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  1. Whoa whoa whoa there. A tanning bed instead of D2?! That doesn't sound like a good idea at all. D2 is the form the original rickets studies showed effective. While D3 has been shown more effective recently at keeping blood levels elevated, D2 hasn't been shown ineffective or dangerous. UV on the other hand is dangerous. Not to the point we have to hide under rocks all day, but D2 supplementation just seems more sensible than tanning beds.
  2. What I'd really like to see is a vegan cat hairball treatment. What's with the d3 in the benevo? They have a star next to it on their site but I don't see any footnote.
  3. Thanks for your always-awesome replies on this forum. Didn't mean to fault you for the issues, I realize it was customs. US production would be great if that eventually came together.
  4. Any chance you're talking about Evolution? I've been skeptical of them based off a few horror stories, but fwiw I don't necessarily trust those telling those horror stories either. In any case, I used to feed my cats vegekit but now just use Evolution. We've tried amicat and that stuff is great, but at least at the time VE was having trouble keeping it stock and cats don't like their kibble changing.
  5. The physical world isn't some moral authority and it is not capable of being harmed by going "against" it. It may or may not be in everyone's best interest to feed cats a vegan diet that's synthetically supplemented as necessary, but the observation of their natural diet shouldn't preclude engineering a way around it.
  6. If you think it's diet you're going to have to audit what you're taking in, check out http://veganhealth.org/articles/dailyrecs which has some good info.
  7. Peanut butter is my weakness as well, a delicious weakness.
  8. If you're really having problems gaining/maintaining weight then start paying attention. There are good vegan protein powders out there if you want to go that route. The most popular are soy, pea, rice, and hemp, though there are others as well.
  9. I generally don't start eating until noon or later, recently doing some low-intensity cardio towards the end of that fast. If nothing else it helps me ensure that I get mostly "good" food in me because I have a shortened feeding period. Still have to be sure I don't eat half a jar of peanut butter though...
  10. Can you actually do an overhead press in that rack without hitting the top side bars? All the ones I've looked at are too short.
  11. Pictures can blow things out of proportion. It looks like you're leaning down a bit on your right side which would make it look worse. We're all a bit crooked we just don't normally notice it. IMO just stick with what you're doing and be sure you're not favoring one side over another.
  12. We use it in baking, there's a good seitan recipe my wife makes that calls for it. Not sure if it's something that you would really want to use raw though... there are quite a few vegan protein powders out there that would be better in a smoothie or shake.
  13. Never heard of this MAP stuff before but it seems gimmicky. I wonder how many times they can mention that patent number on a single page. I believe that straight amino acids are a suitable substitute for supplementing whole proteins, but I'm curious how this compares simply to BCAAs or EAAs. The abstracts for those references are pure junk, also curiously published by the same people. I especially like this FAIL:
  14. If you're really liking the high reps check out German Volume Training. Ten sets of ten. I liked it but it got boring after a while, it was the only routine I've been able to get the infamous "pump" from.
  15. Nice. I haven't seen any generic ones here in the US.
  16. Probably just too much gluten, salt, fat, or simply calories all at once. I don't normally have a problem with gluten either unless I eat a lot of it all at once. In particular I've gotten some vegan cheesesteaks in Philly that have disagreed with me the same we you've described. It's probably just the amount and concentration. The Gardein things are gluten AND soy so that cuts it down a bit. Plus they're so expensive you probably aren't eating all the much at once.
  17. Nice job dropping that baby weight so fast!
  18. Replacing other calories with even more protein might help drop fat and help you feel more full.
  19. Welcome. When I first got serious about fitness I made some great gains on the madcow variation of Bill Starr's 5x5, though I don't have the time to dedicate for that anymore.
  20. Welcome to the forum. It can be kind of quiet around here at times. 20% is not bad for a woman IMO. Different people have different tricks for effective weight loss, calorie restriction is usually a must, I personally get better results with high protein intake (which means powders when severely restricting calories.)
  21. Looks like you are doing well so far. What's your diet and workout schedule look like? If you're really hitting it in the gym and not progressing anymore you may just need to eat more.
  22. Yeah seriously try to increase the amount of protein and calories if you are not seeing any progress.
  23. yes it is compared to meat or soy actually I think it is rational to compare with meat, cause it is muscle tissue like ours... so to build muscle you have to eat something that builds the muscle If I had the money I would buy the soy, but it has double price compared to whear protein isolate from UN No the amino acid scoring is a bit more complex than just picking a reference out of a hat. PDCAAS is supposed to match the amino requirements of a preschooler and is based on fecal digestibility. Whether or not that's a valid measurement isn't something I'm qualified to begin thinking about, but it's not simply made up.
  24. Thanks! Works great so far. Sent from my NookColor using Tapatalk
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