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  1. Currently, there is no vaccine. That's why health officials are so worried.
  2. It always helps to have a great work-out buddy!
  3. That sounds great, GH. My main complaint about a lot of vegan foods is that they seem to take so long to prepare. I've found a lot of short-cuts and fast meals though, in my quest for easy food prep. That's why I've thought about opening up a vegan deli of sorts one day. I feel like every time I go to vegan restaurants, it's kind of slow but you're willing to wait because it's vegan. What about some healthy, fast vegan food? I think there's a market out there for it. Now I just need to get out of the Midwest ...
  4. CG, I understand your concern for all of these birds that are being "destroyed." However, the reason that the Avian Bird Flu has been all over the news is that it truly is a pandemic and poses a real threat to mankind. Think smallpox, the plague, etc. It's not something to be taken lightly and its effects are being felt in many nations, particularly in the East. However devastating it might seem, in order to prevent the spread of this disease something drastic, fast, and effective needed to be done. In a perfect world, I would agree and say it should be done humanely. But the same people killing the birds are the same ones raising them as food (not that that justifies anything, but it's reality). They obviously do not care about the well-being of these animals. That is beside the point, though. This disease needs to be stopped in its tracks, regardless of our individual viewpoints about how it should be eradicated. To educate yourself on the Avian Bird Flu, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avian_flu
  5. Welcome, Flanders! Great intro!
  6. Welcome, Gorilla! (Sorry I'm a little late). But I hope that you find this site useful. There are lots of great people on here - you've already seen that. I wish I could understand your convos in German. I spent some time in Germany this past summer, but could unfortunately understand very little. I took French in high school. Oh well. Anyway, look forward to talking to you on the boards!
  7. Welcome! Glad to have you here - it looks like you've brought a lot of knowledge with you and will be able to contribute quite a bit to this already wonderful board!
  8. Oh wow, this is going to come in handy soon.
  9. Yup, that's the stuff! Don't worry - it's much better than it looks!
  10. The idea of supporting the NFL does make me uneasy when it comes to the mention of that statistic. I personally also feel uncomfortable with the fact that I figure skate and high-grade skating boots are only produced in leather. I feel really bad about owning a pair and pretty hypocritical given my activism in regards to other aspects of veganism, but I'm not about to stop skating because of it. I don't think football is inherently evil because they use leather footballs. It could just be that no one in power has ever questioned the tradition of making footballs out of leather. So maybe it's up to us to contact them, asking for alternative materials to be tried as a replacement to leather products. Now that I think about it, I might try contacting some skating brands to inquire about non-leather skates. I'm sure that'll be interesting ...
  11. Natalie - fantastic doesn't even begin to describe it! I'm going through all of my pictures right now and reliving all of the little moments. I was so lucky to have so many awesome experiences. I will write more later, but for now I'm off to bed. If you want, you can check out my blog that I kept while I was over there: www.coreyoriaworld.blogspot.com And thanks for the warm welcome back! Brendan - too kind, too kind. You're not so bad yourself. And what's this I hear about an ultimate vegan vacation? I like the sounds of this ...
  12. Hello Bronco! And, welcome. I recently spent a few days in Austria, in Vienna and also Hopfgarten. You live in a beautiful area of the world; I'm jealous.
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