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  1. I currently workout at the YMCA. I kind of want to work out at 24 hr fitness for their convenient hours, but the employees there tend to be very rude and pushy. Also, they've been converting a lot of locations to "Super Sport" and people with the pre-paid "all acess pass" either have to pay a higher rate or have to renew their membership all together, which I find very sneaky. I've also read of other bad experiences such as people having difficulty canceling their membership and other horrible behavior.
  2. How bad are the toxic chemical cleaners used to clean gyms? Also, are there any studies done evaluating the air quality of gyms? There are some days when I work out and the stench of chemical cleaners makes me think twice about working out at the gym.
  3. I've increased my protein intake by 150% from around 40 g a day to 100 g a day and noticed that I have to urinate more often now. Is this normal? If it is, is will the diuretic effect of my high protein consumption subside or will this effect last as long I consume high amounts of protein?
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