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  1. I'll second simply heavenly. I have a few newer books I make complete recipes from but a lot of my modifications or components (like vegan mayo) come from simply heavenly. Aside from that, the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook is good as is Authentic Chinese Cuisine for the Contemporary Kitchen. The Horizons cookbook is pretty good but it's one of those that will call for "vegan sausage", "vegan mayo", and "vegan mozzarella" without providing any recipes for those components. If I wanted to go out and buy all these premade substitutes I might as well just use an omni cookbook. I'm not impressed with Veganomicon, we've made a few things from it so far and only one turned out okay. I've had similarly poor experiences with Moskowitz's previous cookbooks as well.
  2. You have me at a disadvantage. I don't have any fingers on my feet.
  3. I try to eat often enough that I don't get too hungry beforehand. And yes, the more you eat, the more you poop.
  4. DV in particular recommends it. I ordered some, should be getting it tomorrow so I won't be trying it until monday. Xtend is BCAAs with a few other things added, not sure what adding EAAs would do but I would think it's better alone.
  5. Ouch. Ok these will have to wait until after I buy climbing shoes.
  6. What are your goals? Strength? Size? Somewhere in between?
  7. The major aching that borders on pain is due to adjusting to new type of exercises or changing your form. Once your body is used to the types of movements you make your muscles should be exhausted and only slightly sore. It also depends on the person and the workout style. But this is a much more complex problem. No pain doesn't mean that your form is right. You need to focus on form first (have someone with some experience watch you) and look for progression in reps or weight. Some of us might crave the soreness, but it isn't really a good measure or indicator of progression.
  8. I've never been able to find a vegan pair. Were the ones you tried synthetic?
  9. It can tend to be a little pricey if you consider that a downside. Nuts, hemp, etc. ain't cheap compared to soy and wheat.
  10. Fish, chicken, and egg whites are essential?
  11. Nothing motivates me more in the gym than Paula Abdul. Really helps get out that last set.
  12. Welcome to the slightly less freaky forum.
  13. Probably just because they speak the same language. US-ers are a lot less multi-lingual than Europeans. Other languages scare us.
  14. That's right but I'd recommend to keep the weight more on your heels and "push with your heels." If you let that weight go too far forward you'll tip your whole body, which isn't fun.
  15. You're right that REM is not deep sleep (delta sleep) but both stages are an essential part of the sleep cycle. The body will resume rem or delta sleep if interrupted and negative effects have been seen when either cycle is manually avoided. No idea how my point plays into ZMA though.
  16. I also find that zinc and magnesium have a positive effect. For a while I was taking 50mg zinc and occasionally 250mg magnesium. The zinc had a noticeable effect on my feeling rested in the morning. Magnesium didn't do anything. After reading your post I tried 500mg magnesium the past two nights. I'm remembering my dreams a lot more now.... not sure if that's good but I enjoy it. (Unfortunately the content isn't really worth enjoying.) I've used melatonin on occasion when my sleep times are disrupted and can't fall asleep at a normal hour. The only bad thing I've noticed is that I tend to wake up around 2am when I take it. The body's supposed to be excreting more at this time, so either that's being suppressed or my body's used to the double-dose from earlier.
  17. Did you ever switch from "normal" squats to hack squats or just start out with the hack squats? I'm starting to fail at my normal squats and think it's my lower back that's giving out first, so I was going to try switching to hack squats for a while but continue deadlifts. Just wondering how you thought the hack compared to the on-the-shoulders variety.
  18. For a while I was trying the energy pudding out of the thrive diet book. That didn't work too well for me, the sugar didn't give me much energy and the fiber was badly timed for doing squats and situps. I tried doing simple sugar and protein shakes beforehand and found that I'd (sugar) crash before I was done with my workout. Ended up being worse than doing nothing at all. Nowadays I try to eat a high protein and low fat meal about an hour before I head to the gym and I'll sip coconut water while I'm lifting. Seems to give me more lasting energy but I have to coax it out of myself a bit. The coconut water works better than water but I just ordered some Xtend to potentially replace that habit.
  19. I've been vegan longer than interested in fitness so I don't know what whey is like, but I will say that the pea protein (gemma) is MUCH better tasting than soy or hemp. I'm currently having these in the morning: 1 cup light soymilk 1 banana 2 rings of pineapple (from pineapple juice packed can, drained) 1.5 70cc scoops of gemma protein 1/4 cup water to thin it out Comes out to about 48 grams of protein give or take. It tastes great, but it definitely more a smoothie than a shake. I like it that way.
  20. Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for many months and finally decided to join and post. I've been vegan for about ten years now but was never really interested in fitness my whole life. Shortly before I was about to get married, I realized I was a tad overweight and decided to start elliptical exercising to lose it. I'm just over 6' and went from 191 lbs on Jan 25 2006 to 174 lbs on Mar 24 2006. I continued to do cardio and got to a low of 163 in Feb 07 but my interest slowly turned into strength. Since maybe late 2006 I just putted around the gym, following friends who really didn't know what they were doing (workouts were filled with too many "back and bi's" isolation days). I started making my own schedule that included squats ("what are those?") but still included a lot of questionable exercises like lateral pull-downs. At the very beginning of August 2007 I started using the madcow variation of Bill Starr's 5x5 workout routine. At that time, I was doing: Squat 130 Bench 120 Row (upright) 70 Press (military) 50 Deadlift 120 Nowadays thats: Squat 245 Bench 165 Row (pendlay) 122.5 Press 120 Deadlift 270 These are all 3 rep maxes. For reference I'm a 26 year old male and currently around 175 lbs. I'm really happy with my progress but I'm starting to plateau. Bench has always been weak for me and the military presses are coming much slower than before. I've recently switched to Pendlay rows so I'm still working on form there. And I'm starting to regularly fail at my squats (I'll get one or two reps out, then can't get up the next one.) So, while the 5x5 has done wonders, it's time for a change-up. This intro is getting a lot longer than planned so I'm going to cut it short now. But I'm happy to start posting and hope to learn a lot here. -Chris
  21. I generally do the powerlifting squat style where my feet are a good amount farther apart than my shoulders. Therefore my legs are V shaped if you were to look at me top-down when I'm in a lower position. I was never able to get down low with my legs parallel. Your feet should be out at the same angle as your legs/knees. You do *not* want to twist your ankle. If you're not going at least parallel it's for shit. I'll generally get a bit below parallel on lighter weights but only barely break parallel for heavy sets. I see people go so low that their butt nearly touches their feet. I don't have the flexibility in the ankle for that...
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