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    welcome to the best place on the web Look forward to seeing you on the forum and glad you are finding vbbf as a good resource. Great peeps here too.
  2. You came to the right place. Welcome! Glad to hear of you showing others what's up on a vegan diet/lifestyle. Take care, look forward to seeing you on the forum
  3. This should arrive on thursday. Once I have it in hand, we'll send out pm's to everyone and let you know the specifics, etc
  4. agreed. Pullups, dips, a lot of bw exercises simply take time to be able to do. Diet looks clean and solid. Workout sounds very effective and fun. Keep at it friend
  5. Hey new friend. Schedule can really set you back. It set me back almost 2 years. Hope you find the best mix for a consistent work/workout balance. This is a great place for support. Welcome to the friendliest, coolest place on the web. Happy you're a part of it
  6. Daniela, Glad you got a new account because we would have missed you Welcome, hope to see you around on the forum
  7. hey buddy. Yea, I def watch you journal to see the progress and say hello Diet and sleep will get ya. Stick with it friend.
  8. Jon, Welcome Best of luck to you in your marathoning. Pleasure to meet you and here of your transition and why.
  9. Goob like Rock Solid the rapper says "Type to eat everything in the fridge, LIKE SWOLE". Get your bulk on
  10. Looking forward to your journal and continued progress
  11. Burpees , here is one exercise http://www.rosstraining.com/articles/burpeeclip.htm Welcome, glad to connect. Hsorlando had a lot of good points also. Hope you enjoy the forum and hope to see you around
  12. Welcome to the forum. Glad you're finding the info and community helpful. spot on with your desire to be a positive image for animal advocacy by coming here. Thanks for inspiring
  13. Confirmation Friend!!! Your intro tells a story on your awesome journey. It's worth it as i'm sure you know. Glad you're checking in here to clue us in. See you around buddy. Welcome.
  14. Loved your intro and glad to have you here. I had heard of ultrarunning a long time ago and thought it was pretty awesome. I never got past a 1/2 marathon in a race. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you around friend
  15. W.E.L.C.O.M.E. LOJxxx Plenty of ways to keep it equipment free. Bands are ideal for resistance in addition to regular bodyweight exercises like crunches, pushups, squats and modifications of these to make them more challenging. Great to connect with you here and happy your 5 year journey is leading you to newer are greater heights! I played tennis too. Great sport see you on the forum.
  16. Loving thid thread. Can't wait to see us all progress throughout the year!!
  17. This whole training journal is straight up Brolic! It's a pleasure to catch up with your progress. This is the kind of inspiration i've been missing by not being on the forum for so long. You're awesome!! Keep it coming and way to train hard
  18. YB. Way to keep pushing on carefully and with good progress. Awesome to have you out here. Going to miss my training partner when you go back out on tour. Doggies have loved you around as well. Good times! Hope to hit up a workout before Canada if not as soon as you get back it's on.
  19. Temple110, I have to say I get a really good vibe from you right off the bat (you must be a veggie Seriously, love your energy, enthusiasm, positivity and spirit. It will be awesome to cross paths again with you on this forum. As far as that ignorant trainer, this unfortunately happens far too often in gyms and exercise groups. It is very untrue and biased when others say a vegan diet is devoit of protei and you can't get enough. I personally get anywhere from 1.5 - 3 grams of proteins per lb of my bodyweight everyday, no problem. You can direct them to an article I wrote on our site http://www.veganproteins.com titled 'where do you get that protein' Stick with a routine, there is no major mystery to it all. Consistency will make you feel good and create/maintain your drive. Doing weights 3+ days a week for a month and you'll be hooked. You'll see. Welcome aboard and see you around
  20. Thanks John V, oneoranother and RC. Lobsterrific. Yeh it is pretty cool. I found out it is a different biggest loser that has a local vegan trainer to support her efforts. Either which way, it is awesome the one of the main trainers on the show is Vegan!!! So week end recap will have to be short and sweet b/c as usual, been hectic busy. So to go back a bit, I started back up on dec17th and this is week 7 of my getting back into it. Not as hard as I could push. Mainly a time thing. Still devoting a fair amount of time to the gym and i'm sure that will only increase > Gym/Workout Days = Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun Mon: 30min cardio medium to high intensity Tuesday: Biceps and Abs (finally can train my abs directly without them already being sore) Wednesday: Chest day, BIG Saturday: 1.5 hrs stretching Sunday: Shoulders, Triceps Weight: same as 3 weeks ago, 194.5 However, I am seeming to look leaner. I would saying i've lost some bodyfat and gained some lean body mass. Works for me! This week I purposely avoided vigorous training with resistance and any back or leg movements. It seems like I have been overtraining. Decided to give my back a break this week and get it on hard next weekend. Feels a lot better already. Ok well, goodnight forum members. ttys ZZZzzz....
  21. Hey, welcome I'm sure you'll find the help you need here. It's a great community. See you around
  22. Welcome. Hope you find this a safe place to share and connect. Glad that you're sticking with it after reading up on the benefits of a vegan diet. See you around and i'm sure your husband will come around once he fully understands your transformation and how committed you are.
  23. Looking forward to hearing more about your training. Welcome to the forum friend
  24. Watch out on that one. Optimum Nutrition changed their flavorings in their vanilla and chocolate protein powders some years ago to contain dairy-based flavors, even though the labeling doesn't say it specifically. That, and they're prone to using Splenda for their main sweetener on their "natural" line, which has been heavily animal tested as well. They still have some things that are decent and vegan like their CGT powder (creatine/glutamine/taurine) and a few other things, but they've been a bit sneaky in not really coming out to state clearly that if it is flavored to be chocolate or vanilla, it's got some actual dairy in those "natural flavors" even though you won't see it in the ingredients. You da man VeganEssentials
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