences?
  11. I feel that the use of the term "violence" is only to simplify the issue, avoid immediate rejection, and perhaps invoke sympathy. The real issue is the violation of rights... the real discussion is what are rights and who has them. If we assign the right not to be killed (not the right to live, but the right not to be killed) to a chicken, then it's the violation of that right to kill and eat them. But if you approach it that way, you get knee-jerk responses along the lines of "so chickens should have the right to vote?" or "but it's a chicken" which goes nowhere.
  12. I thought this thread was going to be about potato chips. I like potato chips.
  13. I used to pressure cook them but found the texture to be less than optimal. They either come out undercooked or extremely mushy.
  14. I used to work at a university and would just take a late "lunch" to hit up the gym around 1pm. I'm starting a new work-at-home job next week, I'm curious to see how I'll fit it in as well. My lifting buddy still works there so I'm going to buy a membership and continue to use their gym. Considering driving there and back will take up quite a bit more time than walking between the buildings did, I might shoot for a 7am workout. The gym is too busy after 5pm and that would cut into family time as well.
  15. More protein! Transpose the numbers in the shake to make it 71g! What are you calling a reverse squat? Do you like how your lifts are coming along? Are you making good progress? Without completely changing things, I would try your complex lifts first in your workout and use the isolated ones later for assistance. For example, wipe yourself out with the pull ups, then go on to curls. I wouldn't bother doing DB presses and militaries in the same workout, I think you'll end up saving yourself on the first in order to complete the second. Try going all out on one of them and if you want, alternate between the two on different days.
  16. I'm renovating the upstairs of my house to use as a home office.... because I'm starting a new work-from-home job next week. Exciting and frightening.
  17. Not from the area, but when I was looking around here the difference in price between ones in local stores and online was ridiculous. I bought one on eBay from this seller for $25 shipped: http://cgi.ebay.com/Foam-Roller-Yoga-Exercise-USA-36x6-Wht-Free-Shipping-/350376980523 though mine is black. From what I remember I think sports authority wanted like $40 for a 12x6 one. If you have cats make sure you have a place to hide the roller, they like to use it as a scratching post.
  18. I don't see 1800 calories being a problem at all, if you find yourself binging, proactively eat more, better foods earlier in the day so you're not crashing and eating everything in sight. I skip breakfast and lunch all together... but that's me. I'm reading your food log as: sugar, sugar, sugar, maybe fat, starch, protein, starch. If you want to eat throughout the day, try to get a good dose of protein in throughout. If you want that carb/pasta dish, put it in right after your workout but be sure to include protein as well. Try basing your meals around lentils, beans, or any of the commercial vegan protein subs.
  19. You appear to be arguing that vitamin C supplements are not effective and that one needs to consume vitamin C from oranges. Considering that vitamin C supplementation has been shown to cure scurvy, it's clear that the body can and does use the C supplement because IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING. This doesn't mean that every isolated supplement works, I'm sure there are many synergists in whole foods that are missing from supplements which we're not aware of (for example calcium+D). Just because there can be more complicated things at work in nature doesn't mean supplements are always ineffective.
  20. No idea but I keep meaning to look into it myself. I bought a pound of it about two months ago but never got around to buying an accurate enough scale to measure it out. Boooo!
  21. There're really nothing to counter. We'd probably get plenty of B12 if we didn't clean our food... animal meat contains it because they eat dirty food and/or the B12-producing bacteria in their guts hang out before the absorption point. I think vitamin D is similar... most of a population has low levels of D. If we all hung out outside, in a more natural climate (tropics), and weren't all scared of skin cancer we'd get it all naturally. The natural amounts of D in meat and the fortified amounts in cows milk still aren't enough to keep people healthy. It's another example of how we evolved with needs adapted to a different environment than in which we currently live.
  22. Yeah. They come out a bit better pan fried but I do put them in frozen.
  23. You have to cook them! I've used them successfully in place of ground meat in recipes such as sloppy joes and tacos. For burgers, I make this recipe though I replace the bread crumbs with additional oats: http://www.food.com/recipe/lentil-burgers-61322 Of course there's TONS of Indian dal recipes out there.
  24. Item #5 from the link says Normally slow cookers on the low setting typically hit the just below 80C and high setting is around 90C. I agree it's not very clear and I'm not certain of the true risk. I was under the impression that after 8 hours in the slow cooker on low, the lecthins all have leached into the water which is why you must change it. I can't seem to find anything reliable-looking that addresses that.
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