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  1. Answer: As for info, I am not sure if I sent you the Did you know article for mums, that explains the differences but not with any brand in particular. We have never compared ourselves to other brands just other seed, we just don't want to look like we are calling anyone out.. I would tell your customers that we the only company to use the Finnola seed, which contains 25-30% higher GLA than any other hemp. We have No non organic products at all since our whole farm is a certified organic farm. Article on while Mum's is different than other. Hope the verbage helps. I just get excited when I can offer something good. Anything you use that iraw unprocessed and vegan is of much better quality han most. Sorry I don't have a reference to where this article is coming from. Got in an email and short on time. I will try to cite it later if need be. Here goes: Did you Know?  Hempseed is free of gluten, mold, yeast, nuts and dairy.  Mum’s Hemp GLA levels are up to 25% higher than other brands.  Mum’s Hemp is organic, non‐GMO and is low in carbohydrates.  Hempseed contains the highest source of vegetable protein found on earth and contains all 20 known amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) our bodies cannot produce.  Hemp provides an excellent alternative to Soy as recent research has identified soy’s harmful effects (for example: most soy is GMO, has a high content of phytic acid which inhibits absorption of iron; has phytoestrogens that interfere with thyroid functioning; Chinese produced soy is often produced with aluminum which is toxic to the nervous system and kidneys; processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines…and the studies continue!)  Hempseed contains omega‐3s and omega‐6s (essential fatty acids which cannot be made by our body and thus need to be derived from our foods) with the optimal ratio between 2:1 and 3:1. Many nutritional studies have investigated the health benefits of essential fatty acids (EFAs), most of which can be attributed to the anti‐ inflammatory and lipid lowering properties. EFAs influence the immune system and regulate mood and cognitive functions. Research also indicates that omega‐3. consumption can assist in management of health conditions such as: depression, cancer, lupus and asthma  Hemp is one of the few foods on earth with an omega 6 EFA called gama‐lineic‐acid(GLA). GLA is necessary to produce anti‐inflammatory compounds, and affects pain, blood pressure, fluid balance, blood clotting, hormone production and function. GLA also inhibits the production of pro‐inflammatory compounds and allows our cells to remain fluid. GLA must be consumed as our body does not make it. Very few foods provide GLA’s and is only found in hemp, borage oil, blackcurrant oil, evening primrose and mother’s milk.  Medical research on Hempseed indicates that it: (i) improves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, heart disease, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and asthma; (ii) increases the effectiveness of drugs used to treat breast cancer; and (iii) can reduce weight regain with major weight loss.  Hempseed contains several plant enzymes which help reduce cholesterol levels, as they prevent the uptake of cholesterol into the blood. Additionally, Hempseed contains 44% fibre, 92% of which is soluble. Clinical research has shown that soluble fibre lowers cholesterol levels so this high ratio is very positive.  Hempseed contains several forms of vitamin E: a known antioxidant. It also contains many vitamins and minerals, especially substantial amounts of manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and vitamin B1 and B5.  Hempseed has Chlorophyll in it which our body can easily transform into haemoglobin, increasing the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body.  Hempseed contains several nutrients which are not present in flaxseed (e.g. GLA and chlorophyll), and it contains more vitamins and minerals than flaxseed. Additionally, flaxseed contains several anti‐nutrients: cyanogenic glycosides, vitamin B6 antagonistic factors, lignans, and cadmium.
  2. LOLz. I actually posted this on a thread a couple of posts before this. Best pre workout song i've heard in awhile. ROCK SOLID SWOLE FTW!
  3. Nice lifts buddy! I had a shorter workout too. Perhaps we can train together longer on saturday.
  4. Thank you for sharing your journey. We're with you all the way I'm glad to hear of your vegan choices and motivational spirit. Glad that your workouts are going well also. It will flow in time. Stick with it
  5. I trimmed down my search requirements b/c if you are posting or reading here on the forum, you must rock Location: Woodstock Area / 60’s Short term roommate (2 months) possibly longer. Move in as early as Jan 29th. $300 rent / amenities can be included and negotiated THE HOUSE: A 2 bedroom bungalow near 60th and Woodstock. Only a 10 minute drive to downtown. There is space for your furnishings and also extra storage in my finished office behind the house. The bedroom is pretty cozy, but a queen bed and a dresser can be fit in it. It also has large closets and a built in dresser as well. I have a Washer and Dryer. Dishwasher. Electric heat. Full wrap around yard, fully fenced in. ME: A 30 year old vegan male who works full time in banking. I run a online business in my free time, so I am busy a lot. I’m pretty laid back, not really a party person, although I do like having some friends over. I have 3 dogs: 2 small, very energetic little guys. 1 older, docile Lab mix who is recovering from surgery and rests most of the time. The older dog will be moving to San Fran in about a month to be with her original owners. YOU: No crazy partying but having a few people over is just fine. Dogs are welcome. If you don’t have a companion animal, please love mine, as I know they can be a handful sometimes. This may be a temporary situation, but will not be shorter than 2 month, and may be much longer.
  6. Wish you were here HsOrlando. Would be nice to hang again! Going tonight or tomorrow night Anyone care to join?
  7. Oh, this sounds awesome! You are a fighter and sticking with it, right on Progress can come and go in waves but you know how it goes, stick with it and you'll persevere. I like your high energy. Very motivating. Looking forward to your next update
  8. Welcome! I wish we were at AR2010, awesome conference to meet fellow compassionate peeps like yourself. Congrats on choosing the yr of physical health and perfect place to be is right here. It is very motivating to be around the same energy, inspire others, be supported, etc etc Hope to see you around and glad to hear you already at it!!!
  9. T.h.r.o.w. s.o.m.e. D.'s. on it! Yes buddy, sleep = grow. Don't forget about all the food in the fridge too. Let's chow down and train even harder!
  10. kckas, I wouldn't say it is 'bad', only not as good meaning this farm is better and the seed used is of better quality. I am gathering information from a person who has worked in the industry throughout his career for most of the different farms and brands. This is his favorite and he has since weeded out the others. I will get that info and relay it back asap. Would be good to know why, I agree. [email protected]@ absolutely, I will let you know as soon as it arrives and have a price per bag, etc.
  11. Ended Week 6 of being back into the gym with 5 workouts. Took off sat and sun mainly b/c my body is just plain tired and is asking for a break. I don't want to overtrain. Got to the gym today of course and who works out at my gym..? The Portland Star on this season from 'The Biggest Loser'. He looks absolutely amazing and is pushing harder than ever. I go to tell Robert and he promptly tells me that a Ed the vegan trainer is his personal trainer. How freakin' awesome!!! Going to introduce myself and tell him that he rocks when I get a chance. Needless to say the cardio workout for me today was very inspired. So here is the workout for the next 4-7 weeks that i've created for myself. Cardio is optional... Mon: 30min-1hr cardio (traps/forearms/calves if they haven't been trained recently) Wed: 30min-1hr cardio (traps/forearms/calves if they haven't been trained recently) Fri: Snowboarding all day or other cardio substitute preferably outdoors. Each exercise is 4 sets and 10 repetitions. Tues: Bi's, Abs, Legs barbell crls, dumb bell preacher curls Decline crunches Squats Sled Hack Squats Leg Extensions Thurs: Chest Decline Bench Press Incline Dumbell Press Flat Dumbell Press Cable press flyes Saturday: Lower Back, Shoulders Deadlifts Good Mornings Seated shoulder dumbell press. Hammer Strngth machine for shoulds Sunday: Upper Back, Triceps. Dumbell Rowa Lat Pulldowns Assisted pullups both wide + narrow_ Hope to add more info during the week. Exhausted, time for be. Goodnight!
  12. lame neighbors, that's unfortunate. Hope they learned their lesson. Nice numbers on your lifts too. Very befitting of the subject on your journal Hope you feel 100% soon also. Being sick is a bummer.
  13. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA And the old spoon in the pb jar. Yes, quite a difficult habit to break. I hear ya.
  14. Hey, welcome friend Some nice substitutes for your normal intake right there. You're well on your way. Glad to see you here at VBBF and looking forward to getting to know you better. Great community, support, etc, etc. See ya around
  15. This is Heirloom Organic Hemp Protein from a specific high quality farm and definitely one of if not the best out there on the market. The average price range depends on what type you're getting (Nutiva is not as good, general consensus amongst those in the hemp industry) and how they process. The cheaper brands range from $7-9 per lb. Some places charge more. We will probably be advertising it on our websitee for $8.00-8.50 per lb depending on qty purchased. This is a community we hold dear to us and we want to hook you up. Anyone who is ordering from here will get it for $7 per lb. I believe each pkg is 1.1kg or 2.2lbs. So that would be the min and it's in increments of 2.2lbs etc.. It was shipped from Canada to us today and we are being told it will arrive on or before January 17th. Looking forward to helping out
  16. Hey buddy. Checking in to show some love. I'm loving the motivation on your blog. Pretty awesome Thanks for joining us in the New Yrs progress pic thread. I'm with ya. As for NYC, my old stomping grounds (first 27yrs of my life out there) Lots of vegan meetups, etc. I was def more into the raw scene however you can easily find cool like minded people in the good ole melting pot. Have a great training session next one coming up
  17. Hey Stephanie and welcome home. This community rocks! Been gone for awhile but once a member always a member. Good resources and peeps and you're inspiring many. Nice to see you so active in the training journal. Look forward to checking in to see where you're at. I dunno about the stage thing. I still get excited every time i'm up there. I'm always happy I do though and you cannot back down Who wouldn't be competing against BiGSwole! (Octopussior aka JimiSitko). Coming for him next yr but he won't stop and let me catch up.. Anyhow, way to represent veganism and hope you check out the China Study documentary (www.forksoverknives.com) Should be at a theatre there at some point.
  18. agreed. It'll come. Out of nowhere as you keep pushing through sticking points, the poundage will starting jumping. If it wasn't mentioned on a different comment, change your rep range around. More sets. etc etc. the usual stuff
  19. Big John Hope the new year is treating you well. Great to see you still going strong. Like the more recent avatar too!
  20. This pissed me off big time too when I heard about it. Why world... sigh.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsjXcK71WQo ah-mazing.
  22. Hope you're feeling better. Nice seeing your progress. You seem to be fairly consistent and that's what will make the biggest impact. I hear you on the excitement factor and knowing when to try to keep it at bay. Tough to rest the muscles when you want to get the gym but you need to have an off day. All the gains in the beginning are awesome and the strength will continue. Keep at it friend
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