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  1. There's a seven-grain cereal I buy from the health food store in bulk that looks like a big bag of oats. I put that in a shake every morning. Is there a chance I might not actually be digesting the grains, or are you guys talking about something else? Mike
  2. This may not be a huge help, but my girlfriend's dad might have basic knowledge on setting up a web site. (It's hard for me to be sure if he has the knoweldge you're looking for, because I'm really not familiar with any of that stuff ). He's been a vegan for decades and has done some graphic design work making t-shirts. It might be worth having a conversation with him. If so, I'm not sure how you'd like to get in contact with eachother. If you would want to PM me your phone number, he could give you a call. If you're not comfortable with that, maybe he could email you? Mike
  3. I know what you mean. I agree that it's always refreshing when someone is willing to back up his or her argument, which DV and BD have done wonderfully through their own experiences. It's frustrating to see discussions in which people are so slavish to their beliefs that they aren't willing to accept the fact that they could be wrong or others could be right. It seems that sometimes the person with the "loudest" or most aggressive argument wins, regardles of the facts. I've really enjoyed this thread because that hasn't been the case with anyone here. I hope it didn't seem like I was calling you out; I just wanted to clarify so I know where everyone's coming from. Thanks for the explanation . Mike
  4. Beforewisdom, I may have misread your quote, but to me it seems as if you're insinuating that people who disagree with you don't know what they're talking about. Although I'm not into toxin cleansings and such, I think it's important to keep an open mind and be respectful of people with opposing viewpoints. There are some who would say we as vegans don't know what what we're talking about, because our beliefs are different. Mike
  5. Very cool! Vegetarianism is one step closer to veganism. I hope it works out well for him. Hopefully, with enough support from the vegan community, he will feel inspired to one day make the full transition. What's up with that part at the beginning where the writer says he doesn't eat meat, not even fish??? Dude, fish is meat. It's like when someone orders a chicken salad and says, "Oh yeah, I'm a vegetarian." Mike
  6. Hey Dani! Thanks for the intro. Great subject line . I had just woken up and sat down at the computer, when I read "I've been watching you. ":pale: Mike
  7. Potter, I think you must have been a cow in a past life- and I don't even believe in past lives . This is the third or fourth time I've seen you use a cow example in a post. That is a good point, though. As long as vegans eat the way humans were designed to eat (whole foods, not processed, yada yada), we would have all the nutrients we need. Mike
  8. Does it feel like muscle pain? Sometimes your shoulders might get worked a bit just by holding the weight up. And there's nothing wrong with that; it'll probably go away after you do the exercise a couple of times and you'll have stronger shoulders because of it . If the pain feels sharp and seems to hurt inside the socket, there might be something wrong. Of course, I'd be careful and keep an eye on things, but it seems to me that it would be hard (though not impossible) to hurt your shoulder doing this exercise. I would be more worried about the elbow. If that doesn't hurt, I think we're cool.Were you able to find a good description (maybe online) of how the exercise is performed, with pictures and such? Mike
  9. Some vitamin companies will give a separate indication of how much of the supplement is absorbed by the body compared to how much is in each tablet. In this case, there might be 325 mgs per tablet, but the body only absorbs 65 mgs. That does seem like an excessive amount of iron, but perhaps her doctor told her to take that much so she can load up on iron until her levels get back to normal. Maybe, like Potter mentioned, she has trouble absorbing or utilizing iron, so she needs to take much more than the DV. Mike
  10. Yeah, industry is the operative word there. cha ching. There's plenty of money to be had by profiting off of people's fears of illness. Mike
  11. That must be weird. I get kinda freaked out when I go to the dentist and he shoots water into my mouth. I'm glad it worked for you, though. I've heard people have great things to say about that stuff, but I don't think I could do it . Mike
  12. Thanks again, man! It will be nice to finally be able to work out without needing a calculator or Excel spreadsheet to figure out what I'm lifting. I would like to increase my work capacity by eventually adding another exercise per body part. I'm also toying with the idea of switching to a new exercise for the same muscle group when I start stalling. For now, like you said, I'm starting off with one just to get used to the program. I've always had a tendency to go all out and end up ruining a program by making it too demanding or too complex, so I'm trying to keep it simple and start out conservatively this time. I'll let you know how it goes Mike
  13. That's interesting about the parasites. Kind of creepy to think about, too. Do you think there's a danger in killing some of the good "bugs" in your body along with the bad (similar to antibiotics)? By the way, I don't want anyone to think I'm attacking these types of programs. I've been curious about them for a while, and I'm just trying to learn more by asking questions. Mike
  14. That's what I've always thought, though I'm always interested to hear from people who are into cleansing programs. It seems to me that water is nature's cleanser (assuming it's purified), and that it does just fine. That being said, I think it's possible that there might be certain herbs and such that could enhance the body's cleansing abilities. Mike
  15. Have you known anyone who's had success with the actual program in the book? From what I've observed, the book and the BFL challenge have inspired numerous people to improve their fitness levels, but it seems that all of the winners won the challenge using a completely different program. Don't get me wrong; I commend Bill Phillips for the positive impact he has made on people's lives. (If i'm not mistaken, I think the BFL challenge is what got Rob into bodybuilding, and look what that led to-besides the creation of this forum.) I'm just curious how the actual program has worked out for people. Mike
  16. In another thread VeganEssentials told me about a rep scheme, which I now refer to as the VeganEssentials 5x5. I think I've found a way to incorporate it into my training plan. Here's what I've come up with; any suggestions would be greatly appreciated : Mon am: Bent-over rows 5x5, working up to top set of 5 Mon pm: a few rounds on punching bag Tue am: short run Tue pm: Squats 5x5, working up to top set of 5 Wed am: Incline bench 5x5, working up to top set of 5 Wed pm: a few rounds on punching bag Thur am: short run Thur pm: Romanian deadlifts 5x5, working up to top set of 5 Fri am: rest Fri pm: a few rounds on punching bag Sat: rest and eat Sun: long run I'm going on a Grand Canyon hike in late March, so I'm trying to build some cardiovascular endurace along with strength so I don't get stuck at the bottom . Mike
  17. It's all good; I wouldn't mess with some of those yoga guys! You may just be a fire type and you don't know it yet . Mike
  18. Blimp2pimp wrote: I started a thread about this in Health and Nutrition if you want to get in on it... Mike
  19. Our new friend, Blimp2pimp mentioned toxin cleansing programs in his introduction, and it made me curious. Has anyone here tried any of these types of programs? Do they seem to have any benefits? Mike
  20. I deleted the post I originally had here and moved it to a new thread, since it was a bit off-topic... Mike
  21. I'm glad to hear the curling is going well; ten pounds for ten minutes is just around the corner! Don't feel discouraged about the tricep extensions. The tris are a tough group to exercise for a lot of people. As long as the pain is only muscle pain, it sounds like you're doing the exercise with good form. If your elbow hurts instead of your tricep, you might need to make some changes. As long as you're feeling the exercise in the triceps, there's nothing at all wrong with starting at one minute. Good luck, Ralph. Let us know how things go! Mike
  22. Nice quotes! I'm in the market for a sig, so I'll have to check out this link when I get more time. Thanks for passing them along! Mike
  23. LMAO! JW and Potter should be on a sitcom together. It would be hilarious. Threeloaves, you might also try some Hise shrugs to help build up that shelf VeganEssentials was talking about. Happy Squattin' Mike
  24. I've always wondered if those toxin cleansing programs really provide any benefit. What are your thoughts, Pimp? I may just start a thread about this... Mike
  25. It may be all in your head- meaning the position of your head when you squat. I used to get a similar pain when squatting or doing bent-over rows 'cause I would look up too much instead of just looking straight and letting my head "float" so to speak. So, as Potter said, it would likely be a pinched nerve. Mike
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