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  1. Hey all, So I've been eating more and exercising also for nearly 2 months. I've gained some weight, I was 49kg and now I'm 51.5kg. Besides my arms and my legs (if I squat them) that are defined, my body seems the same. I don't know how to bulk faster. Should I eat more or work out harder? I'm eating 5 meals daily and work out 3 days a week, with free weights and I jog once a week. What can I do to get bigger? Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. What exercises and their reps are you doing per week to increase arm size? I have puny arms also.
  3. Yeah, I realize most of us are vegans here. Tha forum's name says it all, heh. Besides tempeh, beans and peas, the other things mentioned are exotic for us in Malaysia or if available, too expensive for me. I'm banking on potatoes, chickpeas and tofu for now. I haven't got that protein drink yet. I might settle for something from Myoplex or something spelt like that. I haven't thought about the ethical point of view, that's something I'll look out for, although my priorities are that it's vegetarian for now. Oh, College B, right now I'm taking about 2000 calories a day. Only been trying this for a week plus now, and I think my arms seem more defined. I plan to eat more once I rstock on food.
  4. xjohanx, where can I find healthy protein and fats? I do take chickpeas, like a cup two days once. I'm using this protein powder: http://www.appeton.com/site-eng/products/adult/weightgain_a.html Is it any good? I just mix it with water.
  5. Hey all, This is my daily diet, more or less. I'm underweight and need to gain weight and bulk up on muscles. I work out thrice a week and jog once a week. Other than that, my activities are quite sedantary, being a grad student, haha. Breakfast: (Post workout as I work out in the mornings) 3 slices of bread with honey, butter and peanut butter 2 bananas 8-10 cashew nuts Protein drink 1st Snack Protein drink 1 potato Lunch Rice, assortment of vegetables, tofu 1 apple 2nd Snack Tofu sandwich with 1 tofu/2 slices of bread with jam and honey 1 corn on the cob Dinner Rice, assortment of vegetables, tofu 1 apple 3rd Snack Tofu sandwich with 1 tofu 6 multigrain biscuits Low fat milk/Soy milk Is this enough to help me bulk up? I'm scared I'm taking too much carbs and too little protein... Thanks!
  6. Hey all, My friend says if I don't feel an ache a day or two after working a certain muscle group, my form is not good. I've been working for some time now and haven't felt this ache, a bit of numbness yes but no ache. I'm wondering if my form is right now, as I haven't been growing but I'm also not eating enough... Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Hey all, I'm new here and I'm in Malaysia. I'm vegetarian due to ethical and religious reasons and am terribly thin. I'm 50kg but 171cm although most of my body fats seem to be around my abdomen and thighs. I've been working out for 4 years but haven't seen great changes in my body. I take about 2000 calories daily and eat 5-6 meals. My training schedule is in the morning, 3 days a week with weights about 45 mins and once a week I jog about 45 mins. I have been changing my weight training sets throughout the years, but none has helped me bulk. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I think I should eat more and I am doing that now. Any other advice? Thanks. Kumaran
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