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  1. I usually try to have some hemp protein with soy milk and a handful of almonds or walnuts. The hemp protein is slow digesting and the fat in the nuts help to further slow down the digestion.
  2. Thanks veggieprincess! I was actually eyeing the banana. I think thats what I'm gonna get.
  3. Hey Troy I don't really post much around here but I wanted to ask what flavor of Gemma you use from True Protein?
  4. LMAO! I cannot stand the stuff personally so I can't tell you if the chocolate tastes any better. I realize that some members may have financial ties to the company but I don't think that means we cannot discuss the products honestly. I don't think the chocolate tastes any better! I think it actually tastes worse than the natural/unflavored one.
  5. Thanks xveganjoshx I think thats the ticket. good lookin' out! are you straight edge? I rock the vegan straight edge. Yeah buddy! haha nice, its the way to be! I agree with you on the vega, I bought a couple of MRP packets and could not drink them. It may be a sin to mention on this website, but I think they taste horrible. I haven't had any of the smoothie infusion so I may give that a try.
  6. haha I'll make sure to steer clear of the macca. thanks.
  7. Thanks xveganjoshx I think thats the ticket. good lookin' out! are you straight edge?
  8. Oh, well I am trying to gain muscle mass and am shooting for around 150 grams per day. I have trouble achieving that without the use of a supplement. Can you recommend a certain brand of soy protein isolate that you enjoy and tastes pretty good? Thanks
  9. Hey thanks for the quick response Chris! I usually mix my powders with fruit, peanut butter, almonds, etc. But nothing masks the nasty taste of this rice protein. I'll look into the pea protein and Manitoba Harvest. thanks again! anyone else?
  10. I recently went vegan, and I'm having trouble meeting my daily protein requirements. I used to supplement with whey protein powder which was easy and it tasted great. However, I just bought some NutriBiotic Brown Rice Protein powder but it tastes horrible! Theres no way I can drink that everyday. What is the best tasting vegan protein powder out there? Give me a brand if you don't mind. Thanks guys! Sorry if this has already been posted, but I couldn't find it
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