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  1. I hope this is not an european only holiday - but its Dads Fest today where I am Greets to all the proud owners of some small clone of theirs!
  2. Ugh, was too tired even to update yesterday! I surely felt the lack of a weeks worth of training. Bench press: 30 kg, 2x12, 40 kg 1x6 (very sloppy) Biceps curls: 9-10-10kg, 3x8 Triceps isolated: 9-9-10 kg, 3x8 Pectorals: 9-10-12-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 (more sloppy than usual) Shoulders: 9-12 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 Back Compound: 8-10-12 kg, 3x12 Squats: 30 kg 2x12, 60 kg 2x6 Going to work on this for this week, than I will be changing program; probably keeping the bench press, squats and back exercise as they are, since they are the newest of the bunch.
  3. 17/03/08 Cardio day! 45 minutes of eiptical cyclette, diff 5/12 12 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill, diff 8/12.
  4. Aw, I wish I could, but it was a scool organised trip - no free time at all. But today I got back on track, and with today Cycle 1 is closed Cardio: 45 minutes elliptical cyclette, steady rhythm, diff. 5/12 12 minutes HIIT on the treadmill, diff. 8/12 Ill be posting my new program this evening for Cycle 2. Still cutting, even though it feels like I lost most of my gains in this damn trip. Sucks.
  5. Going to Austria tomorrow WIll come back with training and logging saturday.
  6. VeganEssential rocks! This said, I am listening to Disfear (crust rock and roll) and Port Royal, a post rock band from my city - and probably the best post rock band ever. Disfear: Misanthropic Generation http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=wRJ4ytkjvrk Port Royal: Jeka http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=COOwGJ3vDVo
  7. This is an ebook I am posting often lately, but it is worth it [found it in another fitness forum]. It not weights but calysthenics/strength training only, and it has something for the neck as well. At least you have about six or seven exercises to alternate, and dont need to buy anything
  8. 07/03/08 Cardio: 30 mins ellyptical cyclette, diff. 5/12 12 mins HIIT treadmill, diff. 8/12 Slowly becoming boring. But the other cardio machines look like failures. Weights: Bench press, 20 kg, 2x12, 30 kg 1x6 [shoulder still some sore] Biceps curls: 9-10kg, 3x8 Triceps isolated: 8-9-10 kg, 3x8 Pectorals: 9-10-12-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 Shoulders: 9-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 [this is easy] Back Compound: 8-10-12 kg, 3x12 Squats: 30 kg 2x12, 50 kg 2x6
  9. Hey, nice to see we are both cutting now- I ll be definitely looking for some ideas around here Are you going to cut a month only, or what is your final goal? Good luck for the marathon training, if you decide to go!
  10. 06/03/08 Cardio: 30 mins normal cyclette (actually my first time not on an ellyptical. Somehow more difficult; i did it with a constant speed, not interval as usual) 12 mins HIIT on an ellyptical cyclette. I relly have to get back to calysthenics. And also, my meals arent as regular as they were. Will work on it.
  11. Oh, damn. Had a couple of frantic days - including a school exam, a fish smelling bureucrat and a sore shoulder which didnt allow me to bench press any good. 3/03/08 2x12 min HIIT treadmill 1x six min jogging treadmill 4/03/08 skipped... 5/03/08 30 mins ellyptical cyclette, diff. 5/12 12 mins HIIT treadmill Bench press, 20 kg, 2x12. My shoulder was sore, didnt want to injure it an further with heavier weight. Biceps curls: 9-10kg, 3x8 Triceps isolated: 8-9-10 kg, 3x8 Pectorals: 9-10-12-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 Shoulders: 9-12 kg, 3x12-10-8 (as previously stated, I went on until it was almost painful, then stopped) Back Compound: 8-9-10 kg, 3x12 Squats: 30 kg 2x12, 50 kg 2x6 Still greenish, even with the small accident. I will repair that in two days! Next week I will be in Austria, so I probably 1) will have very little vegan food besides pasta and bread = terrile diet 2) only walking as an exercise, and as my teachers are morbidly obese, that seems to be in doubt as well. Wish I couldnt go, really. Well, after that Cycle 2 of my cutting will begin!
  12. 01/03/08 Cardio: 12 mins Interval Training on the treadmill, 8/12 Weights: Bench press, 20 kg, 2x12, 30 kg 2x6 Biceps curls: 9kg, 3x8 Triceps isolated: 8-9-10 kg, 3x8 Pectorals: 9-10-12-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 Shoulders: 9-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-4 Back Compound: 8-9-10 kg, 3x12 Squats: 30 kg 2x12, 40 kg 2x6 Most of this green is probably cause I didnt do nearly as much cardio as I do during the week. But I felt like making a higher standard for myself to beat than the reddish last days program I changed the reps on the shoulder exercise again, as it felt simply easier wih those I had been training with.
  13. Thanks for the input and advice I received for my latest post Well, I do hope the red exercises will be as rare as possible, but I am a pessimist at heart, so I felt like adding the color for that as well. BTW, the two red exercises of last time were done worse partly because I (ignorantly) thought isolated exercises would be good for my strength as well. I informed myself somehow in this last month, learning from scratch about what is actually useful and what is gibberish, so I got mostly input that curls and the like just get you a good body for display. While not disliking the idea I think that the decreasing reps (six and four) would not have done much anyway, so I cut the exercise to only three reps of 8. I couldnt manage a whole series of 8 of 12 kg, when I was used to have four reps with that, so I cut that weight off. Was I misinformed, or would the change of reps bring me worse results? I guess I should have informed myself sooner, but I definitely intend on going to the gym with the thought of growing better no matter what! Im planning my second "stage" more thoroughly. I will post a planned schedule tomorrow.. 29/02/08 Cardio day 12 minutes HIIT on the treadmill diff.8/12. (Some of told me daily interval training would tire my heart and generally bring little results and bad health; what would your opinion be? I prefer it much over jogging at a definite pace.) 30 minutes elliptical cyclette, diff 5/12 Going to hit the gym now!
  14. Ops, skipped a day. Well, it wasnt much to begin with. Oh, and from now on things in red are stuff worse than the previous week, and green means I got better with the exercise. New ex. are blue. 27/02/08 Cardio: 2x 12 min HIIT treadmill (diff. 8/9 out of 12) 28/02/08 Bench press, 20 kg, 2x10, 30 kg 2x6 Biceps curls: 8 kg, 3x8 Triceps isolated: 7-8 kg, 3x8 (prefer to keep isolated exercises 3x8 for now.) Pectorals: 8-9-10-12-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-6-4 Shoulders: 8-10 kg, 3x8 (as before) Back Compound: 7 kg, 3x12 Squats: 20 kg 2x10, 40 kg 2x6 Cardio: 2x 12 min HIIT treadmill (diff. 8/8 out of 12) 50 mins jogging with a really slow pace, actually more for the sake of talking.
  15. Well, we have BF calculators now, and I think thats more of a reasnable way to tell if you are healthy or not.
  16. Does it apply for dead celebs as well? In that case, Joe Strummer.
  17. Right - and dont forget mercury from the daily tuna, that must work wonders for health as well. But I wouldnt blame it on their high BMI, anyway.
  18. Never heard anything good for BMI. Basically, its a method made for people who do not practise sports where a certain bulk is requested. And I think the heart can adapt fairly well to a change of body mass - I heard of people regenrating 75 percent of their heart that was dead tissue, getting it some stronger shouldnt be a worry. Interesting, though: do BBers and weightlifters usually suffer for heart disease?
  19. Okay, the good news is that now I have a wonderful idea for the title, but its after three pages of logging I bought myself as a gift for the first month of training the accu measure (BF counter). Now, I know that, in my constitution, most of my bf is stored in my belly and upper legs anyway... but reading 21 percent BF really was discouraging today. Since I began with 2 kg more, it seems I had around 24 percent to begin. So, now this blog shall be titled "From 24 to 9 percent!" Lets give this day some optimism.. 26/02/08 Bench press, 20 kg, 2x10, 30 kg 2x6 Biceps curls: 9-7 kg, 3x8 Triceps isolated: 7-8 kg, 3x12-10-8-6 Pectorals: 8-9-10-12-14 kg, 3x12-10-8-6-4 Shoulders: 8-12 kg, 3x10-8-6-4 Back Machine: 30-35-40 kg, 12-10-8 Squats: 20 kg 2x10, 40 kg 2x6 Going to add: Compound back exercise next time. Cardio: 2x12 mins (30 sec pause) Interval training on the treadmill, diff 8/12 (1.9 km each) 1x30 min elliptical cyclette (10 km, doing it interval- like)
  20. Cardio day - 25/02/08 Elliptical Cyclette: 30 minutes diff.5/12 Treadmill: 12 minutes Interval Training, diff.8/12 Jogging for about 30 minutes, easy going
  21. While I am not that hardcore on videogames, The Movies is fantastic!
  22. " I dont eat animals or animal products" "Oh, dont be silly. Thats chicken!" Probably the scariest, and most frequent, conversation I have.
  23. Well, we didnt have winter to begin with, offense. Beside the fact it didnt snow for about six years here, I never really needed as much as a pullover under my jacket for the whole time this year! It was freaky - I rememer playing snowballs and having to go out with heavy clothes on when I was a little kid. I dont want to know how it will be ten years from now... I always thought Sweden to be a nice place to live, sometime on. Dont ask me why, I really never rationalized it, but I play with the thought from time to time. 23/02/08 - Month 2, day 2 Calisthenics day - Gyms closed. Not too bad, I managed half an hour of exercise anyway. 3x15 push ups 3x10 Hindu push ups (working on the form still...) 3x50 Hindu squats (when I manage 4x50 I will just try 100 in a row) 2x30 sec Wall Chair (after the squats..) 2x1min Wall Chair
  24. Hey, thanks! And yay for ninjas! Any kind of training is awfully new to me by now. My only sport was some basketball as I was a kid, and I think there as been 5 years and more since that - thus my actual "weights" I got the Hindu squats and push ups from an ebook I found in another fitness forum. Hope its legit, if not Robert can delete it: http://rapidshare.com/files/81770638/Matt_Furey_-_Combat_Conditioning.pdf.html Its made up great, I think. Beside the three basic exercises, it has an awesome amount of incredibly difficult ones for when you master them (like, pushups as standing with a single hand) and it can make for a nice alteration iin a routine. It focuses a lot on strength rather than bulk, which is fine for me by now. Hindu squats also work on building strength, appearantly - target should be around 250 reps. I still havent tried them long enough to see whether it works, but the legs surely do burn after a series. Thanks for the feedback, its always nice to know someone more expert is reading through the log from time to time! 22/02/08 Cardio: 12 minutes Interval training on the treadmill, diff 8/12. Pointing to make it 24 minutes next time. 30 minutes of cyclette, diff 5/12. Abs: 3x8 crunches, inclined bench 2x50 Hindu squats 10 Hindu pushups. Now I understood that my feet should begin with the whole plant on the pavement I hardly get to two before I feel like screaming... Trying Wall Walking as a substitute for the Bridge in the 3 calisthenics. Still too weak even for that, but i will get to! Need some gloves, or my wall will become black.
  25. One month of gym! Rewarding me with a postrock concert tonight. Cardio:30 mins of cyclette, diff 5/12 (alternating an intense minute with a easier one) 12 minutes of intense interval training on the treadmill, diff 9/12! Weights: Bench press, 20 kg, 2x10, 30 kg 2x6 Biceps: 8 kg, 2x8, 7 kg 1x8 Triceps: 7-8 kg, 3x12-10-8-6 Pecs: 8-12 kg, 3x12-10-8-6 Shoulders: 8-10 kg, 3x10-8.6 Back Machine: 25-30-35 kg, 12-10-8 Squats: 10 kg 2x10 (really easy, but got to get form right!), 20 kg 2x6
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