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  1. Ohhhhh yeah! My Elisabeth is extraordinary! Ya light up my life girl, glad to have you over here! xoxox
  2. I prefer to find them as economically as possible, so indivual will probably be the cheapest. I currently use Perfect Food, but I would like to increase the Spirulina and Chlorella bigtime! Any suggestions? Where do you get your green and/or what brands do you trust? [email protected], Michael
  3. I have been fooling with "normal" blenders for nearly 20 years mixing all kinds of protein drinks. If you can get this exact recipe done with a regular blender you are my hero! For real! Not enough liquid in the exact recipe for a regular blender it takes the 1.5 hp Vitamix to blend the 3 to 1 frozen to non-frozenis my guess. But let us know. Next vegan vacation I am going and I will bring my vitamix.
  4. A client asked me why these were ingredients in an herbal formulation he was using. I coudn't answer at the time. I am guessing something used as a preservative? None of my herbal formulations use those two ingredients. These were more "mainstream" products. Can anyone help. I will be googling around to try and get some info. Thanks in advance. ~Michael
  5. I only own a manual juicer for like oranges. Isn't that crazy? That is a good idea though, it would be nice to have a variation for people who don't have a vitamix.
  6. Buckwheat Pancake Mix(I use arrowhead mills) Vegan dark chocolate chips teaspoon celtic seasalt One orange Coconut oil Follow the directions on the Mix using the juice of half an orange and the celtic seasalt. I mix enough to make 8 large pancakes. During this process just be sure NOT to mix all the small lumps out. The directions say not to overmix and I have overmixed on occasion and things dont turn out as fluffy. The O.J. fluffs the pancakes and brings the cocolate out Add the ENTIRE BAG OF VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Hey, if you cant party go make my sorbet instead ;-P Warm up the iron skillet BEFORE adding any batter. Use just enough coconut oil to barely coat the pan. (I put maybe half a teaspoon and then spread it quickly by rolling the pan) Cook one side until the corners and middle begin to show signs of being cooked. Then flip the pancake and allow to finish cooking. Repeat 7 more times. When I cut carbs this is my favorite sunday post workout carb spaz. If you are a chocolate fan I guarantee you dream about these after you eat them once. Peace, Michael
  7. Okay the bad news is you must have a vitamix. Good news is this is worth it! This has an important variation to the sorbet recipes in the Vitamix cookbook. 1 ripe banana 1.5 cups frozen blueberries 1.5 cups frozen cherries stevia powder celtic sea salt Okay throw the banana in Vitamix and get it mixed into a cream on the low setting. (you may have to stop it and scrape the banana off the sides) While is mixing slowly add a nice pinch of stevia (I use the handle end of a normal spoon) While still mixing add a pinch of celtic sea salt. (this cream base is the key secret, you will end up with about 1 cup of cream) While the vitamix is OFF add the frozen blueberries and cherrries (the cherries make for a smoother texture than strawberries, but do what you gotta do, lol) and pack it all down with the plunger before turning it on. Secure the top and turn on the vitamix on low speed, quickly crank the dial all the way up and then flip the switch to high. Steadily pack with the plunger allowing the vitamix to do the work. The ingredients will keep moving and the Vitamix will make start making this low horrible sound like it is going to burn up (it wont) and the mixture will separate into 4 piles. The 4 slow moving piles of frozen sorbet let you know the good times have arrived. You will be able to turn the vitamix upside down and the mixture will stay in the vitamix completely frozen! The important thing to remember is that you need a 3 times more frozen than banana cream. Play with it and you will quickly become a master. This is my favorite way to get a sweet treat. In fact, this is so good that for the first 6 months I felt guilty every single time I ate it! Crazy but I had conditioned myself over the years that anything frozen was a sugar added monster and had no place in my cutting phases. Booyah! Peace, Michael P.S. - The book I am writing will have this recipe so lets keep this to ourselves.
  8. My name is Michael. I have been vegan and vegetarian for 8 years. I am a Natural Therapeutic Specialist graduating from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1998. I practice in the Saint Louis area and appear weekly on the radio to put an "alternative medicine" spin on an whatever allopathic medical topic is being discussed. There is a live web broadcast availiable at www.wgnu.net on thursdays at 1200pm cst. Throw in 20 years of passionate study and practice in bodybuilding and weightlifting and that is me. It is my foundation. I also love Bikram Yoga and plan to do 30 classes in 30 days in January. Some of my favorite things are my water distiller, Vitamix, IPod, Tivo and young coconuts. I love my family here in the Midwest. Technically I live 40 miles outside Saint Louis Missouri in a small town in Illinois known as Wood River. Seems far, far away from anyone who understands the convictions of my lifestyle. Some days I want to pack it up and move to a place where people understand and celebrate my vegness without my having to answer questions, though most days I enjoy planting the seeds of natural health in the community... Why don't 3 or 4 of you move here to Saint Louie? Peace, Michael
  9. I don't really vibe with his bravado. However, 99% of what he says is 100% on the money. I have done all of his cleanses numerous times and would 100% recommend them to anyone. I feel confident saying anyone who follows the directions on the Liver/Gall Bladder, Kidne/Bladder, and Colon cleanses will be absolutely thrilled with the results. The interesting side note here is that I graduated from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics as a Natural Therapeutic Specialist. After having such fortune to have stumbled accross this school and having learned so much from so many exceptional teachers I returned to the Saint Louis Area and began working at a big spa. Anyway, one of my co-workers always had his newsletters laying around so I would read them on lunch. After reading about 10 of them over the course of months and being nothing but completely impressed with the content of them I deciced to try the colon cleanse. Later moved to the kidney/bladder and finally the liver/gall bladder. It was just an incredible journey for me. Peace, Veg
  10. Okay, this thread was both exciting and funny! Coconut oil on my ass! That was a good one. Anyway, I just love young coconuts! I have averaged one per day for the last 5 years. I fell in love with them on a trip to Brazil. I read about them before going and WAS NOT excited about the taste! My only experience with coconut had been the awful dry stuff in Halloween candy as a child and I wasn't a big fan. However, I was determined to eat nothing but coconuts for a few days in Brazil due to the fact that they are one of the most remarkable foods on the planet. When I drank the water of my first coconut. It was nothing short of perfect. My body and mind screamed BRILLIANT! It was simply something that had been missing from my body for a long time. The somewhat sweet, very light coconut meat was NOTHING like the dry Halloween candy I remembered. You see that shredded coconut comes from mature coconuts (the hairy brown ones in the supermarket). One of my favorite coconut facts is the water is used when conventional IV solution! Yes, it is done around the world. In particular, it was used to save lives of American GI's in the South Pacific during WWII! The water is sterile and very similar to blood plasma! Basically, it is natures Gatoraide. Or better yet what Gatoraide wishes it was, lol. Lauric acid rocks! (the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, thyroid regulating, all-star component in the coconut oil) Peace, Veg
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