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  1. any advice on nutrition while having to take a break? i broke my collar bone and cant hit the gym for a while now, and im still really hungry all the time, but im trying to cut back so i dont get even more flabby in the med section then i already am. im thinking a sensable diet low in fats and still high in protein and hitting the stationary bike a few times a week to try and stay in shape, or even more then two or three if i can fit it in.
  2. yeah, i usually go late at night. anywhere between 7 and 9. usually because of work. but sometimes i'll throw in a noon or 1 for fun and it is a good feeling to switch it up like that.
  3. i just warm up with some medicine ball stuff for a few minutes then hit one body part really hard for about 45 minutes once a week. ie: monday - chest tuesday - back etc
  4. uhh, yeah. work out when i can, try to go as much as possible. i work bike deliveries for a sandwich shop in chicago for 30ish hours a week and squeeze in gym time around that. the only way i stay big is nuts and entire packages of hotdogs/tofurkey stuff. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/139_3927.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/meme-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/nernerner.jpg[/img]
  5. Then drink the other half that you should be drinking. Another suggestion for cardio is to hit a heavy bag, and try to go for about 3 minutes. I've built more stamina going on "endurance punches" than I ever did running, plus it's more fun. 0o0o0 that does dound like more fun. i am totally going to give that a try today at the gym!
  6. thanks for the advice guys. i drink about half of what i should be drinking.
  7. hey guys, haven't been on the forum for a while. but im back with school being out of session for the summer! anyway. whats the best way to obliterate them? i have had them FOREVER! and can't seen to get rid of them. I feel like ive made massive gains, but no matter what, i still feel self concious about the love handles. any advice would be awesome. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/fexxxit.jpg
  8. yeah, most of the time they let you bring your own powerds in and they mix them for you with whatever you want in it for $2. thats what i usually do, but sometimes i forget to pre-ziplock my stuff and then i play the guessing game. its just so convenient!
  9. no, im sorry, its not like i buy the powder, its the stuff that is in their shakes. thats all.
  10. i know that the whey protein that golds gym offers isn't vegan, but i was wondering if anyone knows if the other types are? they offer "fat burning protein" and some other stuff as well. thanks for any help! -m
  11. I've been gone all year (last August) because of an elbow surgery and now I'm fully recovered and started going back to the gym every day! Man, am I stoked. It's frustrating losing all the hard work from last summer, but its ok, because I have the determination to get it all back and more. VEGAN POWER!
  12. yeah, this nerve thing affects my tricep lifts so much that i havent worked them in about a month already. i do one set and i'm pretty much in agony. im just really excited to start doing bench again. the only exercise working my chest are flys, and that gets really boring. i guess in time will be ok, because i know i'm going to hit it hard once i get back into the swing of things. i just hate moving backwards!
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