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  1. Oh, the Vegetable Garden! I used to eat at the one in DC frequently when I was back visiting my ex-boyfriend. I miss it, so!
  2. i got your email, but did not see an email address in the body. anyway, i do some vegan get togethers with a few friends regularly now, and just met a new vegan friend on facebook. she'll be joining us, too soon. this will be fun.
  3. oh wow, that's awesome. i'd love to meet her! there is such a lack of vegans in this town, which you know since you've lived here before. she can email me at [email protected] oh, i used to live in manitou, also.
  4. true, there are a whole lot of mtn. here. i live by cheyenne canyon, so over by cheyenne mtn., in the southwest part of town. it's called "ivywild". did you used to live here? did you go to UCCS?
  5. thanks for all your greetings. someone knows about UCCS. i don't live right by there (i live by the mtns), but i do attend there. thanks for all your comments about my puppy.
  6. hi, i'm new. i'm happy to find this group. i've been vegan for 2 1/2 years, and vegetarian most of my life. it's nice to find other active, healthy vegans. i'm into yoga and meditation, rock climbing and hiking. i don't bodybuild, but i'm a pretty active, athletic vegan. it's nice to see people defying the stereotype of the overly skinny, undernourished vegan (which isn't true anyway, but the myths continue). i'm a math grad student in colo. springs working on a ph.d. in math. i have 2 cats and a puppy that recently died.
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