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  1. Welcome!! It looks like you have everything planned out very well. I look forward to hearing about your progress. BEfore long, we'll just be calling you "pimp." Best of luck!!! By the way, I like your sig. Mike
  2. Congratulations, CollegeB!!! Mike
  3. Hey Malic! Cool avatar! I wanted to be the first to give you a warm welcome as I fear you might get flamed for talking about lean meats and tuna on a vegan forum . Just kidding. I think it's great that you are looking to start eating healthier. Fair warning: many people who start out wanting to eat healthier end up becoming vegetarians or vegans because of the health benefits. If you're ever curious about where to find more information about the vegan lifestyle and how it can work for bodybuilders and other athletes, please don't hesitate to ask. Regarding your actual question, it's been my experience that fruits and vegetables aren't that expensive. Whole grains are pretty affordable as well, and they're a great source of protein . Personally, I try to eat as much organic produce as possible. It costs a little more, but it's still really affordable. I don't make much money at all and I get by just fine. The question is do you want to spend a little extra money now to eat healthy food that keeps you well and feeling good, or do you want to save a couple bucks at the grocery store now and end up with expensive medical problems later in life? Also, think of the money you'll save on coffee, energy drinks, days off work, etc. You'll likely avoid these expenses, because healthy eating will help you get sick less and help you feel happier and more energetic. So, I don't know exactly how much it would cost to eat healthier, but I know it's worth it. Mike
  4. If I remember correctly, it has something to do with glycogen. After a workout, more blood is flowing into your muscles and delivering nutrients. By consuming carbs after a workout, you take advantage of the extra bloodflow by allowing more glycogen to get to your muscles. Glycogen is great for recovery and growth. This is one of those things I learned and forgot, so I'm sure others will have more details. Happy training! Mike
  5. Right on, CxK!! Lifting, in my opinion, should be about being healthy on the inside and looking in-shape on the outside. Why go through all of the trouble to "look" healthy only to poison yourself on the inside. It kind of reminds me, on a less severe level, of those lifters who consume 250 grams of protein every day, but haven't eaten a vegetable in six months. On a side note, the fact that this guy thought you had either been lifting for three years or juicing shows that you're doing great without the use of drugs. Good job! Mike
  6. Very cool! Personally, I like the "jack of all trades" vibe. The site shows that you are involved in A LOT of different activities that all relate to veganism and/or fitness. I didn't know you were involved in so many causes I did notice something a bit odd in the Speaker-Robert's Bio secion: "Currently Robert works full-time for Sequel Naturals as a representative for Vega, a line of vegan whole-food products, and also works full-time as the running Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness on www.veganbodybuilding.com" Was the the italicized part a typo? It's no biggie; I just thought I'd let you know about it Mike
  7. Welcome to the group, Alison!!! The Eat to Live Plan sounds great; I'll have to check it out . Mike
  8. LMAO! This may branch off into a new site: veganbiceps.com Mike
  9. Mike

    I'm New

    VEGYGRL!!! Now we've got two Prescott, AZ veggies on the forum. Watch out, Portland; we're catching up! Mike
  10. Thanks for the great advice, VeganEssentials! I like that 5x5 set-up you mentioned. I enjoy the variety of Westside, but like you mentioned, I have a tendency to get mixed up when things get complex. Maybe I'll just pick one exercise for each major body part, work up to a top set of 5 and switch to a different exercise after 1 or 2 workouts. This might give me the simplicity of the 5x5 with the variety of Westside. Man, you've got me excited; I'm sitting here at work, but I want to go home and lift! Mike
  11. I notice there are some fellow wood types on here. What kind of routines have seemed to work best for you? Do you switch routines every two weeks, take it easy every third week? Mike
  12. I'm glad to hear you're on a good routine. I was actually going to ask if you were planning on adjusting to the type of routine Poliquin suggests in the article, but it looks like you don't need to . It would be really cool to find a more detailed explanation of how each type should train (like a sample routine for each even.) I'll keep looking around. Mike
  13. Thanks! It's really interesting how these descriptions seem to fit people so well. You totally seem like the Earth type to me. (I mean that as a compliment; Arnie is an Earth guy, too .) I'm really happy about finding this article. I was always frustrated because I could never find a routine that worked for me for longer than a couple of weeks, and I couldn't figure out why. (Hence my bizarre "Anti-Routine" thread .) The next step, for me, is to determine the best way to train for my "element." Mike
  14. You look like you'd be the Fire type. For me, the description in this article was spot on for my type (wood). I usually find a routine and think it's the best routine ever invented for two weeks; then I stop progressing. I thought I was just a wuss, but that might only be part of it . I'm doing a running program right now, which only allows for two days of weight training. I'm thinking of doing a Westside Barbell type of set-up, but with drastically reduced workload. So, I might have an upper body max day, a lower body max day and just ditch the speedwork. Do you think that would be appropriate for a wood type? Mike
  15. I found this article by Charles Poliquin about training according to your "type." He assigns each type of trainee to a different element and offers suggestions on the best rep/set schemes for each. I would be classified as wood. Here's the link if you wanna check it out: http://www.t-nation.com/portal_includes/articles/2005/05-041-training.html Mike
  16. Awesome!! That would actually make a great signature. It's all about compassion- compassion for all living things. Mike
  17. Mike


    Welcome! If you're concerned about age, you may want to look up Avi Leyhani (I think I butchered his name, but maybe someone here can correct me ). He's been a vegan for a long time, is approaching 50 and would put many lifters have his age to shame. You look like you've got a good starting point. Good luck! I hope you enjoy the forum . Mike
  18. A fellow Arizona dreamer! Those sound like some pretty wild experiences. Those dreams where you feel like you have a physical presence are a trip, huh? I've had some where I'll just float around my apartment and in other homes around the block, and I'll actually feel like I'm awake, alert and completely aware the whole time. I have been going through a bit of a dry period regarding lucid dreaming. Sometimes I'll go days where I have multiple lucid dreams every night, but not lately . Mike
  19. Congrats, BodhiDave!! I know what you mean about hills. At the end of my runs, I have to run up a hill and walk up three flights of stairs to get to my apartment. Mike
  20. Duke, you've got the quoting down perfectly! As far as the wheat thing goes, I haven't heard anything bad about it. Well, I guess some people say it can aggravate their allergies, but I have horrible allergies and it doesn't bother me. What have you heard? Ezekiel does contain whole wheat. I'm pretty sure that grain mixture I eat does as well, but you might check out the one at your local store. Just ask them to take the wheat out and give you some 6-grain cereal . Mike
  21. I was waiting to reply to this thread, because I wanted to see if Potter had anything to say about JW . I love JW's sense of humor. His posts always make me laugh! Mike
  22. That sounds cool. It reminds me of the bands the Westside Barbell powerlifters (and others) use for explosive power. Speaking of WSB, I don't know if you guys are familiar with the Westside method of maxing out on different upper/lower body exercises each week. I have two days for cross training. I was thinking of making one an upper body max day and one a lower body max day, so I can maintain some strength. (I would just ditch the speed days.) Do you guys think that might work? If not, are there are any reps schemes you'd recommend? (I was thinking of posting this in a bodybuilding thread, but I figured I'd just keep it here since it's related ) Mike
  23. Thanks for the kind words, Rob. Yeah, we should hang out; that would be a blast! If you, or anyone else on the forum, find yourself in AZ, let me know. I've only been here for a few weeks and I already feel like I'm among old friends. Mike
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