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  1. the thing is is that not many doctors really even know about nutrition seeing as the majority of medical schools don't require a seperate nutrition course in order to become a doctor.
  2. i love to listen to explosions in the sky when im sleeping, i still feel dreamy when i wake up after.
  3. i did hiit for about 30 minutes after i read your reply, it was absolutely amazing how i felt after getting done, i havent had a work out like that in a while, thanks alot
  4. I've been working on cutting my body fat and i have seen gradual results, but i would like to know if there is anything i could do to increase fat reduction, the last time i check i was at 10% i do alot of running, a little more than i do lifting, should i keep doing what im doing or should i focus a little more on my lifting?
  5. My name is Chris, i've been vegan for 4 years, i've practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu, and wrestled on my school wrestling team so i have always had a fairly decent physique but i have never made it a big concentration of mine soo.. January 31st for my new years resolution i obtained a pass to the gym so i could focus primarily on body building, i am looking to become an example to those around me who do not fully understand the vegan lifestyle and to lead those people away from the misconception that one cannot be vegan and gain muscle at the same time, since then i have been going to the gym 6 days a week and i have already seen good results this forum has helped me greatly in my bodybuilding, and i hope to contribute the forum and keep learning along the way. Thanks, Chris
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