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  1. What sort of results are you getting with your fasted cardio? I've considered it but thought it best to keep eating to encourage metabolism. I admire your love affair with the rowing machine aha I need to get in on some of that!
  2. My progress Why post? Accountability; Inspiration; Results. Basic Info: Height - 5ft 11in. Weight - 12 stone 13 lbs (82.1kg / 181lbs) Starting photos - http://imgur.com/a/Je2Ys Background: Vegan since June '14. Sedentary. Down-trodden kinda guy; lots to work on. The PDF Plans: Jan to Feb (Novice) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/h80od5quv7igj73/ICF%205X5%20Novice%20Program.pdf?dl=0 Mar to July (Hybrid) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbgi8qp0ivm9tt2/Hybrid%20Plan.pdf?dl=0 Goals: Improve functional strength; aesthetics; complete first marathon (24/07/2016). Updates: Workouts/nutrition/sleep tracked here weekly; measurements/weigh-ins posted bi-monthly.
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