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  1. Yeah, you can get some mock meat from Taiwan in HK (good for stir-fries and the like). However, they have locally-made goose, duck, and chicken, all for 9 HK dollars (which is a little over a $USD).


    Hong Kong has some good vegetarian restuarants as well.


    You can buy tons of different fruits, nuts, seeds, and the like. In some ways, it would almost be better to be veg/raw in Mainland China, as all those things are dirt cheap (like a big bag of kale of 25 cents US).


    In China or HK, they tend to put small slices of pork in veg dishes for flavor's sake, so you have to watch out for that. They also often cook with animal stocks.


    Anyway, if you have any questions about China or HK, feel free to ask me. I'm basically fluent in Mandarin, and I'm a co-Admin of the site Chinese Forums:



  2. I've been learning about raw foods recently, and it really seems like the way to go.


    One question I have though, is: why not eat beans?


    Of course, I realize beans are cooked. But, it is not like when you cook a vegetable and partially ruin its nutrition.


    Could anybody shed some light on this? Thanks!

  3. Hi DV! most likely I will stay in Hong Kong or China after I graduate. My wife (who is from Mainland China) is getting her MBA right now. We'll probably look for jobs in Hong Kong, but might go back to the US (our eventual goal) or maybe in Mainland China.


    Offense74, I'f you ever come to HK, let me know!

  4. Hello Everyone!


    I am an American living in Hong Kong, getting an MA, working part time. I lived in Mainland China for six years, but am from Colorado.


    Anyway, I was really into lifting from ages 16-22. And was a vegan for two years. Unfortunately, I went back to the dark side, and started using animal products while in China. Had I been more informed at the time (especially about the raw food movement), I easily could have pulled off being a vegan in China, as they have great amounts of nuts, seeds, beans, fruits and veggies.


    So now, I've been lifting fairly hardcore for the last six months, and have been a vegan again (moving towards raw). I'm also running a lot, and am training for a half marathon.


    Besides lifting and running, I'm really into politics, languages, traveling, literature, and other sports (hiking, skiing, basketball, swimming, tennis..etc.)


    So, I'm excited to have found this website!

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