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  1. And distance running causes calcification of the arteries over time... The question is how this compares to the sedentary population in old age.
  2. If I sleep on my stomach my arms fall asleep, which is especially annoying when there is an alarm clock going off and I can't move. I snore as well but it seems to be entirely nasal congestion related. Decongestants help with the snoring but also make it hard to sleep.
  3. Contains ZMA which I've noticed works a bit for me, despite studies saying it doesn't. Tribulus was so so. I haven't tried the other ingredient.
  4. No... that's kinda strange I can't imagine how sugar if the middle of the day would make you have that sort of trouble at night.... I could see it affecting you if eaten just before bed (the ice cream).
  5. Weird but I'm glad you found something that helps. Creatine never seemed to have any remarkable effect on me, but I've found BCAAs to be great at preventing DOMS.
  6. I would just take it easy for a little while and see if it gets better on its own. There shouldn't be much harm in doing other exercises as long as this pain isn't acting up during them.
  7. Not surprising. There were sixty participants, all with mild hypothyroidism, and six (10%) got significantly worse. There are a few different causes for hypothyroidism, I'd be interested to know if these six participants were somehow different from the others and if things like iodine intake controlled or at least observed.
  8. Despite my earlier comment, I've since ordered and used the gemma and rice mix and I don't notice any difference. /panic
  9. I get mine from the local asian supermarket, it's usually just under a dollar a pound. It's non-gmo but not organic.
  10. True protein is still the cheapest as far as I know, even considering how much shipping costs.
  11. What does his meal frequency have to do with anything?
  12. Oh I missed the 24 oz part. Yeah soy milk would be much better.
  13. It sounds like a pretty small difference either way, but the soymilk seems like a better choice.
  14. Depending on how serious you needs are you might be able to get away with Chuck Taylor's.
  15. I work for a Linux software company and provide technical support for (primarily) financial services customers. I chose "A traditional career (40hrs/wk, corporate, salary, drive to work)" even though I work from home. It was the most applicable, still 40hrs/week, corporate, and salaried.
  16. Cool sounds like it was a good trip. It's unfortunate you had a bad experience at Candle 79--it's our favorite of the more expensive restaurants. I have to agree with Caravan of Dreams bring overpriced and mediocre.
  17. I'm right around the same as you, 6' and 174lbs at about 13% bf. I was around 185 about two months ago, dropped the weight in the first month and have been pretty stable for the past month. I am finding 12% bf to be a limit that's hard to break through. (For years now.) Diet looks decent. Nice to see someone else not afraid to put a lot of protein in a shake/smoothie. If anything you might want to add in some light cardio, I found that helps more than one would expect and I've been slacking on that recently.
  18. The caliper test involves pulling the skin and fat away from the muscle and measuring the size to pinch it. I've only measured my belly with calipers (on my own) and after a few times it becomes obvious if there's much fat under there just by what you're pulling away. If they didn't pull the skin away properly the numbers will be wrong.
  19. Any impedance scale like that will be affected by things like hydration. From what I've heard the three point caliper tests are the most accurate and consistent, even beating out the displacement units such as the bodpod, but it has to be read properly.
  20. I don't think foods that contain it should be labelled vegan, but I'm undecided if it's really something I think I should avoid. I don't use it directly and don't buy grocery items that contain it, but when I'm out I'm not too concerned about it if it's inconvenient to avoid. I'm just not convinced it's really causing any harm, but at the same time I don't see the point of it and tend to err on the side of caution with regard to not using it.
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