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  1. Really? Is this the gym with the lunk alarm?
  2. My tea snobbery has faded in the past few years but I used to order from http://www.adagio.com/
  3. Robert is that conference in Raleigh? If you're looking for a place to eat check out The Remedy Diner. They have some good vegan options. I usually eat there once or twice when I'm town.
  4. I've been disappointed by expensive vegan business shoes, I've tried a few different brands (a few years ago though) and they all were embarrassingly squeaky on waxed floors. Right now I have a cheap pair of "all manmade materials" shoes from Payless which are fine for an occasional customer meeting. I haven't been able to find a business shoe comfortable enough to wear five days a week that don't have some other fatal flaw, usually the squeaky sole or just ugly styling. Luckily I don't really need to wear shoes most days.
  5. They are fairly low in lysine: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20977230/
  6. Cool I'll have to try those out next order. The biggest problem I have is their flavorings are weak and they didn't change that for these mixes.
  7. Yeah and they charged for avocado back when they had it. It should be a free addition for the veggie sub (like chipotle does with the veg burrito).
  8. Yeah the veggiemax patty that's everywhere is not vegan. According to the article four Canadian locations are trialing a vegan patty.
  9. Vega tastes bad and costs about the same as a trip to Europe.
  10. If you are just looking for the best profile, a blend of 70/30 pea/rice scores higher than just soy. And as much as I think the whole phytoestrogen thing is overblown, I eat enough soy protein in edemame, tofu, and soymilk. I'd rather use something else if using a protein powder but I don't have any hard reason for that.
  11. Yeah, a Sport Authority sale + Friends and Family coupon (whenever they are available) is usually the best deal for a barbell set. I picked up one a few years back and it's great. Walmart has decently priced kettlebells, order online with free shipping to the store. Reviews are great for the new CAP Barbell kettlebells. I've been eyeing one I might be ordering soon... I managed to get a pullup/dip "Power Tower" at Kmart for $45, but that was a lucky deal. They were on the last stage of clearance, all the ones in the area were sold out but as luck would have it, the kmart about 2 hours from me--which happened to be 10 minutes from a customer I was visiting the next day--had one left in stock. Other than that... try craigslist. I bought a nice inversion table from someone that was in great condition. Of course, there's also tons of crap up for sale as well.
  12. I have to agree that it's not dead already. I have an office directly across the street from Zuccotti Park and the groups out there are still going strong and they are slowly getting more mainstream media attention. Something has to change, but I can't agree with you on how. Privatization and deregulation are generally good things, it's the crony capitalism that's screwing things up. There seems to be this idea that capitalism has failed us, but it's really government that has failed capitalism. Bailouts, tax breaks, development grants, failure to enforce antitrust, etc. have gotten us into this corrupted economic model that's being mislabeled capitalism. The government had a huge hand in getting things into this state, so I have no confidence it can fix it with more bullshit regulations and political favors. We really need to reconsider what the role of government should be in the economy, right now it's way too involved and ripe for corruption.
  13. I like CardioTrainer to track walking, running, and biking. Works pretty well as long as your phone's GPS is reliable.
  14. According to them God will help us or something.
  15. Not impressed? Sometimes I wonder about doctors... (No, actually I *always* wonder about them)
  16. Scivation says xtend contains no animal products. The ajimoto ones are vegan... the other bcaas at true protein are made from duck feathers. I believe the flavorings are ok but you might want to verify the specific flavor you want with them.
  17. I do 70% pea, 30% rice. Very good amino profile. There's a huge thread here about protein powders. Do a search, I'd paste a link but i'm on my phone right now.
  18. Then get some better tasting ones. xtend tastes great though it's not just bcaas. I get the ones from true protein with double watermelon flavor... Not as good as xtend but still drinkable.
  19. Yeah so true. And the thing is, it's not even a novel workout. Bill Starr had people doing a similar--dare I say better--workout in the seventies.
  20. It's especially not important considering this "anabolic window" is something like 12 hours or so.
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