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  1. I skipped my run yesterday. > Back and biceps today: Asst pull up (alternating wide and narrow grip for four sets) 190/11 /7 /2 /4 Preacher Curls 45/12 /10 /10 Low Row 70/10 /8 60/12 Hammer curls 20/12 /5 15/8 I have been doing sort of low key workouts only *kind of* consistent and noticing that I am getting stronger in spite of my best efforts to be lazy at the gym. I've been saying to myself "well, it's better than not going at all" which is true, but I wonder what would happen if I started pushing a little harder. I would love to have a training partner. Considering posting something on the neighborhood listserv. Honestly, I am 45 years old and worry that my fellow 45 year olds will be even lazier that I am. There's some brain dump for ya.
  2. I've been back at the gym more regularly for the past month or so. Aiming to lift three days a week and run three days a weem. I realized a couple weeks ago I am strong enough to do dips! That's my big news. hahah Feeling inspired this morning so I thought I'd get back to posting in this training journal. Here's this morning's workout: 5 minute elliptical warm up Dips 5 -5 -2 DB Press 40/12 40/6 40/4 Tricep extension machine 50/12 60/12 70/9 Downstairs flys 60/12 60/12 70/7 Skull crushers 40/10 /6 /5 Decline Press (Hammer Strength) 70/5 70/5 70/3
  3. Hey! Just a drive by hello here. Revisiting the forums. HELLO!
  4. You know, if I sincerely ask myself this question my overall goals are to build muscle and lose fat, but I think for the next couple of moths while I have some other priorities, I just want to build the habit of showing up at the gym regularly.
  5. I'm back! I guess if I am going to only be consistent in one way, I'm happy that I consistently start again after losing momentum. I am super focused on writing this music performance piece. I'm doing a first public performance of it in April, so that is sort of eating my brain and freaking me out in a way that makes me want to hide out. NO MORE! I went to the gym yesterday, here's what I did: lat pulldown 66/12 77/12 88/7 Low row 70/10 70/8 70/6 Lower back extension (no weight) 12 10 12 Arm curl machine 50/12 50/3 (super slow with careful form) 40/6 Hammer curls 15/10 15/10 15/6 Straight bar/cable curls 40/10 40/10 50/4 Not bad, I think. My arms and back are nicely sore this morning. I am headed out to Prospect Park in a few minutes to go for a run. It's nice to be back!
  6. Hey dude! Just wanted to check in and say hello. I'm getting back on track with my lifting today. Looking forward to following you too!
  7. Ugh! Took about a month off, but coming in strong in the new year! Just came from the gym, here's what went down: Chest/Tris DB Press 35/12 40/12 40/8 Upstairs flys (this machine is shitty.) 60/8 60/5 Downstairs flys (this machine is not as shitty.) 60/12 70/10 Hammer Strength decline 70/10 90/10 90/6 5 fingers of death 30 40 (rough) 30 Cable pull downs 75/10 75/9 75/5 Tri extension machine 50/12 50/12 50/10 Notes: The guy I have been talking about who recommended the Mark Rippetoe book has made noticeable gains in the one month since I have been absent from the gym. I'm feeling inspired by him and the fact that he works out alone and still gets these big heavy lifts in.
  8. A new friend at my gym has been recommending Mark Ripptoe's "Starting Strength." I just downloaded it to my iPad but I'm wondering if anyone here has and experience, feedback with his approach. Basically he advocates starting with super low weights and focusing on form for major compound exercises - deadlifts, squats etc. I'm checking it out and sticking with my old approach for now, just wondering if anyone here has thoughts about it. Thanks!
  9. Here's todays workout: Preacher curl bent bar 55/12 55/12 55/10 DB hammer curls 15/12 20/11 20/6 Arm curl machine 40/8 40/6 35/8 Assisted pull ups 180/3 200/3 200/2.5 Cable rows 50/12 60/3+50/3 50/8 Lower back extensions Body weight/12 /12 /12 Crunch machine 110/12 /12 /12 notes/thoughts -Pull ups are hard, but I wanna do em'! Had as much weight as I could on the stack and still only got those puny results. I'll keep at it. -Guy I spoke to last week recommended again Mark Ripptoe's "Starting Strength" which I just downloaded to my iPad. Intrigued by this approach of doing only barbell exercises and working with tiny weights and only focusing on form form form. This guy seems to have gotten good results and is also willing to work out with me so..... -Even in my gym rattiest days of old, I never did squats or deadlifts and those are pretty solid exercises. Seems like it makes sense to focus on those compound lifts and branch out from there in order to build strenght/size and then carve away at it later with isolating exercises. Am I even understanding this correctly? Maybe I should read the book. I'll start with my usual routine this week and read the book in the meantime.
  10. I forgot to post my run yesterday. Another 2.10 mile run. Don't know why I won't bump it up to three miles. This week. this week! Heading out to lift now.
  11. Good workout today! I noticed that knowing I'll be reporting to the journal what I did in my workout makes me push myself a little more. Assuming I get out for my run tomorrow morning, this will have been the first perfect week in this month since I started back where I didn't skip a single workout. YAY! DB Press 30/12 35/10 40/6 Fly machine 60/12 70/5 60/8 Hammerstrength decline press 50/12 70/8 70/ Skull crushers 30/8 30/12 30/10 Arm extension machine 30/12 40/12 50/11 Assisted dips 120/3 150/4 180/5 Crunch machine 20/12 95/12 110/12 Bent leg lifts (not sure name of this device...captain's chair?) 15/15
  12. I go to Kensington Aerobics and Fitness. It's a small cool little place. Where in NY are you?
  13. Just a quick check in. There was a big race in Prospect Park yesterday, so to avoid the madness I decided to make yesterday my off day. I ran this morning instead. 2.11 miles. It felt good, but in retrospect, I want to push myself harder. I'd like to start making the 3+ mile loop of the park instead of this smaller one. I will try it on Sunday, even if it means walking a bit. Here are the stats from today's run: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/155632859?
  14. Welcome! I've been in here for a long time, but just getting active myself.
  15. Thanks, gentlemen! Ross, I added you on Facebook following your link here. Hope that's okay... I couldn't resist with the walking dead header!
  16. I LOVE MY GYM! I was thinking this morning about how I want to get serious about my leg workouts and really get some squats going, and lo and behold there a couple of guys having that exact conversation and working out form with squats. One of them suggested a book called "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe which discusses at length proper form for these basic bad ass exercises like squats, dead lifts etc. I never included these in my workouts back when I was going to the gym on the regular, maybe now that I am feeling so much motivation I will add these in. My gym is really just this kinda shitty rundown Brooklyn neighborhood place with total awesomeness for clientele. I'm always talking to someone new and it's just great. NYC continues to surprise me with how nice and outgoing the people are, even though I've lived here for almost 7 years. Here's today's workout, it was really helpful to start writing down specifics, because as you see I am still figuring out the appropriate weight for each exercise. I am aiming for muscle failure around 8-10 reps. Warm up: 10mins elliptical 30% resistance Leg curl (machine) 70/12 80/10 70/5 Leg Press 90/12 140/11 140/11 Seated Calf Raises 90/15 115/12 115/12 Military Press Bar/15 bar+20/13 bar+20/10 (I meant to ask what this bar weighs, are they usually 45 pounds?) Dumbbell Raises (alternating forward and lateral) 10/10 10/7 10/8 Dumbbell shrugs 40/10 40/10 40/10 I skipped abs. Lame.
  17. I am a pianist/composer but I make the bulk of my income teaching private piano lessons and pre-school music classes.
  18. Hey thanks! Your photos are definitely an inspiration!
  19. This is week three back at the gym for me! I am so happy to be feeling motivated again so I am starting this Training Journal. I didn't write down any of the weights I did yesterday, but I did back/biceps and some abs. This morning I went for a 2:09 mile run in Prospect Park. Starting tomorrow I'll record specifics of my weight training. It'll be legs/shoulders. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's nutrition information. I've been vegan for just over four years, but my weightlifting days were all pre-veganism so I have a great deal to learn about vegan diet and exercise. Pretty psyched, actually! YAY!
  20. I love seeing the progress in your physique and tattoos going in tandem!
  21. Yeah.....eggs are not on my list. Why would you even post that, Pollock?
  22. Cool stuff! Also, your tagline is AWESOME! "When your actions speak for themselves, don't interrupt." LOVE IT!!!
  23. WOAH! That looks really great! I will definitely try that. I avoid the morning smoothies because of my distaste for washing the blender, but maybe I need to just get over myself. Thank you for the suggestions!
  24. Hey everyone! So after 3-4 YEARS of false starts I am inching my way back into an exercise routine. I just finished my third week of every other daily (MWF) 2.5 mile runs and I am FINALLY relieved to say I am getting back into that zone where working out is a necessity, not just that thing I used to do and wish I could back to. (I think I have made intro posts to the forum once or twice before, so I shall spare you those mundane details.) After two and a half years of veganism, I feel like I have outgrown most cluelessness about what the heck to eat except... BREAKFAST! I have some go to things (tofu scramble, steel-cut oats w/fruit and nuts etc) but I need some new things. i found myself again eating a bagel and hummus this morning and all that white flour...no bueno. My thing with breakfast is I want something great and healthy that is really REALLY easy to put together. As much as I love to cook, sometimes I feel like I want to devote that early morning energy to something other than cooking and cleaning up. So...what are your favorite things to eat for breakfast, or better yet do you have a routine that gets you fed in the morning and quickly on your way? Thanks!
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