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  1. any advice on nutrition while having to take a break? i broke my collar bone and cant hit the gym for a while now, and im still really hungry all the time, but im trying to cut back so i dont get even more flabby in the med section then i already am. im thinking a sensable diet low in fats and still high in protein and hitting the stationary bike a few times a week to try and stay in shape, or even more then two or three if i can fit it in.
  2. yeah, i usually go late at night. anywhere between 7 and 9. usually because of work. but sometimes i'll throw in a noon or 1 for fun and it is a good feeling to switch it up like that.
  3. i just warm up with some medicine ball stuff for a few minutes then hit one body part really hard for about 45 minutes once a week. ie: monday - chest tuesday - back etc
  4. uhh, yeah. work out when i can, try to go as much as possible. i work bike deliveries for a sandwich shop in chicago for 30ish hours a week and squeeze in gym time around that. the only way i stay big is nuts and entire packages of hotdogs/tofurkey stuff. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/139_3927.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/meme-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/nernerner.jpg[/img]
  5. Then drink the other half that you should be drinking. Another suggestion for cardio is to hit a heavy bag, and try to go for about 3 minutes. I've built more stamina going on "endurance punches" than I ever did running, plus it's more fun. 0o0o0 that does dound like more fun. i am totally going to give that a try today at the gym!
  6. thanks for the advice guys. i drink about half of what i should be drinking.
  7. hey guys, haven't been on the forum for a while. but im back with school being out of session for the summer! anyway. whats the best way to obliterate them? i have had them FOREVER! and can't seen to get rid of them. I feel like ive made massive gains, but no matter what, i still feel self concious about the love handles. any advice would be awesome. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/nightterror/fexxxit.jpg
  8. yeah, most of the time they let you bring your own powerds in and they mix them for you with whatever you want in it for $2. thats what i usually do, but sometimes i forget to pre-ziplock my stuff and then i play the guessing game. its just so convenient!
  9. no, im sorry, its not like i buy the powder, its the stuff that is in their shakes. thats all.
  10. i know that the whey protein that golds gym offers isn't vegan, but i was wondering if anyone knows if the other types are? they offer "fat burning protein" and some other stuff as well. thanks for any help! -m
  11. I've been gone all year (last August) because of an elbow surgery and now I'm fully recovered and started going back to the gym every day! Man, am I stoked. It's frustrating losing all the hard work from last summer, but its ok, because I have the determination to get it all back and more. VEGAN POWER!
  12. yeah, this nerve thing affects my tricep lifts so much that i havent worked them in about a month already. i do one set and i'm pretty much in agony. im just really excited to start doing bench again. the only exercise working my chest are flys, and that gets really boring. i guess in time will be ok, because i know i'm going to hit it hard once i get back into the swing of things. i just hate moving backwards!
  13. i look at a lot of the guys who are benching over 300lbs at my gym and they look like dough boys. i don't really think that their health is any better from weight training, they are just stronger. but thats not going to do much good if they can't perform other activities. such as walking, haha. i feel like i have the best of both worlds, i lift as much as some of the guys who weigh over 220 pounds, and i clock in at a mear 145!
  14. im going to try this tonight!
  15. i've been lifting five days a week for about the past 6 months. i feel and look a lot better then i ever have. but i'm going in for surgery on my elbow soon (snapping ulnar nerve) and it's nothing too big, but i won't be able to lift for about 3 to 4 weeks. maybe more or less depending on everything. i'm not sure how long it takes for muscle atrophy to kick in, but i feel weaker/less cut after only a few days, much less a few weeks! my question is, when i am able to lift again, does anyone have any advice for a "quick fix" to getting re-ripped? haha, i know that sounds like the wrong thing to say, but i just can't seem to word it right. i understand there is no magic pill, but maybe some advice or something someone can offer. i guess i just don't want to have to start all over from scratch. any advice is much appreciated!
  16. maybe i'm wrong, but i don't remeber naan being vegan.
  17. i've been straight edge for all my life, but claimed since 98'. i also have been vegetarian since '01 and vegan since '04. living clean is the best thing i've ever done with my life. xveganx for life!
  18. i only get the white wave stuff. but i am going to try to make it pretty soon, as in by the end of the week. i'll tell ya how it goes!
  19. i think that seitan is better. it tastes better and is still really high in protein. the texture is amazing with it too. maybe i just don't know how to cook tofu? either way, every experience i've had making it, eating it, whatever with seitan has been 100% successful. anyone feel the same way?
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