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  1. As many that used to be made fun of for their round belly, visible abs will be.. Quite an accomplishment and a feature to be proud of.
  2. Cardio: 12 minutes interval training on the treadmill (diff. 8/12), then a 24 minutes run with alternated high pendency/slow speed and flat pendency and higher speed. More fun than the usual cyclette for sure. 2x15 hindu squats, form even worse. The second series I tried while locking my feet with the wall - legs and feet shouldnt move, or? As I couldnt do any more I ended with 1x15 normal ones. 2x50 hindu squats. Think I am getting the hold of them... But between treadmill and this, it hurts like hell when I finish.
  3. While I have copied the text to read it slowly and with more care than I just did, the place and idea do seem wonderful. And, while I dont like speaking of anarchy as a "lifestyle", I definitely grew up on Kropotkin and Bookchin, politically speaking - to answer the titles question
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  5. I count, but on days I end up with about 100 calorie less than I wanted to I just make my carb/prot/fat percentage and eat morefruit and veggies. Its quite hard to overdo on those.
  6. I was convinced I had no changes until now - after all, I am awfully new to weight training, as you might have noticed Now I am convinced somethings moving. I have read of a couple exercises not needing any weights, and stretching in a couple of ebooks I found. Until now I always thought of myself as both a lazy ass and a natural born procrastinator, but now I am following them daily naturally, as if my mind is adapting to the "routine" idea. And thats not bad for a beginner.
  7. 19/02/08 12 mins of interval trainng on treadmill, diff. 5/12. Quite easy, proaly going with 7-9 next time. 45 mins of cyclette 2x50 hindu squats (short term goal is 100) 2x10 hindi push ups, with a really bad form. (short term goal 25) Trying to make some stretching out of a Tsatsouline book as well.
  8. Lol. The article even states soy is a cause of obesity.
  9. Cardio: 45 mins cyclette, diff. 5/12 Weights: Bench press, 20 kg only, 2x12, 2x10 Biceps: 8 kg, 2x8, 7 kg 1x8 Triceps: 7 kg, 3x10 x2 arms Pecs: 9-10 kg, 3x12-10-8 Shoulders: 8 kg, 3x10 Back Machine: 25-30-35 kg, 12-10-8 plus new: squats (FINALLY!) with no weight to learn a good form. From wednesday on I got that covered plus: 50 hindi squats 5 hindi push ups (shoulders hurt quite, ya know) Tried a bridge with hand support, but its beyond me. Need to buy a soft mattress of sort.
  10. I noticed as much. Sadly, it doesnt seem to last for most people - probably since they are lacking actual goals, or reasons beside the tv-induced hysteria. Still, if a couple stay on the veggie side, thats already a victory for us
  11. xSkotx


    Welcome to the forums I really doubt 37 can be considered "old age" for what regards building muscle. If you need motivation, I happened to see a dvd called"fit over 40" by Venuto - while you dont belong in the demographic, some of the people used as role models seem inspiring enough - It includes a 74 years old, now competing in bodybuilding, who previously had an enormous amount of dead tissue in his heart. While I am not suggesting you to buy it or advertising it, it seems to be a good guide to exercise after your twenties, and I like the authors method. Of course, probably some of the not so young in the forum will likely e as much of help as the video, so why pay for it? Edit: and btw, you have a good starting point already! No sens in being anything but posi, Id say.
  12. You look definitely bigger in the newer photos you have posted btw! You can see a helluva work behind it!
  13. I dont know if I can explain this in english, but wouldnt a script asking for confirmation from an email (clicking on a link automatically sent by the server) be more accurate than a capsha? Myspace does use it, but its flooded with spam.. Anyway, the spam is actually somehow funny - its always worth a laugh seeing "How 2 enlarge your p3n1s size" in the body building section
  14. I just found out that the World/Inferno Friendship Society is the best IMO to go to lift weights. Relaxed enough to let you go with your own rhythm, but with a fantastic energy. They are somewhere between punk rock, swing, circus music, nonsense and orchester. Nuff said.
  15. Saturday is always the worst day when training. Cardio: 45 mins of cyclette, diff 5/12 Abs on bench, straight: 3x12 Abs suspended, legs straight: 3x8
  16. Working on and on, I convinced my gyms trainer to go on and introduce me to the bench presses and squats. I added the first today, with a ridiculous weight even for me to get my form right. And, it was a school free day, so I am fine in the end. 15/02/08 Cardio: 45 mins jogging, alternating speed from 6.0 to 9.0 km/h. Didnt actually believe I could do it, and my legs hurt as hell as I ran, so I stopped twice to do some stretching. But I managed it, and the machine has a sweet heartbeat reader, so I could check to stay about at 150. Weights: new: Bench press, 10 kg only, 4x12 Biceps: 7/8 kg, 3x8 Triceps: 7/8 kg, 3x12-10-8 Pecs: 10 kg, 3x12-10-8 Shoulders: 8-9 kg, 3x12-10-8 Back Machine: 25-30-35 kg, 12-10-8
  17. Weòò, Id say that the NYT either looked for such douchebags to use words as "unenlightened", or just put those words in their mouths. Either way, they fail.
  18. While some (horrily tasting) soy based ice cream and joghurt is coming around here in italy, I can relate! Welcome!
  19. I am standing with you. For the brief time I ve been around, this seems one of the best fora to visit regularly, and one of the least flame-like. Lets just agree to disagree, from time to time. Just my 2 cents.
  20. Skipped my weights - St. Valentine and on and on, I was just way too late on the gym. Will do tomorrow, but I hope I can find a way to let school, exams, girlfriend and gym work into 24 hours. As for my diet, today was quite negative as well; she came prepared with vegan candies and I couldnt say no - while I did check the information sheet on nutrients, which left me wanting I never did. Now Im dead tired, and my jaw has begun hurting badly for some reason. No posi day Cardio: 45 mins on cyclette, diff.5/12 I usually set some goals as doing cardio, to make every time more of an effort than a bore. In a single week I have passed from 14 to 15,4 km in my usual time. Next stop 15,5.
  21. Seems like allergic reaction to it; at least, its pretty similar to a friends reaction to lactose, from what she says.
  22. 13/02/08 Cardio day, almost easy going now. Maye I ll add to the difficulty again... 45 mins of cyclette, diff. 5/12 3x12 abs on a straight bench 3x8 on the bent bench
  23. Alternating almost every five seconds or so... My rain is confused aout itself as well
  24. G.I.S.M. - Performance of war lp Joy Division - discography Gorilla Biscuits - Start today lp And a lot of italian punk...
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