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  1. As an actor I have to constantly keep up on my physique and Melissa's diet helped me tremendously! Not only am I able to maintain muscle mass (which as a vegan isn't easy without the right knowledge) but I am leaner and have more energy and endurance than ever before. If you're not getting the health or physique you want on your own I have two words for you- Melissa Brey!
  2. I appreciate all of your responses, even the smart ass ones. All of your knowledge and information helps me to be a healthier and more informed and knowledgable vegan, thus helping me pay it forward and empower others to be the same. Thank you all, GRR
  3. Hey gang, I am by no means presenting my self as an expert on the subject, in fact I am presenting the information I received to see if any of you have additional insight or information on it. Someone emailed me an excerpt from a book (I don't know the title or author) that said flaxseed has been used by humans for 4000 years but was never used, or even considered as a food by any civilization. Flax is mentioned 89 times in the Bible however it is never once referred to as a food but a source of fiber for clothing! The concern is that flax contains toxic cianoglicosides, vitamin B6 antagonists and other antinutritional factors including cyanogenic glycosides, trypsin inhibitors, phytic acid, allergens and goitrogens. All flax varieties contain these antinutritional factors. It continues to say that the vitamin B antagonists in flax are a human health risk sighting low levels of vitamin B being linked to heart disease and stroke. Further, flax contains the compound diclycoside ecoisolariciresinol or SDG which through microbial action supresses the effect of estrogen in mammals therefore interferring with pregnancy and reproductive development. Due to the toxicity and health risks, human consumption of flax has been banned in France and is strictly limited in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. According to the excerpt, Chia seed and oil is a much healthier source of Omega -3 fatty acids with lower soduim and none of the toxic factors of flax and has been enjoyed as a food source by humans for hundreds if not thousands of years. I found this excerpt somewhat alarming since flax seems to be in almost everything these days and is a staple for most vegans. If it strips your body of vitamin B and estrogen (more a concern for women) and was never before used or intended as a food, then what are we doing? I was unable to attach the book excerpt but if you email me I can email it back to you. Please share any insights you have on the subject. For all I know this was written by Elvis and disproved 50 years ago, but I thought it was worth sharing. All the best, GRR
  4. Hi gang, I have been vegan for about a week now. I was once a vegetarian many years ago, then for some reason decided to be a predator again. I think putting on some muscle was a big concern. Once a meat eater, it was easy to turn a blind eye to all of the cruelty and environmental destruction that is a result of the meat and dairy industry by remaining in ignorance. I thought if I just bought organic, free range meat and eggs that it was okay. Well, I was wrong. Someone very close to me bought a book called Skinny Bitch. I opened it to glance at a couple of pages and couldn't put it down until I finished the book. The authors, in a very "in your face" way, list all of the health, environmental and animal cruelty consequences of a meat and dairy diet. Suddenly I was reminded of why I had become a vegetarian so many years ago and was awash with the guilt of my choices otherwise. I can't do it anymore and am happy to make the switch to vegan and once again be a part of the solution! So far the food has been amazing (me being such a good cook doesn't hurt) and I don't miss meat or dairy at all. As most newbies who want to maintain muscle, I feel a little like a deer in headlights as far as vegan nutrition goes and I want to make sure that I get enough protein and that my other macro-nutrients are balanced. I was a little concerned when I saw that most vegan protein powders have 8 grams of protein per serving versus the 24 to 36 I was used to. I'm sure that it will be an educational process and I welcome any advice or help you may offer. To our health and the health of the planet, GRR
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