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  1. There are tons of studies that show creatine's effectiveness at increasing endurance, muscle growth, and recovery. Carnitine might help support cardiovascular health.... maybe? Sometimes ALCAR is recommended for body recomp, but I can't say I've ever seen a good study on it. I'm not sure where your doctor got the idea to supplement one instead of the other. Creatine is by far more studied and proven.
  2. Oh well. Natalie Portman was only hot until Olivia Wilde happened.
  3. I think it works, but even though it's steady state it's still a challenge. 30 minutes on a 10-15 degree incline at 3.5 mph will burn some serious calories. I think the reason it's so popular with bodybuilding is two fold. With lower intensity, more calories are coming from fat compared to muscle (relative only, in absolute terms you burn more fat with higher intensity along with much more muscle). Also, steady state doesn't wipe you out as much so there's still plenty of energy left to do a weight lifting routine. Try doing squats after interval sprints... it just doesn't work.
  4. This forum is horrible to use on the Android browser, in particular the quick reply box is too wide to see what you're typing most of the time.
  5. Yep those places are all wdw.
  6. A mobile skin or tapatalk would suffice if anyone bothered to try.
  7. Your definition of simple carb must be different from everyone else's. Legumes are loaded with carbs but it's primarly complex carbs and fiber. When you're going that low with calories (not lecturing, I actually agree with you) you'll probably be looking at a good amount of protein powders to keep the protein intake up compared to calories. Seitan's good but, as much as the protein combining this is overblown, its amino profile completely sucks. Eat it but don't rely on it to be a primary source of your daily protein. It's totally a stereotypical vegan food, but tofu is half protein and the rest is mostly fat with little carbs.
  8. It's not that we're predators, it's that we're not prey.
  9. My wife takes the Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal One: http://www.rainbowlight.com/Categories.aspx?Category=d83213e2-f71d-43ff-836d-c71835132d2f No reason you have to be preggers to take it, but they do also have a non-prenatal one that's vegan. Just be sure you're getting one of their "VeganGuard" ones as they also sell vitamins that are not vegan. Welcome to the forum. I'm actually going down to RDU this evening for work, lots of good vegan-friendly restaurants down there.
  10. I can't get the youtube tag to work in this case. Weird, copying and pasting it on my phone didn't work, but does from the computer. The phone must be copying a nonprintable character or something that breaks the parser.
  11. And I don't want to talk to a scientist, yall mothafuckers lyin', and getting me pissed!
  12. As long as you're not sensitive to it either, flax oil would probably be a good addition if you are keeping other dietary fats at very low levels.
  13. You had a B12 injection even though your levels checked out ok?
  14. That's it, I'm changing mine to afterwisdom!
  15. Go back a day or two, the link goes to her most recent entries and she hasn't entered in everything from today yet, which is why those numbers are so low.
  16. Those electrical methods are inaccurate, very sensitive to hydration. The 70cc scoop from TP yields about 30g total.
  17. I meant that to the masses, sugar is evil and honey is teh awesome.
  18. Welcome fellow New Jerseyian.
  19. Just buy this one and be done with it: http://www.rainbowlight.com/Categories.aspx?Category=23067f3a-7291-4c46-865b-d3cbebd01146
  20. In my experience, Rainbow Light has incorrect ingredient labels floating around online. I can't get their site to load right now, but I've ordered VeganGuard ones a few times before where the label said D3 on some sites, but the bottle said D2 when it arrived. Right now I'm taking their Energizer One (with VeganGuard). That's not to say they don't have non-vegan ones though, so at least make sure they are indicated as VeganGuard.
  21. Ah yeah, around here there's a decent buffet selection of vegan items plus a good amount of Indian dishes that are often vegan as well. It's frustrating as hell when they have nearly-vegan items that have some ingredient (such as honey) than could easily not be in there. I strongly doubt there are non-vegs out there who'd look at it and say pass it up because it didn't contain honey. Though the alternative to honey is "sugar" the fattening boogeyman.
  22. Either leangains or warrior diet. I don't really believe the evolutionary argument as being strong enough to say we should eat that way, but I think it's a plausible explaination for why it's not detremental.
  23. All else equal? Eating breakfast isn't a particularly bad idea for most people because eating regularly throughout the day tends to prevent binging, which is often the real problem. Personally I find it better to fast throughout the night until lunchtime. I'm more satisfied eating fewer, larger meals. There's a pretty big intermittent fasting movement going on now that I've been following off and on, I think it helps but it's not as amazing as the proponents make it out to be (kinda like everything else). There's a lot of advertisements for things like breakfast cereal that claim "people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight" which may be true statistically but it by no mean shows any causality. But in terms of finding an all-encompassing rule, I don't think it matters either way. Some people find it better to eat breakfast, others to skip it, but I doubt that one detail is the missing link in any weight loss plan.
  24. Hmm, I haven't seen vegan storemade donuts in Whole Foods, but I haven't been there in a few months. Are they relatively new or perhaps regional?
  25. Haha yes. I meant that our timetable would have put us there after the baby's born. Juggling a near-three year old and newborn will be stressful enough without having to chase the one around the world showcase.
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