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  1. Journey, Celine Dion, Lionel Ritchie, and Britney, of course Britney. Seriously, though, I have to admit the nothing beats "Eye of the Tiger" for me. Speaking of which, your new avatar looks good Zack, but there's a part of me that will miss the Rocky image. Mike
  2. Right on! I have great respect for artists of all types (and it looks like you are an artist of "all types"). I can barely draw stick figures . I just got to thinking, since you're handling the HIIT so well, you could do what I usually do for my high-intensity cardio: 5 minute warm up 10 sets of HIIT (ten minutes) 5 minute cool down 20 minutes and you're done! I would only do that much if you're completely comfortable with it, though. I wouldn't do any more than 10 sets. I really wouldn't recommend anyone doing more than ten sets. Mike
  3. Hey, I've got another question for my fellow veggie fitness freaks. I've recently taken up running and am enjoying it more than any other form of exercise I've ever done. I have a couple of questions, though: 1) I typically run as hard as I can for a half hour. Is there any problem with doing this on consecutive days or even every day? 2) I have this annoying habit of pushing the big toe of my right foot into the ground to help push my foot back up when I'm running. I think it's responsible for the soreness I feel in my toes and upper foot. Does anyone have any tips on how I can break this habit, or what might be causing me to do this? Thanks Mike
  4. Thank you both for the advice. Those long-distance rides sound like a blast. You guys are hardcore! Mike
  5. You're very welcome, man. I think you're wise to ask questions before jumping into anything. When I started working out, I wasted a lot of time doing unproductive workouts because I didn't know where to get good advice. Thank God I didn't hurt myself! I hope that DVD works out for you; it sounds brutal . I'd probably do it on Saturday since it's your first time trying it out. The extra resistance on the bike sounds like a good idea. Otherwise, you might pedal so fast that sparks start flying . This is off-topic, but what is b3 studios? I only ask because I'm a guitarist, so my ears perk up when I hear the word studios. Mike
  6. Whenever I see people riding bicycles, it looks like their lower backs are rounded and their kind of in a hunched over position. So, I'm wondering if any of the cyclists on this forum have ever experienced any lower back pain or feel that cycling isn't good for the lower back. I have a friend who used to go on long (all-day) biking excursions and his lower back is really screwy now, but that could be from other things as well. I'm curious because I'd really like to incorporate cycling into my training, but I'm paranoid about ruining my back. Mike
  7. Well, B3, you're gonna hate me for saying this but if you feel you can do 30 seconds of high intensity cardio with only 30 seconds rest, you're not moving fast enough during the first 20 seconds. The idea of HIT (or HIIT as it's also called) is to reach a level of exertion that is so intense that it can't be maintained for very long. So, if you're moving at 7 miles and hour during the first twenty seconds and you feel like you could do 30 seconds, then you should up the speed to 8 miles an hour. You might also be careful not to be too laid back during the 40 seconds of low intensity. You want to reduce your speed to about half (give or take) the speed you were doing during the intense 20 second phase. As far as the DVD, that sounds awesome. If the calisthenics leave you tired in a cardio kind of way but don't leave your muscles hurting the next day, I would say do it on Saturday so you have an extra day of rest before training on Monday. If the calisthenics seem to really work your muscles, I would lower body on Monday, upper body on Wednesday and the DVD on Friday- with cardio done on the off-days. Have fun ! Mike
  8. Thanks, Robert! This is a really great forum. Seeing that many vegans are living athletic lifestyles (contrary to the ridiculous misconception that vegans are tired and malnourished) really helped me decide that veganism could work for me. Had it not been for you and this forum, I would have been much more reluctant to become a vegan. Mike
  9. I agree that B-12 supplementation is vital for veggies. That doesn't mean our diet is deficient; omnis have to supplement, too (with heart medication, Viagra, etc.) All joking aside, I read a study that stated, while many vegans were found to be deficient in four nutrients, many omnis were found to be deficient in around seven. So, I don't buy into the argument that vegan diets are deficient any more than omni diets are. Does anyone here know if there is a danger in getting too much B-12? Mike
  10. I recently found out that a health food store in my town has been using the same carts to transport and unload raw meat that they use to transport and unload produce without properly disinfecting the carts! Although the produce is contained in boxes, much of the produce still falls out onto the cart. As a vegan, I obviously try to keep my fruits and veggies away from meat but that's beside the point. What about the bacteria that could be spread from the uncooked meat to the cart to the produce? I emailed the local health department. I'm considering posting the phone number of the store and the local health department on this forum, but I want to act cautiously. I don't want my anger to cause me to make bad decisions regarding this matter. I'll keep you posted. Mike
  11. Darn it, Robert! I'm trying to do some work at the computer and you keep coming with these great threads that I can't help but respond to . Here are my offerings: 1) "Life isn't about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself." I have that put up in my exercise room. 2) "What is the most universal human characteristic: fear or laziness?" This is from my favorite movie, Waking Life. It seems pessimistic at first glance, but it makes one think about all of the great things that people miss out on because they are either afraid of negative consequences or are just being lazy. Whenever I'm thinking of turning down a challenge or opportunity, I ask myself if I'm allowing my potential to be be limited by fear or laziness. Mike
  12. Actually, if I may bend the rules a bit, I'd like to say something nice about Sir Veganism as well, since I just noticed that Paulcat02's post was a reply to what SV said. I appreciate the fact that Sir Veganism is an independent thinker and is not afraid to be open and honest. He made a comment about protein consumption in another thread that went against the grain of what many others (especially bodybuilders) believe, and I think that shows a great deal of inner strength and is very admirable. Okay, I'll stop monopolizing the thread now... Mike
  13. I admire Paulcats02 for the thought-provoking, philisophical perspective he offers in his posts. In the short time I've been a member of this forum, I feel that I've already learned from Comrade Paul (Pavel reference, not political). Mike
  14. Mike


    Kero said:"My dad teased me a lot about it when I first went vegetarian at 7 years old, and I remember that he had once bought some ducks at that time (they were not plucked or anything, just regular dead ducks) he hung them at our porch so I had to see those dead ducks everday, maybe he thought it would be a lesson "animals are for eating" or something like that. I looks as if his plan backfired . My dad always used to take me hunting, probably for the same reasons. I wonder if he ever found it odd that I had great aim when shooting at cans or targets but always seemed to "accidentally" miss when shooting at animals .
  15. I'm pretty new here, so I had to check out some of Tuc's old posts to get to know him better. I swear I'm not stalking you Here are two things I'd like to give Tuc props for: 1) His upper lats and back are becoming very well-defined. 2) The guy can moonwalk, and that is very cool. Mike
  16. Mike


    I think it's awesome that you were interested in veganism at such young ages (7 and 17) and have been able to maintain your compassionate eating habits for 10 years. I come from a family of big-time meat eaters, and even when I was a kid there seemed to be something weird about eating animals. It seems odd to pet and hand-feed a pig at the petting zoo and then eat bacon the next morning. Most people obviously wouldn't eat the family dog or cat, but it seems perfectly normal for them to eat another living being with just as much personality and feelings, simply because they never met it while it was living. Sorry about the rant, but your intro showed that in many ways kids have an inherent wisdom that many adults can learn from. Welcome to the group!!!
  17. I get that too! Do you have sinus issues? For me, I have sinus probs, so any change in pressure (decline situps, lying down) causes that type of feeling for me (like a nasal passage is being blocked). When I stand up, it goes away rather quickly. This happens to me in hot showers as well. A humidifier seems to help me. Also, drinking something cool helps. You might also try putting peppermint oil on your upper lip before bed. I would do so sparingly, because it seems to lose its effectiveness after a while. This happens before you start falling asleep, right? If that feeling happens as you're falling asleep and is accompanied by a feeling that you can't move your body, that's sleep paralysis. It doesn't sound like this is the case, but I thought I'd ask.
  18. I don't think there's anything inherently bad about soy protein isolate in moderation. It just seems to me that the quality of a nutrient is diminished when it goes through the process of being isolated. Bananas are a great source of potassium, but why take the potassium out of the banana when you could just eat a banana and get all of the other nutrients the fruit contains? I'm a little concerned about a completely soy-based diet. I'm more in favor of getting your protein from as many vegan sources as possible (grains, legumes, etc.). For shakes, you could also use some other types of protein (rice comes to mind but it's not as complete as soy). Maybe you could have one or two soy protein shakes for convenience, but snack on convenient high-protein foods throughout the day as well (ex. nuts, Ezekiel bread is actually pretty cool, because it's a complete source of protein). I think soy and soy protein isolate are fine, but I try to avoid getting too much of any one source. You guys are making me hungry .
  19. Personally, I think you'd be better off cutting back on the soy protein isolate and, instead, making shakes out of whole grains. Throw a good (complete protein) mix of grains in a blender along with some soy milk, fruit and peanut butter you've got yourself a delicious, well-rounded source of protein. I have concerns about soy protein isolate as a predominate source of protein. It's not the soy I'm worried about; any kind of isolate, in my opinion, should be used sparingly because it isn't a whole food. Happy bulking!
  20. Congrats on hitting 9 minutes! As far as the one-arm tricep extensions, it's completely safe. You can also do kickbacks, but I prefer the extensions. I would just google them and you'll find tons of decriptions that should make the exercise easy to incorporate. At this rate, you'll have arms that can work for hours. Maybe you should look into becoming a boxer. Mike
  21. Oh, thank goodness. When I first saw this thread it scared the flax out of me . I typically grind up a teaspoon in my morning shake, but I may just increase my intake to one tablespoon every morning. I agree about whole foods. I think bad things tend to happen when we start extracting bits and pieces of good foods. Thanks, raven!
  22. Hey! I know this an old thread, but what an amazing transformation! Congratulations!!!!! At first glance, I thought it was a picture of you next to your personal trainer. Then I noticed the "personal trainer" was also you. Wow! Very cool.
  23. At the risk of seeming a little slow on the uptake, is there any perceived danger with ground up flax seeds or are we talking about just the oil. I grind the seeds up and immediately mix them into my morning smoothie. (Mmm, that sounds good right now. I can't wait 'til tomorrow morning!) Mike
  24. Avi Lehyani: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_avi I came across this interview and it made my day. Avi is approaching 50 and looks stronger and in way better shape than people much younger. It's all about longevity. Plus, I was happy to see that he and I share the same beliefs about supplementation, protein consumption, etc. The next time one of my non-vegan friends says vegans are weak, I'll refer them to the above link. Thanks to Robert for putting this on the site. What an inspiration!
  25. Oh, no! I took it and it said I was 117!! I'm only supposed to be in my 20's! Just kidding. I haven't taken it, but my girlfriend has. She was raised vegan (and still is) and her RealAge is much less than her calendar age. It appears vegans have found the fountain of youth. Mike
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