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  1. I have always felt that the body knows what it needs, if I feel like eating something I will eat it. I don't get hungry if I do cardio at all, I lose my appetite totally and I can't eat for some time after it (I mean like days). If I'm outside all day walking and taking pictures, things like that (slow things), then I get a huge appetite after it, which is great. Also lifting weights gets me hungry. Pilates and yoga don't seem to have an impact on my appetite.
  2. That's the point, it seems so to you and that's what people are like, if it seems so then it must be true, even if there is no evidence to support it. This is also the core of causality.
  3. Thanks Has anyone bought the book My Sweet Vegan? It is a vegan dessert book and it's supposed to be really good. I'm not sure if it has many gluten-free recipes though.
  4. Those look really good, I love peanut butter. I just bought that book a month ago and I have tried only one recipe; we baked some chocolate cupcakes with my sister. They turned out really perfect, I'm sure the other recipes are just as good. I want to try the gluten-free cupcakes too someday. These are some vegan cupcakes I made, these are all also gluten-free: Blueberry cupcake- http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2024/2239377832_999aacd3bf.jpg Chocolate, peanut butter and rum cupcakes: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2196/2238586903_b9c9e8e97c.jpg Saffron and white chocolate cupcakes, the frosting melted due to my impatience therefore it looks a bit strange: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2301/2310561206_0ca6cb0e54.jpg This is not a cupcake, it's a chocolate and fig mini-cake, I like mini-cakes more than cupcakes: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3093/2298447204_004b7b6372.jpg And then a white chocolate and raspberry mini-cake: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3005/2339907587_d7d58e3891.jpg
  5. I had the same feeling just before easter; I was out buying food and there were so many people shopping for food because of easter and they were buying meat, meat and more meat. They seemed so stressed out, angry and grotesque in a way. I just stopped for a moment to watch them, it was so bizarre and sickening. There was especially this one man who was shouting and swearing at his boy, who was something like 7 years old, and at the same time he was touching and feeling pieces of lamb. I don't usually care about stuff like people buying and eating meat, I just keep to myself, but that whole shopping trip was so strange and in a way sad.
  6. I've been doing this for a couple of days now, this seems to be easier than eating 3 bigger meals a day and I already feel much better. I have my rice protein now and it wasn't as ing as I've heard, I still eat a bit tofu though, but no soy milk or soy yogurt. I hope I'll continue feeling good this way.
  7. This is true with all small groups, I think, and especially amongst people who build their identity around an "ism".
  8. You rat is lovely I used to be scared of rats, but I changed my mind when I was working at a animal shelter and I got to know some rats; they are really smart and actually quite lovely.
  9. I actually read more regular food blogs than vegan ones. http://www.tastespotting.com/ is a site I check out daily, I've had some of my photos there too. I keep my own food blog and taking photos is somewhat of a hobby for me, maybe I should check out more food blogs because of that, but I don't always have time. http://havecakewilltravel.com/ is maybe one of my favorite vegan food blogs because I like the photos, they are so "clean" in a way and the photographer has a great eye I think. http://www.flickr.com/ is great for foodporn, I especially like the pictures from Seitti
  10. What a lovely place and beautiful animals! Did that pig only have one eye?
  11. I never have problems when I eat fruit with other foods, I'm not saying that food combining isn't right for some, but for me it doesn't matter.
  12. In the third picture they look somewhat greyish green, very much the same as my eyes. In those previous pictures they looked more brown. I think that Lean and Grean has that same red/yellow/brown color around the pupil? Both of you have clear eyes, something vegans often have and the general population not so much. Does anyone here know of iridiology? I have this one book about it and it's quite interesting.
  13. It's strange that so many children are like that. I once watched this documentary about a girl who just didn't eat anything at all. She had to be fed through a tube placed in her stomach. That's how I felt too when I started eating normal portions and at normal times, I didn't understand how people could eat that much. I'm used to it now and I do feel better, most importantly I have much more energy, but I still forget to eat sometimes, especially if I'm busy.
  14. But I do use shampoo, it wasn't my intention to give the impression that I've tried the no-shampoo thing. I know people who have tried it and their hair has gotten thicker and is in better condition. Maybe I'll try going without shampoo some day. I have left out skin cleaners and skin creams though, and my skin is much better now, there is no need for things like that, so I think it might be the same with shampoo. I have also heard that washing with a conditioner would be much better than washing with shampoo; that might be some kind of a middle ground between the no-shampoo thing and normal hair-care? Did you mix the essentials oils with something else? Essentials oils are very drying and "hard" if not mixed with some other oil first. That is cheap, I haven't found it that cheaply from here. I wonder why it's so expensive here?
  15. Hah, no I didn't understand that, sorry about that it's a bit different in my language; grains are wheat, rye, barley and oats. Yes, I've noticed that nuts are really heavy, they have so much fat in them that you get the full feeling from a small amount. Pea protein would probably be worth a try too, I've tried hemp protein and it was ok, but not as effective as soy protein. I usually eat 3 times a day, so I could try eating more often, it's going to be hard though since I don't like to eat very often, it has been a struggle learning to eat even 3 times a day - when I was younger I could go without eating for days. Not because I wanted to lose weight or something like that, I just thought that you should eat when hungry and I'm almost never hungry. I was so happy some years ago when I started eating more protein and more food in general and noticed the increase in energy. Therefore I am a bit disappointed with the fact that I won't be able to eat tons of soy from now on. Thanks for the advice everyone, I appreciate it and I think I'll stop trying to cover my protein needs with beans.
  16. I'm celiac. If I cut down my portions then I would be losing even more muscle, the problem isn't just with the fact that I have gained fat, it's also about the fact that my energy isn't the same and that I'm losing muscle. Gaining fat and losing strength, muscle and energy is a sign of some problems with diet? I think so. I'm not trying to lose weight; I would like to become stronger, but eating this way isn't helping at the moment. I'm not an expert on things like training and diet, but a semi low-carb diet has helped and I don't know how to do it now.
  17. I've been having some problems with my diet and I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject. First of all I do not eat any grains, ever, I do eat brown rice and quinoa quite a lot, but no oats, wheat or things like that. I used to eat a lot of tofu and soy yogurt for protein and it worked well, I gained muscle and my energy levels were fine. My diet was just basically some steamed vegetables, tofu, tempeh, rice and quinoa, some beans and that was it. I've recently discovered that I can't eat soymilk or yogurt without getting sick, tofu has also become a problem, tempeh seems to be fine. I've been eating a lot of beans for two weeks now and limited my soy intake; and it sucks! I've gained fat, lost muscle, I can't exercise the way I used to, I seem to have lost a lot of strength. I am going to try rice protein now and try to eat more nuts, but I am so disappointed that I don't seem to be doing ok with beans as a protein source. I would like to know why some people are fine eating beans, leaving soy out and so on. It seems like women need a more low-carb diet in general?
  18. This is what I think too about this subject; there is something wrong with your diet if you fart a lot. Milk is probably not a reason for anyone here, but some people can't digest lactose, some people can't digest anything raw, some people fart because of gluten etc.
  19. I think you can clearly see the brownish red around the pupils? That would mean more greenish than grey eyes I think, but they do look grey on the outer edges of the iris.
  20. There isn't such a thing as being born on a cusp in astrology, the time the sun changes signs differs each year, you'll have to check the exact time to know which sign your sun is in. And actually tropical astrology isn't right about the times since the planets move and tropical astrology has stayed the same for 2000 years. Sidereal astrology uses the actual movements of the planets, but they also have some problems since the signs are not 30 degrees each in reality. Some start counting using some star in the leo constellation, others use some other star etc. There isn't much reality in astrology, I feel that it is just a way to look at the world through archetypes. I think that the things Jung wrote about astrology were somewhat accurate. I don't think that the rising sign means much, I like to think that the moon is important, the aspects and the signs. It will mean a lot if you have some planet conjunct your ascendant. Traditionally your rising sign would mean your outer personality, the impression people get from you and the moon is about feelings and things like that. You can see your chart at www.astro.com and you can get really good interpretations there for free. Somebody already mentioned that site, I think, it is very good and free, I use it more than solar fire (which is a astrology program).
  21. This is so good for the hair, I haven't tried a blow dryer, but if done in a sauna it makes the hair so soft and shiny. It will be greasy for some time when you stop using shampoos, that's the downside in it. You can make a shampoo from water and baking soda, it should take the greasiness away until your hair adjusts. Use only like a small, small amount of oil and only on the ends, otherwise the oil will make the hair look greasy. You can google "no shampoo experiment" and you'll find a lot of stuff about it. This site is good and has some pictures too
  22. Leo and pisces is a great combination Astrology is a hobby of mine, been for ten years now, I just don't believe in it much, but I do like all the myths and things like that associated with it. I'm a leo, moon in cancer, virgo rising with Saturn conjunct my ascendant.
  23. I think that they look more green than grey. I don't know that many people with grey eyes besides myself, my cousin and her child, we have some kind of recessive grey eye gene in my family. Most people with grey eyes tend to get green eyes when they get older, my eyes look more green than what they used to as I get older. My cousin still has pure grey eyes with no bluish or greenish tint, they look kinda scary in a way, she's so pale as well. Grey is supposed to be the rarest eye color in humans.
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