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  1. Congrats Spug cracking lifts all round man, you just flew up that strength this last 2 months! I didn't have a PB crack at bench last week due to a straining my chest doing weighted Dips the week before, so will have a 155kg crack end of this week. I think 152.5kg is more realistic though, so i may need to concede defeat on the bench for 2008! haha
  2. Impressive results Tuc...great arm development and definition. I know your pain with the abs...i wish a 6 pack came hand in hand with just being a vegan
  3. I was just thinking that as well, what the hell does "SWOL" mean lol. @Flaco/Spug yep man you will definitely hear from me the second i get 155kg up If i am silent for the next week assume that A. I tried without a spotter and am still pinned under the weight, or B. I just plain failed haha Haven't heard from Hannibal for a while on there so maybe his 160kg won't happen before the end of the month? Nice 220kg squat btw....very very impressive weight. @Raven thanks for the feedback! You sure Bale is not veggo? From all the sources i have read over the years he was vegetarian since the age of 6 or 9 and has remained that way ever since. Several magazines have falsified this info claiming he ate meat/fish to build up for Batman begins, but they admitted this was based on assumption and due to poor research on their behalf. I eat oatmeal because i am lazy and i can make if before work in about 3 mins and drizzle agave nectar over the top and done @Tuc. Really appreciate the feedback man, i'm loving that strength table concept on veganfitness and finding it's a great motivator for constantly attempting new personal bests. Just checked out your progress thread and you've definitely packed on plenty of size yourself over the course of the year and looking great! You must be ready to nail that 225lbs bench by now? My training is nothing special..just compound exercises over a 4 days split with muscle groups broken up across these 4 days. I have found though my bench is much more solid since doing heaps of heavy weighted dips and incorporating military press and barbell shrugs into the split. @Couture, i am 6"1 and 201lbs at the moment, and my lifting info is on the veganfitness.net 2008 strength table....um #17 on the list i think.
  4. Wow appreciate the great feedback guys! @Richard "looking like Bale" is definitely the best compliment ever haha, i love Christian Bale...except for the fact he is still not vegan after all these years as a veggo? @Fallen_Horse, my routine is just a 4-5 day split with chest/back on day 1, legs day 2, day 3 traps and shoulders, and day 4 arms. I rarely do isolated exercises, only the big compound exercises like Bench, weighted dips, squats, pullups, barbell rows, deads, and heavy shrugs etc. Nutitrion wise i cook for myself so pretty basic and i stick to what tastes good haha. Lots of chickpea/lentil/tempeh meals, protein pancakes with goji berries and apple sauce, spagetti bol with TVP, the occasional veggie burgers packed with spinach, veggie dogs, and of course oatmeal! @Spug i just updated my lifts so should be #17 now. My legs are letting me down still, given you guys have almost 100kg on me just for deadlift! Expect a 155kg bench later this week though
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, and was great chatting to you the other night as well Rob. Oh and Spug fancy seeing you here mate haha Yes I definitely love the VF forums and strength challenge but no reason why we can't reap the benefits of both sites as there is plenty of knowledge and resources on both....i definitely have goals to try and cut up more as well and judging by Rob's fat content he looks like the man to ask Sydneyvegan i think i have heard your name before a while back...do you know Raheem by chance from myspace?
  6. Great progress after 4 months Allan very impressive mate. You've got great shape in your biceps, and thick forearms already! You're gonna be a unit in another 4 months haha
  7. Some quick and dodgy webcam photos taken yesterday as my most recent progress. Really need to get a new camera so i can actually stand up and not have to click a damn mouse button to take a seated photo haha http://s721.photobucket.com/albums/ww214/fenrir9/Progress%20December%202008/ http://i721.photobucket.com/albums/ww214/fenrir9/Progress%20December%202008/phil-progress-december7.jpg My goals at this stage are to build 1RM strength in the compound exercises such as Bench, Squat, Dips and Military Press, and to drop another 4% bodyfat or so.
  8. Hi Everyone, I only just signed up to veganfitness a few weeks ago and Mr.Cheeke suggested I jump on veganbodybuilding.com as well so here i am! Umm bit about myself, no dead animals in my diet for over 10 years and strictly vegan for a little over 2 years now. Never looked back either Currently 30 years old and sitting at around 203lbs bodyweight with a height of 6"1. Really trying to hit strength more than anything at the moment, though obviously muscle size always comes with that anyways. I was really impressed with the strength lifts listed on the veganfitness 2008 strength table, so my goals will be to push my current 150kg bench to 170kg in 2009, and squat and deads up around 180kg will make me a very happy man. I've got so much more respect and admiration for vegans who achieve fantastic gains in both strength and muscle because as a collective group we are stereotyped as skinny/pale/unhealthy and considered the underdog by our omni rivals Look forward to reading through the wealth of info on these forums!
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