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  1. Digestive enzymes won't make up for a poor amino profile. If that limiting amino is half what it should be, that 20g is only good for about 10g.
  2. Nice. The cool thing about spinning classes is that they are subjective so they can kick anyone's butt. The stronger/fitter you are, the more you crank up the resistance, and follow along just the same. I bet Bob makes a good spinning instructor. I've taken a few spinning classes and the instructor makes all the difference.
  3. My favorite: http://leadenhallshire.blogspot.com/2007/05/mamas-recipe-fakes-annies-woodstock.html
  4. I'm currently paying to use my old University's gym. It's actually not super cheap but my lifting buddy still works there so it's cheaper for me to pay to use it than for both of us to pay for the next cheapest in the area, Retro Fitness at $20/mo. I hear Planet Fitness is super cheap, but you're not actually allowed to work out there. When you do check out local gyms, take notice if they have an area to do deadlifts or cleans, if you're into those. A lot of places don't have any space to put a barbell on the ground.
  5. Just chill out. Your guilt is going to do more damage than an occasional drink. When you do drink, just try not to go crazy eating tons of other things. Alcohol itself takes priority as fuel so everything else isn't going to be as easily oxidized, but alcohol doesn't itself convert to fat with any sort of efficiency. Of a "vodka coke" I think the coke's going to do more damage.
  6. Your argument seems to imply that the United States is a Christian country, which it is not.
  7. Well of course not. Most of those things are not related to terrorism, except maybe part of the national debt debt to military expenses and of course occupation. But considering that he was found in a country we're not occupying, well... What's this corporate spending problem you speak of? If anything, there's much more of a government spending problem that needs to be addressed.
  8. You can use whatever you want. I'm not fighting any battles, especially not with my editor. It does what I need it to do without getting in my way and that's all I need.
  9. http://www.tarunz.org/~vassilii/srom/
  10. Yeah ok. s/propaganda/conspiracies/
  11. If nothing else, it will provide some closure to the families directly affected by the attacks. It will also strengthen the arguments from both sides: 1. Now that it is "mission accomplished" we can finally come home. 2. Proof that the military efforts are working so we should continue. I believe this is the first time it has been claimed he was directly killed, in the past it has just been speculation that he died from some sickness or that they destroyed some place he was believed to be hiding in. There's no real political advantage to announcing this right now, it's actually pretty bad timing from a cynical political view.
  12. If you're not already, try weighted dips and overhead presses (the latter in a power rack). They have a good crossover with a normal bench but they're easier to dump out of.
  13. If you know of a place with a better total price, why don't you share with the class? I doubt most of their customers order a single pound at a time. 1 pound might cost $10 to ship, but 10 lbs cost around $16. Even with your ridiculous example they're cheaper than GNC who want $16.99 for a pound of soy protein.
  14. Yes, but I haven't been able to find a vegan EAA other than Purple Wraath.
  15. It is not, but they do carry one that is: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=21844&p=239116#p239116 The shipping costs seem high, but compared to other sources it's on par. It's cheaper for me to buy and ship from them in CA to NJ than it is to buy from protein factory which is in NJ.
  16. The vanilla chai protein one is vegan, the other protein ones are not. EDIT: Sorry I was thinking of the Bolthouse Farms juices.
  17. Very old, July 10, 2007: http://replay.web.archive.org/20070710133828/http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/nutrition.html
  18. Yep, the two takeaways I got were regarding fatty livers and feeding precancerous cells.
  19. Interesting article. Light on specifics which is probably a good thing considering how many times we've been wrong about this stuff before.
  20. It's stupid and more annoying that they covered it up, but there are better things to get all excited over. If it really upsets you, complain to their advertisers. I was already over that magazine before this all started. The printed content wasn't worth renewing past the year I subscribed but their "Q&A" tweetbombs were the last straw.
  21. Right. Though keep in mind that just because something is alkaline or acid before being ingested doesn't mean it retains that property once metabolized.
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