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  1. Anyone know if this is just for the hemp protein or if this is for Nutiva's hemp hearts too? I found a great deal for a 5 lb bag of Nutiva hemp seed on Amazon, but don't want to buy it if it is not good quality seed. Thanks! I was told that pretty much every Canadian company is sourcing extra inventory from China for this year's crop. It is unfortunate however there was massive flooding and the output cannot match the demand.. Hemp is great for you. You don't need the best quality to have the positive effects of consuming a raw fibrous high protein product. Specifically, your budget cannot always match your desires and so you make it work you know? I do the same myself and pick and choose what I can or cannot make do with. That being said, I firmly stand behind the only hemp that we will carry regardless of the lower priced competition because it is clearly the best on the market and we want a high quality protein to distribute and offer something that no other company in the states does. (There are some other small stores selling Mum's in 1lb increments for $16+) Gosh, it's just a bummer because we sold it to the community for a cheaper price than we can actually get it going forward because this 2011 crop. The 2010 crop sold out. We are keeping our fundraising/company's margins very low. Aside from that being how I choose to operate, we want to pass on the savings to customers/community and share and get the good stuff out there. We have to keep the price at $10 - $12 per lb now But hopefully our customer base will understand. Anyone who pms us from this forum can always get the min qty (4.5 lbs) at $10.00 per lb. Maybe in the future we'll carry both types of hemp but for now we are stickin to the goods
  2. Het Wozza / Tim. Welcome!! Exciting to have you on board and yes i'm sure we could benefit greatly from you and perhaps we can do the same. Looking forward to seeing your posts on the forum and you couldn't have picked a better place to be at
  3. RC YB2.11, straight up gas! johnboy74. Thanks That pic is from april 2009. I don't look like that on the outside now however I will work towards another competition. I am thinking summer or fall of 2012. > So I have been so delayed in writing my journal entries however I have been working out!! WEEK 8: 01/17 - 01/23 (4 workouts) WEEK 9: 01/24 - 01/30 (3 workouts, needed rest!) WEEK 10: 01/31 - 02/06 (6 workouts, rested sunday) Week 9 was the first week since I started training again in december, that I had a week with only 3 gym sessions. Considering I only wanted to commit to 3 sessions a week, i'd say it's still a win. Anyhow, I burned it up on week 10. Started up with some creatine on Feb 2 and will prob run it through the end of march. Last summer was the first summer that I have not been lean in over a decade. I am getting back up to speed for this year and then come late fall, beginning to bulk hardcore for next years competition. For now, one step at a time.. Started training with Jason Morris a fellow forum member/bber who knows his stuff like whoa. We will be training together on Mon, Sat and Sun and maybe more schedule permitting. I'm very excited for this. I am putting up some big numbers very quickly with the lower body however my lower back is asking me for a break. I am going to listen. Deadlifts 280lbs on 4th set 10 reps, 265 for squats same idea. Decline barbell press is up to 185. Taking my time with this and making sure not to re injure my rotator cuff. Ok well off to get some shut eye. Take care
  4. Farmer Carry while watching tv and hanging with fiance = WIN! If there was ever a way to multi task, you got it buddy
  5. I'll keep you family in my thoughts. Thanks for being so open and helping others like me have someone to relate to. Train hard friend and do your thing. We're with ya
  6. We're out temporarily (should be 1-3 weeks and then we'll have more in stock). I am trying to workout a price with the exporter that will benefit us with a consistent long term supply. My price point will actually be higher than the price paid this time around... I am confident that we can work out a happy medium, because shipping+customs alone runs us $2.70 per lb to import from Canada. Luckily, this is the best stuff around so I am willing to stand behind it and carry it over the cheaper hemp. Not to worry though, we'll keep as competitive a price as possible on it. vegmama looks delicious! I am going to try date, oats, hemp, coconut shreds
  7. growinglarger I absolutely LOVE your energy! Cannot wait to see your continued progress, get SWOLE buddy
  8. Pagemaster/Miguel, This is a great place for support and a wonderful community. I'm sure you'll find it helpful and motivating. Looking forward to seeing your posts, etc. There are economical ways to consume protein powders that are vegan as well. First one that comes to mind to replace whey is pea. Or at least that is how I did it 8 years ago (age 22). You're on the right path early and it's exciting to meet you. Do your thing friend I had no idea of substitutes and I found Mike Mahler (strong. fit. active. progressive kettlebell trainer)on the internet. He spoke highly of Pea Protein and how it touted a very similar and equally superior amino acid profile like whey did. I was sold it could replace in both nutrition and price. It worked! I blasted through every pb on a vegan diet using Pea instead. There is more to that story but you get the point. This is your journey and we're right here if you have any questions, etc. Welcome to VBBF!
  9. yay for carbs It is definitely challenging carp depleting and trying to maintain lbm. Putting the time in I see, very inspiring! Go Hayley!!
  10. Ucandoit Icandothis I'm with ya on this one. Let's show em what's up!
  11. Sweet action! Hey when should we all look to do progress pics. 4x this yr sound lie it makes sense? say April 1st? We can organize the pics side by side at the end too and show how we do
  12. I'm glad the new scheduling change worked out in your favor as well as the ridiculous amount of snow across the country. That consistency and cool p90x and of course being vegan is a triple win for ya
  13. Nice journal and healthy mix of exercise. Looking forward to updates from you
  14. Hey VE. Workouts strong as ever I see. Not surprised Hey it's a pain to plow that snow but someone has to do it. Might as well be a Vegan Powerlifter getting even stronger afterwards!
  15. celestial, There are def female vegan athletes that are both raw and plain ole vegan that are very cut up. SeaSiren and VeggiePrincess to name two. Search for them round the ways here. You'll find posts. I agree 100% with you about cycling the type of macro profile you consume. I also agree in higher protein ratios while building your lmb. However I feel strongly about giving your body a rest from protein for a period of time every year. Whatever suits your needs. I think it is awesome to have you here and a great big warm welcome to you at VBBF!! see ya around, we hope
  16. I just tried some out of my bag. mmmM I am going to give your recipe a shot!! I need me some raw hemp protein treats!!! Thank you for sharing
  17. now that's hardcore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had a mishap or two. All part of the process. Wtg and stick with it friend
  18. Stock is running out vegmama. I'll hold on to a 2kg for you at least. We'll have something new once this order runs dry for sure (prob by the end of next week for sure possibly sooner). Would be different product and different pricing however still comparable in quality because our vendor rocks!!! I am excited to make some yummy bars too! Would you and anyone else who can post some good recipes? I want to try some of this too.
  19. Hey you. Hope you're doing well. You'll get through this!!! Come out 10x stronger I know what you mean by stretching. It truly does make a difference. Way to set those goals. I know you'll accomplish them and cannot wait to hear about your continued prgress in the upcoming entries. Yea!
  20. OK. I like your idea adena So to usethe VBBF community discount, please pm me for the coupon code to enter at checkout. Please specify which one you want (2kg, 4kg or 8kg). You can then order on the site and enter the code at checkout to receive the $7 per lb discount rate for being a forum member For those who I pmmed, sorry about the confusion. I got so excited about this, I kind of rushed through the message. Mum's the word!
  21. You're dedication is admirable You're story is compelling and one i'm looking forward to following I'd bet anything that you will only continue to get more fit because you're keeping consistent and that's the key I noticed your weren't allergic to wheat. Seitan (wheat gluten) is an excellent replacement for a meat product. I'd dare take the position that meat is not necessary even with the food allergies you describe. There are always plenty of options to sustain, no thrive with a healthy vegan lifestyle
  22. WoW MaryStella.. Your workout looks hardcore and fun. You're a machine!!
  23. It's arrived and up for sale at http://www.veganproteins.com (between $8.00-$9.50 per lb). The shipping cost us double what we had expected. HOWEVER... We are keeping true to our offer for all community members for a period of time @ $7.00 per lb. You can see our retail posting here. http://veganproteins.com/vegan-protein-shop/Organic-Heirloom-Hemp-Protein-Powder.html It comes in 2 kilo bags (4.41lbs). @ vbbf community price ($7 per lb): 2 kilos = $30.87 ($45.87 shipped) 4 kilos = $61.74 ($76.74 shipped) 6 kilos = $92.61 ($107.61 shipped) (shipping is added in above at $15.00) A pm is necessary prior to checkout. Let me know if this will work for you. Hope we can help. On a future note... So we got word that due to the flooding this year in Canada as a whole they only havested about 125k kilos and they usually do around 350k. A lot of the wholesalers are now going to China to meet the demand. We have a lock on the highest quality farm out there. Other wholesalers tried to pay 4x what Mum's does to get better quality inventory. The finnola seed farm (only one), stuck with Mum's because they are loyal and like the company. Mum's only deals with us for bulk hemp protein. They may not carry it in the future however we have it for now and will likely have a good product to offer in the future when this runs dry. Just keeping you posted on the excited news for 2011 @ veganproteins
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