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  1. a little late, but welcome dave...enjoy your stay!
  2. Yeah malpractice lawsuits are really, really abused here in the states IMO. People think that doctors are miracle workers, and when they don't make them perfect again they get sued. A little off topic, but unfortunately it's going to continue until there is loads and loads more scientific evidence of the benefit of plant based diet
  3. stretch before and after extensively!!! your body isn't going to be used to it
  4. i've been watching it just to see assault...apparently the gladiator gets ejected really high into the air and falls into a pool when the contender hits the target
  5. welcome! all this talk about HK makes me want to go now!
  6. welcome...i can imagine the transition from CA to VA must be rough
  7. quite the spectrum of people on the new Celebrity Apprentice...I'm looking forward to watching how somebody like Tito Ortiz (the MMA fighter) does
  8. I hear ya....its almost like theres something between your body and your brain and when you eliminate all of the waste, theres nothing between your body and your mind. Your totally in tune with everything, it's one of the best feelings in the world. Great at the gym too because your body pretty much tells you what to do!
  9. Matt Danzigs success could mean a lot of mainstream vegan positivity....im looking forward to it
  10. welcome! keep up the good work!
  11. listening to a little Johnny Cash here to get through the work day!
  12. welcome...what kind of martial arts do you practice?
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