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  1. Right on, HS! That is great that you could reach a new distance, especially after being tired from your Body Pump class. I don't think that time is bad at all. Congrats!!! Mike
  2. Great minds think alike! Johnny Depp is a phenominal actor and seems to be a cool guy, too. It was totally meant as a compliment. I'm pretty sure that reference was from the thread where you were asking for advice about your fake 'stache for the upcoming party. After the party, you posted a description of your outfit.
  3. I don't think you'll have to worry about being chased around. Nobody wants to mess with The Vegan Hippie Gangsta . L/G, tear it up man! I'm looking forward to hearing how the race went. You should run the whole race with that fake mustache . Mike
  4. It's all good, Zack. The pimp jacket is faux fur, and it seems to work well faux parties, too. L/G, you've style, man. Like you mentioned in the other post, the first thing I thought of when I saw these pics was "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." It looks like that party was a blast!
  5. There's no turning back now, HS . I won't be surprised if you come back and post that you ran 7 instead of 6. I'm excited that my foot isn't hurting anymore. I can run again!! Just to play it safe, I'm kayaking tomorrow, cycling Sunday and I'll be running next week. I'm also setting aside a half hour every night for stretching/ab work, two very important things that I need to stop neglecting.
  6. It's just a minor league AZ Sundogs game. I'm actually not even sure who they're playing . Either way, it should be fun. I'll keep my nose open and try to get a whiff of the ice!
  7. I know the feeling. It drives me crazy when I have to take more than a couple of days off. I hope you can fit something in today or tomorrow. If not, seven days without exercise makes one weak. Congrats on the soccer league sign-up. That sounds like a lot of fun!
  8. That. Would. Be. AWESOME! You would have more time for your writing, and the profits from book sales could go toward your land tax. Maybe you could also sell some stuff at local farmer's markets. It would be cool if other creative people were there with you to increase the collective creative energy. Very cool!
  9. Happy Birthday, Lotus!!!! Your b-day fell on a Friday this year! How cool is that?
  10. It's cool that you've written your goals out. Many people have said that has greatly contributed to their succes in life. If it isn't too personal, maybe you could post some of those goals, so everyone can offer their advice based on what you want to achieve. (Just keep in mind that it is only advice and not the ultimate answer on how you should live your own life.) Based on what I've learned about you in this thread, it seems that writing is your passion. I think getting an English/Writing degree would not only help you get a better day job, but it will make your writing even better. Also, being a good writer is a huge advantage in any line of work. You don't have to be a teacher. With a writing degree, you could work in journalism, PR, fund development, and numerous other fields, while you work on your novels. It seems that there are fewer and fewer decent writers in any industry, so anyone who can write well is very much appreciated. I work in marketing, but my writing background has been a huge assett to me. Regarding money, have you considered distance education? It's a lot more affordable and seems to work well with writing degrees.
  11. Impressive transformation You almost look like a different person! As you add more muscle, be careful not to make yourself fat in the bulking process (unless that's your thing). I think it would be cool to keep doing cardio along with your weight training, so you can add muscle without losing your slim new look.
  12. Stress is a killer, literally. Are you into the Thrive Diet? I hear it's supposed to help your body deal with stress better to eliminate (or at least minimize) the types of probs you're having. I haven't read Thrive yet, but it should be arriving on my doorstep any day now!
  13. Thanks for the advice, Veggie Princess. Jason was kind enough to offer his help, and I'm sure he could create a much better site than me. I will check out google page creator for future reference, though. I know I like the price already .
  14. What is your passion? If going to college enables you to work in the career that you will enjoy and feel you were meant to do, then I say go for it. If you can do what you really want to do without college, don't bother. My only advice is don't go to college just to get a "good" job that you will be miserable doing. My real passion is music, but I enjoy writing almost as much and enjoy it enough to make a career out of it. So, I got an AA with an emphasis in music theory, a BS (fitting) in Professional Writing and am working on an MBA so I can figure out how to tie it all together in a successful manner. In my case, college has been worth the time/effort/cost. Good luck with your decision. If you trust your intuition, follow it and you'll be alright. Mike
  15. When I was training purely for strength, I only trained in the evening after work. I always heard that it can be hard on your lower back (and your body in general) to lift heavy in the morning. I'm more into endurance these days, so I don't lift heavy. Now, I do all of my training in the morning before work (or in the early afternoon on my days off). It feels great to start the day with that energy boost. I seem to sleep better at night as well.
  16. Sweet! I'm actually going to see a hockey game tonight. It's a playoff game, so here's hoping the intensity yields some nice fights. Potter, I've never met you or your bro, but I can totally picture someone in your family being that hardcore .
  17. Bummer, JW! Sometimes I guess it can be good to take a week off. I bet that once you get back into your routine, you'll be beating your old PB.
  18. To start with there is the article in the first post of this thread: viewtopic.php?t=11725&highlight= My bad, BW. I was looking around for raw food threads and must have accidentally missed this one . Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. I'm at the point now where I think maybe 80% raw would be a good way to go for me personally, but I could find out differently after doing more research.
  19. Jason, you rock man! Yeah, we're just looking for a simple static site. Basically, we're just looking to create a site that says who we are, how to contact us and what we do, so I don't think anything will need to be changed/updated.
  20. I'm trying to create a simple, one-page web site for a local non-profit. All of the companies in the area charge $300+ for web site creation, which is way out of our budget. Does anyone know if/how I could create a free simple web site? It would be cool if it didn't have that generic "template" look to it, but beggars can't be choosers . Mike
  21. BW, you seem to not be a fan of the raw diet. If so, it would very helpful to me personally if you could explain why. I've heard plenty of arguments for going raw, but not many against it. I've been thinking about moving toward a raw diet, and I'd like to hear both sides before jumping into it.
  22. Right on, DontxHide! I think it's very cool that you are still training your lower body while your shoulder heals. Injuries suck, but sometimes they can be a good excuse to change up one's training. HS, I'm glad to hear your back only hurt for a couple of days. Back pain can be scary. I'm still walking funny from my Achille's tendon prob, but it's getting better. (This is turning into the beaten-up runners support group . I'm far from injured, though. Just a little sore and being cautious.) Anyway, I did some high-rep weight training to force some blood through my body. I did 1 set of 50 reps for squats, SLDL's, overhead presses and bent-over rows. Man, it felt like every muscle in my body was on fire. After the workout, I felt like I had a runner's high. Good luck keeping up with your friend, L/G. Who knows? Maybe she'll have to work to keep up with you I'm going to dig into my mid-morning snack,mmm
  23. I'm really glad you posted this. It makes me angry and disappointed to read that any human being can sink to this level of cruelty, but it's important to spread the word. I actually forced myself to delete my rant about how they should publicly starve this guy, because I don't want to lower myself to his level.
  24. I'm sold Anything that can help me stretch my IT Band is great in my book. I tried to do that IT Band stretch where you stand up and cross your legs, and I almost fell into the wall . So, can that foam roller be used in place of conventional stretching? Maybe it would be cool to do that a couple times a week and other types of stretching (such as CRAC) on other days.
  25. Some day, after my first marathon, someone will ask me how I stay so flexible and injury-free. I'll tell them that I use CRAC. L/G, you always give such awesome, insightful advice. Those foam rollers sound cool, too. Thanks, man!
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