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  1. I hope this is meant as a joke. The reality is that America's citizens in generality are either apathetic about the issues or they are confused as to what the issues are. The obvious worth in a system that actually represents the people would be to remove some of the apathy and to bring the issues into the home of the citizenry. Again I hope this is meant as a joke. The truth is that systems that involve the entire citizenry have already been developed and simply need to be implemented. Having the entire citizenry involved in some form of decision making in the government i.e. the nation would make people much more inclined to a feeling that they can change the world. Do I vote Democratic? I have been part of the Green Part since I was 18. I have always voted for a Democratic president. Have I voted for Republicans, in certain circumstances where it was evident the Democratic candidate was corrupt and the Republican candidate did not scare me I have voted Republican for positions in the CA (my state of residence) State Government. I insist on quoting Lord Acton, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" I can't believe in a 2 party system as anything but a joke of a government for the people. Too much power in too few interests and too few people. I vote but I am not spending any time worrying about the dirty business of one party or another. However in terms of deciding whether it is time or not to flee the country I grant that you have a point. If the Republicans gain much more of the power it may be time to move, but wait where is a person supposed to go?
  2. I don't understand how you all can get so enthralled with the details of a two party system where the evil guys are just "stupider" than the "good" guys but in reality are all about the same and into the same game: corruption, no accountability, and no real improvements.
  3. Thanks for looking at my log, I hadn't finished today's workout when you looked at it though . Your advice about decreasing the volume on the more superficial exercises, the assisted lifting curls etc., I think this may be a good thing. I didn't realize how much effort is involved in keeping a full body workout, i.e. the volume is already high compared to a workout that exercises single muscle groups per session.
  4. Workout 6: (all exercises measured in kg) Date: November 1, 2006 Duration: about 90 minutes crunches : 41reps.x3 bench press (p.) : 91x4x2,3 dead lift : 91x5x3 squat : 116x8x3 calf raise : 116x12x3 dumbell(d.) shoulder p. : 14x7,6x2 d. row : 30x6x3 d. bicep curl (c.) : 14x6x2,5 d. tricep e. : 14x6x2,5 quad extension : 54x7x3 hamstring c. : 54x4x2,3 d. front lung : 14x8x2 d. forarms up : 20x10x3 d. forarms down : 10x7x3 Notes: A little tired I need to sleep and eat but this is good fun.
  5. Hi DW I have a question for you. I am having a weight session right now and have just found that my body is unwilling to do what it did last time and I had to reduce the # of reps. for my bench press for the last set by 1. My question is, in your opinion am I working too hard or is it ok to temporarily decrease the repetions of one exercise in order to increase strength overall? thanks and I am looking up to you at least metaphorically - I think we are approximately the same height 5'10" - you weigh less than me but you lift so much more . Have to get back to lifting heavy weights .
  6. Workout 5: (all exercises measured in kg) Date: October 30, 2006 Duration: about 90 minutes crunches : 41reps.x3 bench press (p.) : 91x4x3 dead lift : 91x4x3 squat : 115x8x3 calf raise : 115x12x3 dumbell(d.) shoulder p. : 14x7,6x2 d. row : 30x5x3 d. bicep curl (c.) : 14x6x2,5 d. tricep e. : 14x6x2,5 quad extension : 54x7x3 hamstring c. : 54x4x2,3 d. front lung : 14x8x2 d. forarms up : 20x10x3 d. forarms down : 10x7x3 Notes: I took a 3 day vacation and it payed off high dividends . I squated 10kg more on each set than the previous session and it was easy . The hamstring curl is still so hard - I was so lazy I didn't remove the weight I should have for this exercise and increased it by 4kg. Maybe HIT works for me? I don't want to test this hypothesis right now and am happy at the improvements I have been able to have.
  7. VB, I agree with Raven, and LL I don't think you should leave this forum unless you feel too uncomfortable to stay. I think in general we are all very caring people interested in + change and while we have differences of opinion, religion, custom, etc. we all share enough to relate.
  8. Sticks and stones may brake your bones but words will never hurt you. or more eloquently by the master of renaissance English prose, What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. VB you wrote, I don't think this is quite so obvious a statement as you claim. Miscommunication is probably the greatest, or at least one of the greatest, problems when dealing with other humans. Verbal communication makes up a large ammount of communication. It stands to reason that vocab. and the meanings in the words are of a great importance, in that understanding the nature of them has a great chance of stopping the problems they create. The abuse of words is possible. To rob meaning from words is sometimes extremely useful, and necessary and so to apply "violence" to a word that holds too much meaning perhaps is acceptable or even a good idea, depending on the context. However, if the social meaning of words are being robbed at an extermely fast rate, cultural literacy, i.e. a way of understanding each other through verbal communication becomes more difficult and in some cases almost impossible. This is a waste "meaning" resources. This is unfortunate. I think that words do have meaning. In fact many words have more than one meaning. To be conscious of the meanings, to be conscious that words can hurt, heal, teach, etc. is also as important as realizing that words in themselves are not the objects they refer to. To set standards on how truthful a person is on what they say to how they act is sometimes important. To not care about the vocab. that is used is very unfortunate. Are there really bigger problems than miscommunication? Isn't in general misscommunication largely a result of certain people being too concerned with the meaning of words. For example if I was asked, "Do you believe in God?". The obvious response in my perspective is, "what do you mean by God?". Therefore both taking the connotations of words as being of little importance and of taking the meaning of a given word too seriously can both have disasterous effects on the relationships we have with others. The word bitch refers both to a female dog, and a female who is for what ever reason "bad". It means a female dog and when we don't like a female human we decide that they deserve to be called such a word. How do you want to associate your words. I think words have meaning, and should be associated together with truth as the guiding principle.
  9. I'm sorry you are right finbarrio I forgot to ask if your love got hurt.
  10. I would say why disgrace female dogs by associating your step mom with such lovely creatures. Would "a disgrace to the human species" be a better pc phrase for your step mom?
  11. very good. I am having a dinner party tonight and I'm the cook. I am going to use your sauce - I planted tomatos and oregano so I should use them. This sauce with a good pasta, and vegan cheesecake for dessert is where its at + lots of salad.
  12. I am glad someone still rides their bike. I have had real problems with drivers living in Long Beach. I used to bike to school a round trip of 14 miles, each day and then an 80+ miler on the weekend but drivers were the thing that made me stop. I can't control a reckless, or unobservant driver from taking me out, no matter how many precautions I take. I would be interested to hear what you have to say, as a seasoned biker, on how you can continue to ride when there are so many crazy drivers on the road.
  13. Workout 4: (mass is in kilograms, kg) time: about 90min 26/10/06 finished: 4:56pm crunches : 41x2,40 bench press (p.) : 91x4x2,3 dead lift : 91x4x2,3 -1 rep in bp, +1x2 rep in dl pretty good exchange. squat : 105x8x3 calf raise : 105x10x3 dumbell(d.) shoulder p. : 14x6x3 d. row : 30x4x4 d. bicep curl (c.) : 14x6,5x2 d. tricep e. : 14x6x2,5 quad extension : 50x7x3 hamstring c. : 50x4x2,3 d. front lung : 14x7x2 d. forarms up : 16x10x3 d. forarms down : 10x6x3 I increased the weight in squat and its fine - thats great . The hamstring c. is very challenging at this weight so I may not be able to increase the reps so soon as I would like. - Its time for the 2 day break.
  14. If you think its the right thing to do and you are living by what you think is right then why not come back. Welcome Back
  15. Workout 3: started: Tue Oct 24 12:50:38 PDT 2006 finished: Tue Oct 24 14:01:09 PDT 2006 crunches : 41,40x2 bench press (p.) : 91x4x2,3 dead lift : 91x4,3x2 squat : 100x8x2,7 calf raise : 105x8x2,7 dumbell(d.) shoulder p. : 14x6x2,5 d. row : 30x4x2,3 d. bicep curl (c.) : 14x5x3 d. tricep e. : 14x5x3 quad extension : 50x7x2,6 hamstring c. : 50x4x2,3 d. front lung : 14x7,6 d. forarms up : 14x11x2,10 (+2kg) d. forarms down : 10x5x3
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