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  1. By "food source" you mean some brands of nutritional yeast that are fortified with B12 of course. Nutritional yeast itself is not a source of B12.
  2. I dropped about 5 lbs and ended up looking quite a bit thinner in a good way, calipers and tanita both showed about a 1% drop in body fat. I've been slowly gaining it back on and am looking to do it again next week. It's a bit unnerving to only eat shakes and steamed veggies for more than a few days, at first it was fine and I laughed at how it was supposed to be difficult, but after 7 days I had it and started eating again (I originally planned on doing 10 days). I was doing a modified PSMF similar to Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss or the *old* Velocity Diet. Basically 1.25-1.5g protein/lb of lbm + 1 tbsp flax oil + unlimited low carb veggies. (green beans, broccoli OK, potatoes NOT.)
  3. For what it's worth I've had borderline prehypertension for at least two years now, though I've been keeping it under control fairly well and I was surprised that it was so bad the week I was doing only gemma/rice shakes, steamed veggies, and slow cardio. But it's just sodium. Not necessarily a concern for everyone and, while I'm going to switch to rice and soy protein in the future, this little bit of gemma I have left isn't going to kill me. I don't think I said this earlier... thanks Paige!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not a big fan of hemp protein.
  5. This sucks. I'll use up the gemma/rice blend I have but I may not reorder it. This might explain why my blood pressure sucked the week I was doing a PSMF. I was going to suggest the rice protein as an alternative, but wow that stuff's nearly 20% carbs. Fine for everyday but not a low-carb cut. Damn it.
  6. I think the soy hysteria is overblown, there's no solid evidence that it screws with sex hormones as so many people seem to claim. The biggest realistic concern is thyroid function. See http://veganhealth.org/articles/soynorris for a good article.
  7. That's crazy. Since you already contacted them to confirm could you reply back and as if this is a new preparation or just a correction to the info?
  8. Do the other meat flavors have to be boiled first to kill the fecal bacteria? Or is this "prepared"?
  9. When I crave soda I drink soda. Really hits the spot.
  10. A common recommendation is taking in one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. So subtract the amount you're eating from food and take the balance in as a protein shake. You can put however much you want into a single shake, it doesn't seem to matter.
  11. At the starting position you want to be in front, though as you raise it over your head it'll move back a little. You don't want to start and end behind your head.
  12. Will repeating that a third time make it true? Very few things are universally bad, and saturated fats are not one of them. Cholesterol is also a hormone that's turned into a whole bunch of useful things, such as testosterone, which happens to be what most of the other replies on this thread are about. The link between high saturated fat intake, serum cholesterol, and morbidity starts to fall apart when other lifestyle factors are taken into account, and while there probably is still some link, cooking or supplementing with a little bit of coconut or palm oil as discussed here is hardly enough to be of significant risk. Also, the fat in both avocados and macademia nuts is around 17% saturated.
  13. It's definitely not nutritional yeast, it's the same yeast that's used in making beer.
  14. It's gross. It's been years since I've had it, but from what I remember it's like a very condensed stout (dark beer) and soy sauce broth.
  15. They are similar to kielbasa flavoring, but won't fool anyone (unlike the gardein stuff). Out of all the tofurkey links I think those the best but you have to grill them. Even pan frying they don't quite come out right... they have that weird "hey why does this oil have no identifiable flavor" thing going on.
  16. Bill Starr's definitely, DoggCrapp is interesting, currently doing some German Volume Training
  17. lunabars.com links to an online store that still has them in stock: http://lunabarorders.com/addtocart.asp?T1=CLF+210+BA&cnt=1 I like the Chai Tea ones which are also chocolate free, though I have nothing against chocolate. I do find it mildly annoying that they make these things so feminine with the prancing ladies on them and the "for Women" tagline. I guess men can only eat Builder Bars. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG POW POW.
  18. Lead by example and use their habits as motivation to change your own. Just be mindful about them thinking your judging them. At lot of people with bad habits are very insecure and take people doing things differently as personal attacks, even if you're not saying or acting in any way like that.
  19. Yeah. I think their business model is to subscribe as many people as they can who aren't actually going to use the membership. The fat lazy people sign up because they know they need to workout and are comfortable that there won't be anyone there who is actually fit. They never actually go once signing up but are too lazy to cancel because the monthly cost isn't too much.
  20. I want a shirt that says "I lift things up and put them down" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYXVhmdc7Qo
  21. Well the "required" amount of protein for someone who's trying to gain mass varies depending on who you ask and what you specify is at the low end. I most commonly see 1 g / lb of lean body mass. Yes, your calculations are correct, assuming for some reason you wanted to solely eat hemp protein powder. There are many other cheaper and tastier protein sources out there. If you're looking for a protein powder supplement, consider pea, soy, or rice.
  22. Yes, but I prefer 70% pea, 30% rice. Amino profile is a bit better.
  23. I believe it's about 45:35:20 in the order you list.
  24. I agree with your suggestions generally, but that statement isn't correct. Your body will use refined sugar for energy, but it's definitely not optimal for losing weight.
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