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  1. I like Bill's take on this subject, but I also like Potter's political stabs . When I made the comment about following the money trail, what I meant to say was that, if politics are involved, most likely these politics are in some way influenced by financial interests. That doesn't mean that politics are necessarily involved at all. In various sports and in other aspects of life, it seems that a lot of people automatically cry "politics" or "no fair," if they lose or don't succeed. They don't take reponsibility for the fact that maybe they just plain weren't as good as the competition. If these same people would have won, they would not be crying "politics" or "no fair" on behalf of those they defeated. They would be taking credit for their accomplishment. You can't have it both ways.
  2. Quick question for my runner friends: I usually run around the town square for my training (4 trips around = 1 mile). It takes me 8 minutes to walk from my home to the square. With the walk to and from the square, that gives me an 8-minute warmup and an 8-minute cooldown. Is 8 minutes enough for each, or should I try for a longer warmup and cooldown? My runs usually last about an hour, give or take. Mike
  3. Well, my friend, it looks like you're just going to have to quit your job. Just kidding . I think what you plan on taking tomorrow is great! Just spread it out through the day, so you aren't tired after lunch and starving by 4p. What I like to do is have a box of Clif bars in my area, so I can always have something to eat if I don't bring enough food. (You're better off with whole food, but Clif bars are better than nothing.) Some convenient snacks I like to bring along are tahini and jelly sandwiches, fruit, leftovers from last night's dinner,etc.. It may help to set a schedule, too. For me, I get to work at about 9:30am and leave at around 5:30pm, so I eat at 10a, 12p, 2p, and 4p. As far the amount goes, it shouldn't make you feel stuffed and bloated, just full enough to make it the next two hours. One sandwich, or perhaps one or two pieces of fruit should do it. You may not even need that much as long as you get full. The way I see it, smokers get smoke breaks; why can't you have snack breaks? If your boss gives you any trouble, just tell him/her you're hypoglycemic, even if you aren't . I actually cured my hypoglycemia when I was younger by switching to this type of eating schedule. Good luck. I think you are on the right track .
  4. Ditto on what beforewisdom said. There are a lot of training methods that focus on training the CNS to make your muscles lift more weight. What you can lift right now (depending on your level) is nowhere near what your actual muscles are capable of lifting if your body is trained properly. If gaining strength without size is your goal, you may want to check out some of Pavel's stuff (Power to the People is good). Also, the Westside Barbell method involves training your CNS quite a bit, including a focus on speed. Mike
  5. L/G, I love that idea about hiking ahead of a pack of mules. That sounds like a blast. Hearing about your hike and seeing those pics makes me want to get up and do the hike tomorrow! I'm looking forward to the vid. No worries, dontxhide; I get winded after a hard mile, too! The only way I can do anything more that a mile or two is to jog very, very slowly. I'm only focusing on distance as I prep myself for the 10K. If I focused on time, it would bum me out. I'm glad to hear you're back at it! HIIT is brutal . That's really cool that you're getting serious about running, HS! I'm already impressed by the improvement you've made. It looks like your on your way to making even greater gains in speed/distance. Have fun on those hills .
  6. Maybe you should try eating every two hours. It will give you the fuel you need to not be so tired, and it will keep your metabolism going throughout the day so you're constantly burning fat/calories and feeding your muscles. It would be one of the biggest favors you could do for yourself. Not to preach or anything ('cuz I hate when people do that), but if you don't eat much all day, you're body thinks it's starving and hangs on to fat. This could make a person "skinny-fat," small but flabby and with no muscle.
  7. JW, rafting in the Grand Canyon would be very cool. I've always wanted to try that. I lol'ed at work after reading your comment about falling down a canyon slowly. Good luck on that 5K, HS! After that 7 mile trip you took recently, 5K should be like a warm-up for you. I'm looking forward to hearing about you finishing the race in 25 min. Best of luck to you on your half marathon, runyogarun! We're rooting for ya . As a guy who's just starting out with running, it's cool to learn from such an experienced runner. L/G, that sunset run sounds awesome. One thing I love about running is that you get to enjoy so many things that you would have missed if you were just driving by. That's crazy about the twins! So people have actually been caught doing stuff like hailing taxis in the middle of marathons?? Wow! Congrats on outrunning the ranger's crew!
  8. Oh, man! I had my money on tin-tin, just going by the names. I'm sure it would be a much closer match between bananaman and tin-tin the VBBF forum member .
  9. Great avatar . I would love to hear your radio show. Is it on the Internet? Nice chops on the bass, man! My band is badly in need of a bassist,and you're better than anyone I've heard around here. Any chance you're considering moving to Prescott, Arizona ? Mike
  10. Welcome to the forum!! I like your response about not eaiting your friends. I think that's a great answer . Mike
  11. Welcome! So, just to help me get an idea of British culture., if Tin-Tin (the comic book hero) and Bananaman were to get into some sort of battle with eachother, who would win? Mike
  12. Welcome to the forum! I've enjoyed reading your posts in the "VBBF Runner's Support Group." Good luck in the NYC Marathon! Maybe you can get L/G to come with you . Mike
  13. Welcome to the group!! I think martial artists are often some of the most in-shape athletes around. I look forward to getting to learn about your training/diet/etc. Please don't hesistate to ask any questions Mike
  14. What a cool program! The prices seem very reasonable as well. I think it's great that your program is comprehensive. A lot of people only focus on one aspect of physical fitness (whether it's cardio, weight training,diet, etc.) and don't see results because they don't have the information to tie it all together. I'll definitely keep this in mind in case I meet anyone who is looking for such a service Mike
  15. I'm forming a band in Prescott, Arizona, and we are in need of a bassist and drummer. It seems all of the good ones in the area are taken or only play music with "cookie monster" vocals. So, this is a shot in the dark, but if anyone reading this is a drummer or bassist and is moving to the Prescott, Arizona area, let me know . By the way, this is a really cool section! In addition to the business/networking opportunities it provides, I find it interesting to see what other people on the forum are into. Mike
  16. That was awesome! The Samuel L. Jackson pics were perfect. I love the British accent; a British person could tell someone to go screw themselves and somehow sound very proper and polite about it.
  17. I really think you should check out "The Thrive Diet," the follow-up to "Thrive" by Brendan Brazier. I know it gets mentioned a lot around this forum, but it's for good reason. The book will teach you how to properly fuel your body so you have the energy to workout (and live happily) without gaining fat.
  18. Congrats on hitting 1000, DV!!! Your posts are always well thought out, respectful, full of supporting evidence/arguments and thought-provoking. Ever since you posted the bicep avatar, I've been a little afraid of you . Mike
  19. Jason, you are tough! That is a heavy weight for 51 reps, not that 51 reps of any weight wouldn't be intense. I'm sure you'll you'll have no problem hitting 225 x 20. At the rate you're going, maybe you could pull a Stephan Korte and squat 100 reps of 100 kilos . Best of luck getting to your goal . Mike
  20. Great pics, L/G! The green tint on your face in that first pic gives new meaning to your username . You're hardcore, man! Are you between a set of twins? That's awesome! Hopefully, someone took a picture at that very moment and you'll forever be a part of their photo album: "There's me to the left, and there's Martha...and there's that vegan guy who zipped past Martha and upchucked on the sidelines." Congrats again on doing such a great job in that race. Thanks for the tips about the GC hike. I'm very much looking forward to it. I get a little freaked out by heights as well, so that part should be a challenge. That's cool, though; I love a challenge . I like the idea about pacing myself against a mule pack. If things get too tough, maybe I can see if one those nice mules might give me a ride back to the top. It would be like a marathon runner hailing a taxi mid-race .
  21. Any chance you'll be in Northern Arizona in September, JW? It would be cool if you (or any of the other cool people from this group) could come along. Maybe you could pretend to be slower than you are, though, so I don't feel so out of shape .
  22. Woo-hoo! I'll be hiking the Grand Canyon in September! I missed the last GC hike, because I got sick for the first time in two or three years. There's also a 10K coming up in early September that I'd like to run. I'm thinking of scheduling my training like this over the summer: Mon: off Tue: hike Wed: LSD run Thur: hike Fri: LSD run Sat: kayaking Sun: biking And of course, abs in the morning and stretching in the evenings! By the way, I won't be insulted if you guys kick me off out of the "VBBF Runner's Support Group," and force me to form a jogger's/hikers support group.
  23. I think he should just run again, even though he's already served two terms. Why start worrying about the constitution now?? As far as politics in bodybuilding, if you want to know the reason why something is the way it is, just follow the money trail. Mike
  24. Have a wonderful birthday, Tanya!!!! Thank you for being such a great inspiration to Robert. You must be very proud of your little bro, and it's obvious that he is very proud of you. Perhaps you can join the forum, if only to tell us what Robert's nickname is . Happy Earth Day, too Mike
  25. That isn't a bad time at all, JW. Once you have the opportunity to train more consistently, I'm sure you'll get even faster. I am having a blast reading the trash-talking between L/G and runyogarun (cool name, too ). It's on now! I'm looking forward to reading about the rematch.
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