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  1. Lets face it, the Vegan lifestyle is expensive. I make alot of money in the Military, but I'm always broke because organic produce is so pricey. One way I keep my wallet healthy is by doing Online jobs, like CashCrate. At first I was only making about $150-200/month on this site, but now I make about $2000-3000 a month. I'm not gonna lie, I spend it all on Vegan food, supplements, clothes, household goods, and vegan workout gear. Its 100% Free, and you get paid for doing simple Free activities like watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, reading emails, referring friends, etc etc. So any of your poor or struggling Vegans, please consider Online Jobs!!
  2. Actually ..vegan bodybuilding is my favorite organization because it proves vegans dont lose anything ..but actually gain as many benefits as they desire . The forum in general is a staple of mine for many references. The site is level headed..practical ..and factual based ..its a great place to avoid all the psuedo science/new age crap that give vegans a bad name !!!
  3. Adam Lamberts new album "For your entertainment" has been surprisingly a great workout album. Better for cardio than lifting though
  4. I really respect what you have to say and how you say it,durianrider. Most of the stuff you say is right on. Although, what you said here about barefoot running is widely disproven. Almost all runners with leg pain/injury who converted to barefoot/minimalist running have been healed. Being one of those people, I can attest to the power of barefoot running. I run faster and longer now and all injuries/pains have completely dissapeared. There are studies that the more cushioned your shoes are the higher risk of injury! Where did you get your information from?
  5. Hi Del! Nice to meet you. I am so glad you are interested in Raw Veganism - You must really care a lot about yourself! To be honest, this site isnt really the best for information/advice on living foods, but its still great for many other things. Try http://www.rawfoodsupport.com/ for your raw food questions. I have been veg for 2 1/2 years, vegan for 2yrs, and raw for 1yr. I have done extremely well on all of them, and have also had plenty of rough patches. Although, looking back on my personal journey I credit my success to my LIFESTYLE more than the particular foods I was eating. What I mean by that is, you can know everything about anything that is considered health and still f*ck up. LOL! More important than spirulina or any food, is SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP(8hours, preferrably on back) and STRESS CONTROL (yoga, meditation, tai chi, good friends, good work, herbs, hobbies, breathing, spirituality, etc...) . If you are on top of those 2 things and can fit in an adequate amount of exercise you will succeed on the raw diet. This is probably true for all people on any diet, but I feel its more relevant for a Rawhead. There are no quick fixes in rawfoodism! Other people have things like coffee, pain relievers, cooked starches to cover up feelings of grogginess, anger, etc. You can sleep 4 hours a day, and live a stressful live and unfortunatly no amount of cacao or bananas will help. I have found if I sleep well, control stress, and exercise I can eat almost anything on the raw diet and not worry about food combinations, ratio's, nutrient breakdown. Ofcourse I keep a loose running tally of protein, carbs, and fat. If you just eat alot of calories you will hit all your targets. Yes, sprirulina is awesome (but somewhat overrated) and has been a staple in my diet. Sometimes its not, and other times its extinct in exchange some other protein (chlorella, etc). All I'm saying is variety and getting adequate calories is all that TRULY matters. You shouldnt be setting yourself up where spirulina, can make or break you. Sorry, if my approach is too lax for you, but hope it helps a little.
  6. Amazing!!! You seem to be the most cut of all the contestants. Seriously, incredible work! With a bigger chest you could be top 3 in most shows for your group. Keep it up!
  7. My Dorm has this site filtered under Terrorism and I cant view it!
  8. Just wanted to reintroduce myself, as I have been away from you guys for almost a year This can be explained because I was in a huge transition in my life. I am 24 year old MAN, 4 years of no meat, 2 years no dairy. I eat pretty clean, but I do eat alot of cooked food...I really try hard not to cook things that dont need to be heated.. Raw Foodism fascinates me, but scares my ego. I am now in Boulder, CO studying/transferring at Naropa University( a buddhist-inspired college). My degree is called Contemplative Psychology with a track in Health and Healing (BA) Boulder is absolutely fantastic, almost every restaurant caters to veg*ns. Naropa is the perfect school for me and the students/teachers are some of the most interesting people Ive ever met! One of my teachers is Brigette Mars, a local Raw Foods Celebrity. I adore her to death!! Although, my nutrition teacher(former vegan and Naturopath) is promoting meat and dairy hardcore!!! He constantly berates veganism, saying it will cause a limp dick, result in no energy, imparied brain function, miscarriges, etc etc etc. He is one of the reasons Ive come back to this site, because I am need support in proving him wrong while properly educating my class. Also planning on starting a Vegan Club next semester, and would love to get some of ya'll as guest speakers! Id also love to meet up with any locals, so please leave a message if you are nearby! Hope you guys didnt miss me too much!
  9. Some of you guys know me, but for the ones that dont I have lost alot of weight. How much weight is irrelevant now; I am in new territory and prefer to let go of the past. I desperately want to have a body that I feel comfortable in, and unfortunately that will probably require me being in the top 3-5% fittest people in the world (hopefully while maintaining a high raw diet) I also desire to be the happiest/motivated person I know every day. (or atleast 2nd to Robert) My goals are simple but will require consistant work and daily inspiration. Lately, I have been slacking and becoming too comfortable in my diet and workout. My progress has haulted and depression is hitting in. In order to avoid going downhill I hope this food and workout journal will help me step things up a notch! I decided to start things off on the right foot and consume a 95% liquid diet today. Breakfast Smoothie: 1 banana (not organic), 5 large Kale Leaves(organic), 1 cup of silk soy yogurt, 2 cups of green tea, 8 strawberries(not organic) + b12 supplement after Lunch Juice: 1 beet, 2 carrots, 3 celery sticks, 1 apple, 1 tomatoe + 2 peices of ezkeial bread after
  10. Your progress is phenomenal, especially you're abs and biceps, you go girl. Your face has such a uniquely wonderful structure that was hidden by those chubby cheeks, dont you ever go back to that again!
  11. To Chris and Phil : Yea the article was pretty objective and fairly kind, but thats not the subject at hand because i can guarantee that most people did not read past the first paragraph, if not even simply the title. Most of the good stuff was hidden towards the middle-end of the story so I doubt people left with anything positive about vegetarianism.
  12. Regardless of how true that might be, why not write a story about the overlap of Obessity v The Catholic Church? Maybe it can be titled "Is God making us fat?" Why not? Because.. this is an obvious attempt to condemn the diet and lifestyle by a simple misleading headline in order to fulfill the meat industries agenda and make some money in a struggling economy. Point Blank!
  13. Just adding to your fan mail... GREAT GREAT WORK! Abs are awesome, especially the obliques... Love your diet, workout regime & general philosophies .. You are what veganism is all about!
  14. The article is deceitfully named... The Dark Side of Vegetarianism... ...even though the majority of the article says veg*n diet is infact healthy.. http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20090401/hl_hsn/thedarksideofvegetarianism;_ylt=AmUwlaeTn9Y0y8Zj3aUcrBQDW7oF ... I cant even begin to imagine how many people only read the title of this "story"..... and thought to themselves " I knew this was true!! "
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