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  1. I'm jumpin in as well on this one, you looked fantastic in that show and way to r.e.p.r.e.s.e.n.t!!!! You back was truly impressive. I'm happy I saw this thread to get me psyched. Keep up the amazing work man, it shows.
  2. hey lustlife life, welcome to the forum from a fellow ex ny-er (bklyn) hope you find this sight as informative and friendly as myself and many others do. I'm sure you will Congrats also on the lifestyle change and transition. Plant based dieting is good for you AND the earth. It also helps BUILD!
  3. all work and no play makes LNG a dull boy.... HELLLLP at least the money's there, will be good for the holidays and to catch up on bills. Now if I could only commit a little more faithfully to my body as well I will get there. just you wait and see
  4. SHE's Awesome I got two workouts in this week so far. Tuesday Upper Back and Thursday Chest and Abs. As for RAW, I have mentally committed to getting back to a high/all raw diet but physically I still have to change my consistent pattern of eating which includes cooked food. I'll get there. As soon as my training is 100% I know that RAW will be 100% of my intake because I honestly feel that is by and far the most beneficial fuel for your body and I acheieve the greatest results from it. Here's to getting back at it and getting on stage a year from that day. As for now, there is still much work to do today. I need to change our auxillary battery in the trunk of our Prius. Darn thing was so expensive so i'm installing it myself. Then hopefully some yardwork. Then some dinner for me and thendanisays. How about purchasing at the counter at a toyota dealership and being serviced by the counterlady who turns out to be a female ex vegan bber. She was doing it for awhile but as of late added some meat into her diet. Either which way, only in portland will i be serviced at the car dealership by a rad vegan friendly athlete.... BUDDAY. And of course the first name she threw out was Roberts. YEAAAAAAAAA BUDDDDDAY! i need to be on vbbf more. i miss it so...
  5. My friend is very much so into resistance training and getting huge. I have spoken to him, influenced him and obviosuly have many suggestions of my own. I think he can really make the switch over time. He was looking for a suggestion to substitute this diet for a vegetarian/vegan based one with a similar macro profile. Any suggestions would be wholly appreciated. He's been gnawing on raw broccoli everyday so that's a start I put him onto 'it's all good' mock meat. Gave him some sunwarrior samples. Spoke about sprouting etc etc.... This is his diet and many thanks!!!! well typically in the morning i'll have 6 eggs, mid morning snack chicken breast and brocoli lunch chicken breast and rice afternoon snack chicken and brocoli dinner chicken late snack chicken and rice id like to have about 150 grams of protein in my diet daily and keep a diet which is low in processed sugars and hydrogenated oils. i take udos oil and coconut oil religiously in addition to an animal stack multivitamin. im not into sweets in the least bit, my vices have always been fats, meat, salts, and carbs. if you can give me a sample diet i would appreciate that. id like to increase the amount of raw vegetables and greens in my diet, and also cut out all the saturated fats other than coconut oil.
  6. dude, welcome! I can already tell it's gonna be a real pleasure crossing paths on the boards; I like your style Oselifer is from Greece as well. Glad to hear you hittin' the weights hard. With a vegetarian background and a current drive full force to vegan bodybuilding you'll be swoller in no time! see ya on the forum and nice to meet you
  7. aluck, no clue at this point; I really need to focus on the here and now. I keep letting other patterns take precedence. I had alot of chores to run today and also I hung with dani at her job for 3 hrs as she never looks happier than when I am there. She hates that job more than anything and that's my way of helping So it cut into my time and I forbade the bike shop visit and gym. Oh well, i'll get there, just keep on a truckin' I suppose. It's more like no time a week at the moment. Perplexing and upsetting at the same time but nevertheless I am still accomplishing alot. Finances are back in check, personal growth, other stuff, etc, etc... I know myself it's either all or nothing and I always want it all. So as soon as the party starts, it's not gonna stop. Now all I have to do is show up and pump some IRON.
  8. Hey all, I'd like to run a promotion together for the community of vbbf. We just started carrying Vega Sport and it is now in stock @ http://www.veganproteins.com. I still honor the $150 plus orders to have a sundesa blender bottle / vega tote bag / free vega bars or smoothie pouch. Perhaps this time around, I will just discount product? I'd like to try the 15% off all Vega product (we now have Vega Sport as well!). $100 order = Vega Tote Bag; $150 order = Vega Tote Bag + Sundesa Blender Bottle. I'll try to automate this through the shopping cart with a checkout code. No promises but you can always email me: [email protected] and I can take an order or any questions that way
  9. I swear by it. Great taste, great assimilation, mixes well with anything or just plain water. We carry it and it's my fav product as well as Spirulina. http://www.veganproteins.com
  10. Alot has happened since the bbing comp but nothing in the bbing dept and the diet has ceased for awhile. By choice, i've decided to share some social personal time with processed foods and my loved one. I must admit, physically I feel much better in a wholly unprocessed/raw diet. However, mentally I am comforted by my current choices. I will eventually go back to a raw foods diet and i'm sure that will happen as soon as I can train consistently again. It's only a matter of time... budday. I'm sure the whole story will be illustrated in the documentary, which is delayed but will be done! Hopefully next year. What a doosy that was; i'm ready for part II (don't tell thendanisays that or Bvp663 for that matter) Anyhow going to try and get that workout in today and also go to veloce bikes and put some puncture resistant tires that grip the road well in the rain. That way I can commute as well and start getting back into exercise. I really need to... Anywho on a different note, http://www.veganproteins.com is now carrying VEGA SPORT. It's finally available in the States so I wanted to pick up a great product for endurance and energy. Come check us out
  11. ex nyer here Welcome to the forum. I have two doggies, one adopted as to 'end petlessness' to answer you're question, I think you're more than welcome here Hope to see you around and glad you joined. GO VEGAN
  12. Post April 25th grand finale show number 2 / documentary consumed life report: since 04/25 i have trained a total of about 15 - 20 training sessions TOTAL. Basically I have been completely sedentary, for me. Diet has been nowhere near what it used to be, eating care free. On the flip side, slowly and surely getting back into a clean and regimented nutrition rich diet without overeating and consistent training sessions. Ah, man what a day makes! lol Anyhow, current goals = 3-4 times per week for 30min-1hr per training session for one month straight. Once I can include working out as a focal point in my life again with consistent attendance alone in the gym, then it will be time to kick it up a notch BIG TIME > 09/16 Legs (were sore as heck after this workout) #1 for this week squats 135x10 4 sets hammer strength single leg curls 25lb per leg x 10 4 sets 09/17 (today) Chest Incline Barbell Press 115x12 3 sets Incline Dumbell Press 40x10 3 sets Decline Barbell Press 115x10 3 sets I need to get on using the shoulder horn that VeganEssentials so generously sent our way, love that guy Not that I haven't been successful these last couple of months. Me and dani have REALLY REALLY grew and developed our bond together soooo much. Relationships take a lot of work, even the 'perfect' ones that look so easy an outside perspective. Also, I found work and I am in banking kicking butt. My job is merit based as far as raises and month bonus and I have been holding steady at number 2 in my ranking out of the 35 people in my department doing the same job for as much as 6 months more than I have. Did I mention i've been on the floor for only a month?! I'm just happy that now I can contribute financially and dani can soon hopefully take a break while I grow and eventually support us for a while so she can find some peace of mind. Also, who else is going to www.veganproteins.com . Dani's got a hold on that, she just needs the time to put the work in. We both do but we're working towards that right now. I should be at VegFest this weekend at the VBBF booth with our products and to hang. I work all day but i should be there from 4-8pm. ok that's enough, save room for another day of posting. Night all; miss you guys so much.
  13. i'm so proud of you mah hawwwnie. might I remind you of the 17 dry fast (yes i survived 17 days without food or water and i was underweight before I started that) that I did 2 years ago that landed me hospitalized because of perceived insanity and a severely malnourished body. What in the world was I trying to prove? I'd certainly never want anyone to follow that type of irrational behavior. VERY STUPID, looking back. We all screwed up in our own crazy ways. All it takes is a way to snap out of it and then you're back on track. I'm always here for you baby; actually i'm about 15 feet away. See you in a sec MWAH
  14. a2thej2008; my bad. I was supposed to be on top of this contest. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and I fell behind and VBBF was one of them. Ruz and DCNinja as well, I owe back product and stuff and I will get on that and ship out some good stuff. Anyhow I cannot do much more tonight other than thanks to everyone for making this comp happen and perhaps I could find out what is your favorite charity a2thej2008? Between veganproteins, veganessentials and dcninja, we would like to donate $72 in your name as you're the winner In addition, i'll be sending you out some cool stuff too. I'll be in touch all. I need to update my journal and start to keep it active too!
  15. Hey man; i'm glad you're on the right track. I've been recreational in the past as many others i'm sure have as well. I'm glad you're taking care of your body and just wanted to send some more positive energy your way brotha. where you come from isn't important. what matters most is where you are now ... yb
  16. You got some right here; i'm in your corner and also i'm not sure wherre those 7 lbs you speak of are going to come off from. You look great! Keep rockin on girl and I love what you're doing
  17. just checkin in on ya to say i'm rooting for OCTO! You're looking solid dude. About the last min prep; dunno. It's a trial and error i suppose. From my experience the last comps, you can 'spill over' by overcarbing and retaining or you can dry out too much and not be filled out the way you should by overdehydrating and not carb loading enough. touch and feel i guess. I'm sure it will all work out for ya. You have the exp now go sitko!
  18. almost there girl! Sry i haven't picked up the phone last 2 days. Been kinda tied up getting stuff done. I'll try to reach ya soon. Hope all is well!
  19. she's aright spoke with her about a week or so ago. Been meaning to hang.
  20. You've got mass and you're lean...much like Jimi Sitko and my friend Ed who lives in Portland. Great stuff! All the best as you continue to lean out...just don't lose too much muscle! Many of us would love to have that much muscle! Including me! x2 looking good bro
  21. Just got a hold of the big man DCNinja himself on the phone yest and his choice is family dogs new life once again http://www.familydogsnewlife.org so $12 went in his name as a result of our collective effort! $36 total from VeganProteins, VeganEssentials and DCNinja what a day makes! but seriosuly, this is awesome guys; looking forward to the shoulders contest submissions...
  22. Who gives a phuk who wins? I won almost all the contests last year...so its NOT the same people winning. I personally would like to see your pictures up as would a bunch of other forum members. You are one person everyone always remembers from these contests whether you "win" or not. Its about having fun with it not necessarily competing. Please post some. agreed Man, Richard you are on POINT! Ty so much for working with me on this. It's alot easier this way on me. All the submissions look fantastic so far. I'm looking forward to the final countdown... please don't sing Oh and 6gbp to hillside where you work Richard. You can thank everyone that continues to participate and to Ruz for deciding where our pooled funds should go. I got their care packet in the mail. So cool what you're doing out there. All the little trinkets you can get too so wear with pride or give to others af a form of spreading a message. The pics, stories, etc... I am going to try and get the change box they sent in a store out here as well. I'm sure I could convice someone to put it in their store. I'm no R.C. but hey, I can hang BUDDAY!
  23. VE you're my hero, no seriously Love you man. _____ http://www.hillside.org.uk/acatalog/donations.html 18gbp total donated to Lizzie's Appeal in Ruz's name for winning the best triceps of 2009 on VBBF and bc of her fellow participants. More partcipants = more donations towards the winner. Everyone ready for the next show?
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