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  1. to be honest i dont think theres anyway around that pea protein tastes terrible! i threw mine out!
  2. i dont get american measurements! what is one cup??
  3. My Back seems to be ripping up the most: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y11/igaveyouwings/backsmall.jpg I would say what routine i do! but i honestly dont know! my mate just tells me what to load up and do! finally mastered deadlift technique! pretty awquard stance but feels good once you nail it!
  4. been making progress in my first couple weeks! although i went on tour with my band and lost a bit of weight lately but im hitting it hard this week! got some pretty grim tasting pea protein! so might have to get some new stuff if i cant actually swallow it without wretching! gunna try makin smoothie out of it in the morning! but yeh! pea for the loose! benched 70 today! I weight under 11 stone so i thought that was pretty good for 2 weeks of training!
  5. seriously mate i think posting here is only going to give you paranioa or just worry you like! cos we're not qualified to give a proffessional opinion (most of us anyway maybe) maybe try alternative therapy! like accupuncture! I've had that in the past and that has worked wonders for me! what is your sleep pattern like?
  6. here's mine currently: http://icecreamireland.com/images/Empty%20shelf.JPG
  7. yeah i hadnt planned on running out and just needed something to keep me going while my order arrived! (which should be today!) so yeah the whole block of silken tofu im smoothies has worked well! had one with fruit and milk which is nice! and one with chocolate alpro milk! but yeah i usually odnt have a protein shake before working out and have a good 1 1/2 to 2 scoops afterwards! I usually have one scoop shake in the morning when i get up and one just before i sleep! never heard of having one before training. weird!
  8. The other day i ran out! and carried on training! however it was clear i wasnt lifting as much as i usually could! so clearly my protein intake effects my training on the day quite dramatically! what do you use to substitute your shakes if you run out and need to train still? I was thinking of using a whole block of silken tofu with milk and fruit into a smoothie. Would this work?
  9. haha! yeah we're both in the same boat then! well if it does happen and i cant hold it in! ill blame it on the dog!
  10. Whats up people. anybody else from the UK post here? Very new to this so ill keep it brief. Finished my first week of training and I'm loving it! so much fun. My shedule has been nicely varied and iv been lucky to train with a mate who has his own gear at his house and is quite knowledgable about it! so basically i get a personal trainer for free Will do a before and after photo when its actually worth it! no point putting a photo of me currently really is there?
  11. im about to run out of my first ever batch so i might try pea protein for a while and see how that settles! I got told off by my training buddy for skipping protein shakes on the days I have dates haha!
  12. its reassuring to know this isnt just me who has this problem! Iv only started training properly for a week now and been using soya protein shakes and CHRRRIIIIIST iv been farting loooooaaadssss! and they pretty awful smells too! rather than pills or supplements is there anythin you can eat that might help balance it out?
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