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  1. I think you're really splitting hairs here. More focus on legs with the trap bar, like bronco said. If you're really worried, do both!
  2. Yeah it's true that a lot of vegetable protein isn't as balanced as animal protein, but as long as you're taking in enough it's really not an issue. It doesn't matter if you eat or skip breakfast, there's no metabolic fire that needs to be evenly stoked throughout the day. Most of your daily calories are spent just keeping you alive (breathing, pumping blood, etc) and that doesn't exactly stop when you skip breakfast. The only exception is if you workout in the early morning, then you should probably eat afterward. So you lost 4 lbs and they said you've lost muscle? How are they measuring this? With only 4 lbs there's a pretty big margin on error in there, especially with externals like hydration affecting that. There's really not a way to measure muscle mass, only "lean mass" which includes muscle tissue, water, skeleton, etc. Also 2 Tbsp pea protein == 109 calories? It's about half that unless you're using really heaping tbsps. I just measured 2 level tbsps of rice protein at 13g, and rice protein is denser than pea.
  3. Yeah the bits of meat are a bit much. I don't really care about cross contamination in theory but that's just gross.
  4. And if you eat enough poppy seeds to get 100% DV of calcium you're also getting 4mg of morphine. I'm not sure this is the right route to getting more calcium.
  5. I take the Rainbow Light non-organic ones, easier to choke down than the now adam Iused to take. Vitamin supplements just help fill in any dietary gaps so any quality one should be fine.
  6. EAAs vs BCAAs hasn't been studied so I'm not sure there's much to go on regarding that blend is most effective. FYI it looks like you're building this from TrueProtein. Their normal leucine, in the instantized bcaas and eaas, are derived from duck feathers. You'll need to choose the Ajinomoto products.but there's no EAA from them yet. Edit: Also there are plenty of people who report that glutamine helps, but studies have consistently found that it has little or no benefit. If you feel you're taking too much you should be safe reducing or eliminating it.
  7. I would like to see a sumo wrestler win a bodybuilding competition.
  8. The ranges are so wide that this detail may not completely matter, but normally those guides are based off lean body mass, not total body weight. So a 175 lb guy might only be looking at 150 as a base for those calculations.
  9. The EC stack is probably the most effective of your list, though the aspirin isn't necessary.
  10. Awesome stuff! My wife and I were planning on bringing our 2 year old daughter later this summer... but now we have another kid on the way so that'll be delayed a bit.
  11. Yup, it seems to help. Your body starts breaking down muscle for fuel once liver glycogen is depleted, so you might consider eating a lot of protein before a short (one day) fast or continue to eat only protein during a longer one. Fasting/refeeding seems to have a positive effect on glucose tolerance as well as leptin levels, though most of the evidence out there is personal experience.
  12. IMO the only real issue here is the nonsense threadcrapping, but this has been going on forever from different people. The general trend I see is: 1. Someone posts something about a vitamin, digestive problem, protein, fat loss, etc. 2. Someone else posts "all you need is sunshine and to eat only watermelon and/or durians plus there's B12 in the air you breathe" 3. Focus turns to the crap post instead of the OP.
  13. I've been vegan for about 14 years now, I've been (inconsistently) taking a multivitamin throughout and have been adding a B12 supplement for the past few years. The B12 is more of a necessity as it's one of the few things we can't get "naturally" since we wash it off of produce. (Though I don't mean to say unwashed produce would be a sufficient source either.( I've never sought out specific blood tests for B12 but whatever other ones I've had have all been very good. From what I've heard there are some people who have problems absorbing B12 and will need injections, but that's regardless of being vegetarian or not. I don't have any source for this offhand. Jack Norris has some solid B12 information here: http://veganhealth.org/articles/vitaminb12
  14. Yeah the rice protein almost has a toasted carob flavor to it.
  15. The areas you target with your weight lifting has no correlation with where you lose fat. Cutting calories, increasing activity (weight lifting and/or cardio) is the way to go. Your body decides where to remove the fat from depending on genetics (as far as anyone knows) so just keep at trying to lose the fat overall and it'll eventually come off the problem areas.
  16. If you're really pushing it hard all the time, I can definitely see there being some more damage compared to a couch potato. But who wants to be a couch potato?
  17. I can't imagine that organic sugar really makes any difference in being healthy, but if that's important to you I have no argument against it other than cost. Assuming that adding sugars is the right way to go, you may just want to avoid ones high in fructose (such as agave) sinces there's supposedly a daily limit to what the liver can process.
  18. I've since ordered separate soy and rice protein. I was getting tired of the pea thickening anyway. Planning on using rice for the most part and soy on those low-carb days.
  19. We could use more members too.... this place has been thinning out.
  20. Aside from other parts of the tree (palm and palm kernel oil), cocoa butter and cottonseed oils also have a good amount of naturally saturated fat.
  21. How is putting that in your car window NOT being a dick?
  22. Three whole years? The body can hold a pretty good stash of B12 but it's not a myth that we should be mindful of intake.
  23. Not sure how big of servings you're getting in there, but that doesn't seem like a lot of calories for someone who's battling to maintain or gain weight. Throw more dense stuff in there, peanut butter, tofu, etc. The whole "slow release" protein thing seems to be BS, don't bother with it. Just eat. What allergy medications have you tried? I don't think I've ever met anyone for whom diphenhydramine hasn't worked, but it sure knocks you out.
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