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  1. there's this picture I saw once of Arnie, Sly and a 3rd person talking shop in what looked like a gymnasium. Arnie looks like he did in Pumping Iron and Sly looks like how he did in First Blood. Can anyone help me find this pic?
  2. I think the wings were cuz I had my red bull before snapping the pics Seriously though, i think it's more a posing thing. Perhaps when I snapped those pics 2 weeks ago I wasn't flexing the lats enough but did during yesterdays pictures. I will admit that I didn't expect to hear that I'm growing in my arms because it's one of the least worked muscles in my schedule. I mainly do pushups and situps. Maybe it's all the snow we're getting dumped on us creating a lot of shoveling opportunity for me which is quite the workout!
  3. So I've been working out with what I have at home, push ups, situps, etc. Don't have any weights, just using household items as my weights. The pics aren't the greatest, for that I apologize but I live alone and am not even close to being an amateur photographer. http://kelvin.soulshockgroup.com/wo/frontshot1b.jpg Above: January 23, 2008 http://kelvin.soulshockgroup.com/wo/frontshot2b.jpg Above: February 6, 2008 http://kelvin.soulshockgroup.com/wo/posing1.jpg Above: January 23, 2008 http://kelvin.soulshockgroup.com/wo/posing2.jpg Above: February 6, 2008 Can anyone see any progress? I can feel myself getting stronger bit by bit.
  4. this here is my goal, bruised, battered, bloody, and smoking for that cool factor http://www.chokingonpopcorn.com/popcorn/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/tylerdurden.JPG
  5. _raVen_, those are the ones. I have been following the training schedule for the pushups according to the Perfect Pushup routine, they claim it to be a Navy Seals training program, I wouldn't know but I do feel the burn when I do it. I still feel if you aren't creative enough, or are looking to bulk up bigtime, nothing beats free weights at a gym. Ah, yes, the technical terminology This thingy? http://www.formerfatguyblog.com/weight-loss/exercise/perfect-pushups.jpg these are actually very good. When I was using them ...
  6. you were 6' tall in grade 9!!! big boy.
  7. hands on floor, flat, about 55 in one go with good form. hands on floor, fist, about 40 in one go, good form. using perfect pushup thingamajiggy, about 22, good form. I found I could do more when I was eating meat probably because my vege diet isn't up to par yet.
  8. I just realized how I can add more to my routine, using only one of the containers, I can add dips to my routine and sitting up with my arms holding the clothes rod like it's a push down tricep bar, I can lift my toosh off the ground to do tricep raises. this home gym is just awesome!! lol.
  9. here's a picture of my home gym setup The perfect pushup things in the background and the 2 pails setup with a clothes hanger rod for my Aussie chin-ups. I also stack the 2 pails, they equal about 80lbs together and I do arm curls with that... yeah, i'm cheap http://kelvin.soulshockgroup.com/pics/homegym.jpg
  10. Well, when I first started the vegetarian diet, I committed to 2 years. Although I made it past that to 3 years, I simply didn't feel like being a vegetarian anymore.
  11. Hey Everyone. Not really sure how to start these things but I browsed this forum for about 30 minutes, checking out some of the various topics, transformations, and it's inspired me to join. I'm 30 and I'm not sure if I'm a vegan yet but I have cut all meat out of my diet (as of Jan 1st, 2008). I'm still consuming dairy and eggs. For 27 years of my life, I ate meat, okay maybe 25, I don't think newborns eat meat, but I can't be sure. I was born in Malaysia and in 1977, who knows what could have happened. From 2000-2003 I was a vegetarian so I think I can do it again this time around. Hopefully I'm wiser and have stronger discipline. Currently living in Toronto, enjoying the cold (not really), I find myself stuck indoors after work (unless I'm out socializing). I don't have a gym membership, they're too expensive. My current fitness regiment includes doing push ups every other day, sit-ups when I remember, playing PS3 almost every night, walking down the stairs and out the door for a smoke, and well, walking everywhere I go. I don't drive very often and I haven't yet bought a bicycle. During the warmer months I jog every other day for about 30 minutes. Now onto the real reason I'm here, well I'd like to learn more about vegan diet to build some muscle. See I'm 6' tall and weigh 160lbs on a good day, 155lbs on a bad day but I've got this dream of trying out for the Fire Department here and I'm sure I'll get an A for effort the way I am, that's just not good enough. I have always wanted a surfers body and have considered moving to Surfers Paradise to achieve this but I shouldn't have to get drastic. Anyway, enough blabbering, hello everyone, I look forward to growing big and sharing the journey with you as I learn from you.
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