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  1. I agree about the weight training, hs. There are actually three cross training days incorporated into the routine. I might do one upper body day and one lower body day and one day on the punching bag. Potter, I like the way you think . I think a 10K would be doable. I've been running with my girlfriend who's in great shape but more at a 5K place right now. I actually think the 5K would be a little too easy for me. I may do the 5K training with her in the morning and add the cross training to make up for the laid-back morning run. I'd also like to find a way to weigh myself down a bit for the run. A conditioning vest is kind of expensive, and I would think a backpack would be a little hard on the back. Any ideas? Mike
  2. That would such a cool way to spend a couple of months. Imagine all of the sights a person would see during that trip. Potter, you seem pretty hardcore. I have a feeling you'd skip the motels and just catch quick cat naps while riding. Mike
  3. I bet a full carbon would be great for racing. What would that weigh 5 pounds or so? You've really got me interested in cycling. Are there any web sites (besides this forum) that you'd recommend for a neophyte who wants to learn how to train for a short race? I'm thinking of switching off between training for running and cycling. The only exercise I've gotten in the past couple of years has been in the weightroom, so I'm really interested in getting out and doing different types of activities. Thanks again for all of your help. I've never had a chance to talk with a cyclist, so it's really cool to have an opportunity to learn. Mike
  4. Uh, oh... I don't think I can name all of the grains. I actually pick up a bag of 7-grain "cereal" from my local health food store. It looks like uncooked oatmeal. I know it includes sunflower seeds, oats and maybe millette. I'll get back to you next time I go to the store. If I space it (which I've been known to do), please PM me so I don't forget. One thing I didn't mention is Ezekiel bread. I love that stuff. It has a bunch of grains that end up forming a complete source of protein. Tastes great too, but I wouldn't put it in a shake if I were you. I actually did that once and it was horrible . By the way, you mentioned having some trouble quoting. No worries; I think we all do from time to time. When you hit quote, you'll see a beginning (quote) and an end (quote). If you just type your response under the end quote, you'll be fine. I think the prob is that you're posting within the quote . You'll get it. Mike
  5. I agree about the warm-up and cool down. They suck, but not as bad as an injury. I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I hope you're able to get out and enjoy those sunrises again soon. This is way off-topic, but I notice you're from Portland. What's up with all the vegans in Oregon? I think you guys outnumber the omnis. I may have to move there one day. Mike
  6. Under 14 pounds?!? Sweet. I wouldn't mind carrying something like that up my stairs. If I remember correctly, my old bike is pretty heavy and awkward. I also remember it being really slow, but that could have just been the rider . So, do you always prefer bikes built with carbon or are there time when you might want a heavier bike? Mike
  7. Ralph, you are a curling machine! Good luck with the 10's. One day, I'll look at this post and see, "Well, I curled 75 pounds for 10 minutes..." Mike
  8. Thanks for all of your help, everybody . After reading everyone's suggestions, I decided that I would find a serious schedule instead of screwing around for twenty minutes a day. I found some great plans on the Runner's World site. They have a beginner and intermediate 5K plan. Each plan is 5 weeks long so that gives me 10 weeks of scheduled training. I'd also like to do some cross training with cycling in the future, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Speaking of getting ahead of myself, after training for 10 weeks for the 5K( and hopefully finding a 5K to run in), should I find a plan for a 10K? Mike
  9. It would be very cool to ride from coast to coast, Ralph. How long do you think the trip would take? Mike
  10. I'm really sorry to hear about that. It's sad how a holiday can be so special and happy for some people but so painful and difficult for others. I'm glad you and your roommates are okay. Mike
  11. Welcome!!! Is there a big vegan community in Hungary? Mike
  12. Welcome!!! I'm pretty new here as well. I think you'll like this group. The members are some of the coolest people I've ever "met." For food, everyone has given great suggestions. I like to make a smoothie out of whole grains, peanut butter, flax seeds, fruit and soymilk. Good source of nutrients, quick/easy calories and doesn't taste half bad either. Mike
  13. Ah, ha! So maybe that's her secret. She's just making people think she's incredibly strong. Well, starting tomorrow, I'm going to stop giving her my lunch money. I'm just kidding around. She's actually really cool. I'll have to ask her about the carbon. Here's hoping there's a little carbon on mine .
  14. LMAO! I almost did, but I'm kinda getting used to it. After I heard about the actor's death, I took a shower. As I was coming out of the shower, my girlfriend came through the front door; it scared the crap out of me. I got so startled that I almost screamed like a little kid. Mike
  15. Awesome I glad you took the time to see her site. Do you have a steel frame. It must be freaking heavy to haul it up three stories. I'm not sure yet. It's a pretty cheap bike, so who knows what it's made out of . It's actually still at my parent's house, so I need to pay them a visit so I can bring it back and start riding. (I just moved to a new apartment so they were cool enough to store some of my stuff for me. My piano is still over there, too. I didn't want to haul that up three flights of stairs.) I'll let you know how the long bike haul goes. There's a lady who lives on the second floor; she's really tiny but she hauls her bike up the stairs like it doesn't weigh a pound. I'm pretty much terrified of her. Mike
  16. Bummer. I missed this thread yesterday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY POTTER!!! I'm sorry about the delay . Mike
  17. It's been my experience that vegans tend to be an open-minded bunch, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has had any bizarre dream experiences. I have a bunch but the one that really sticks out in my mind happen about a week ago: I was at work and an old lady kept calling and asking for Martin. I would say sorry, he's not here and hang up, and she would call back again asking for the same guy. Right before I was about to leave my office, she called back and asked for Martin again. Before I could respond, she said, "This is Ellen Brody. I'm coming for you." Then I woke up. Here's where things get weird. Ellen Brody was a character in the movie Jaws. Martin Brody was her son in the movie. The actor who played Martin Brody died a few days later. I'VE NEVER SEEN THE MOVIE JAWS! I'm still weirded out, because this type of thing has happened for almost my whole life, but especially in the last year. It's bizarre. So, does anyone else have any freaky dreamin' experiences? Mike
  18. Totally right-brained. I can't make her switch directions no matter how hard I try. I really wasn't surprised, though. I can't imagine myself being any other way. I actually chose a math-intensive grad major to help develop my left-brain a bit more. I guess it's not working for me, yet . Mike
  19. Thanks for the advice, Pamela. I've heard the same thing about running on the heel, with no disrespect to Potter of course. Different methods work for different people. I think I'll try to land mid-foot, at least until I can train myself to stop pushing off with my toes. (Oddly enough, I've found that I actually do that when driving as well.) If I slow way down like you both advised, do you think there's any problem with running 6 days per week alternating between interval training and steady-pace running? Even with the HIIT, I would still be moving at a more laid-back pace. I think I may already be addicted. I love how running in the morning improves the way I feel throughout the entire day. 25K is VERY impressive. I hope I can catch up to you one day . Mike
  20. Thanks for the link, Tasha. She seems awesome! What a reasonable price, too. If I ever get really serious about cycling and find myself in the BC area, I may just have to pay her a visit . A week ago, I was convinced that cycling would completely ruin my back so I decided I wouldn't do it at all. If not for everyone's help, I may have missed out on something very cool. I think I'll dust off my old bike and try to get it fixed up for riding. (The only problem now is hauling it up to the third floor where I live. It's all good; I'll get more exercise that way.) Mike
  21. Thanks, VP! You're a wealth of knowledge . I've always had a tendency to run on the balls of my feet. That, coupled with the fact that I run like I'm being chased by a pack of wolves, could explain my toe/foot pain. I'll slow things down and focus on my form. You mentioned that I should shoot for 60+ minutes of low intensity running. At this point, I'm really just running for the health benefits and can only fit about 20 minutes a day into my schedule for cardio. Do you think I would be alright running for only 20 minutes a day if I upped the intensity a bit (not at full blast like I had been doing but enough to compensate for the shorter duration)? How do you feel about something like this for me: Sun: HIIT running Mon: steady jog Tue: HIIT running Wed: steady jog Thur: HIIT running Fri: steady jog Sat: punching bag Each day would only be 20 minutes. Thanks again for your help on this and other threads Mike
  22. Thanks, Josh! I'm glad you offered that suggestion about saddle height and the knees. My knees have been kinda screwy since I was a kid, so I'll do anything to make things a little easier on them. Oh well, it hasn't stopped me from doing squats. I do kind of like the idea of looking goofy when I ride, though . Mike
  23. Aw thanks so much What type of bike are you riding? Well, it's been a couple of years since I've gone for a ride. All I have now is a ten speed (maybe five speed) that probably came from a department store . I thought it would be good to talk with you all before I made a purchase. I'm a bit strapped for cash these days (grad school expen$e$), so do you think a local bike shop might be able to make adjustments to my current bike to make it ride a little better. Thanks, again! Mike
  24. Thanks, Tasha It's very encouraging to receive support from such accomplished cyclists. I'm trying to learn about as many different types of training as I can, so it's really cool to be able to get advice from athletes in various sports. I love this forum! Mike
  25. It's funny you mention that, Troy. After I submitted that post, I thought, "Man, I actually do like a lot of that stuff." Between you and me, and anyone else who comes across this on the Internet, Journey is actually one of my favorite bands. There was just so much heavy music being listed that I had to throw in a few of the more "mellow" bands and artists. You bring back some very cool memories by mentioning "All Night Long." I used to rock out to that when I was a kid. Mike
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