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  1. So when i used to box back in the day, we always used leather jump ropes and coated them in the center with vasoline so that they skipped fluid and had great motion. Now that i'm vegan both inside and out, i am wondering if anyone knows of a good jump rope to recommend that is comparable to the old school hard core boxing gym leather style jump ropes used. I really want to start skipping again and those rinky y plastic ones don't do it for me. Thanks.........
  2. Welcome. Not to worry my friend. You'd be surprised how many people go back and forth with their commitments to going vegetarian, vegan or raw for months or even years. That is what the use of word "Transition" is for. You are transition dieting. I bet it is safe to say that more people transition to their goal in dietary behavior than just becoming what they want cold turkey. Keep motivated and stay focused with your eyes on the prize. If you want it bad enough, it will become yours.......
  3. "Healing With Whole Foods" Paul Pitchford (the book that made me turn vegan instantly) Stresses a vegan diet and for non-vegans if meat is a necessity than it should be used as a "condiment" in the entree, not the entire main course. It just made sense "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" Dan Millam a great book for some real motivation "The Prophet" Khalil Gibran An extremely quick read which leaves you thinking every step of the way and wanting to read it over and over to interpret the work. Very philosophical.
  4. I am going to be on the prowl for a bulk supplier who can discount it greatly. I am usually good like that. You will be the first to know when i locate one. I generally always get all my stuff discounted by at least 60% No reason to pay retail when consuming in great quantities. peace.
  5. Be wary of the recipe books you buy, some recipes have a thousand ingredients and steps unless you don't mind that. Raw Food Real World (pure food and wine nyc) Juliano's Raw are two books that are notorious for this. But let me tell you, they're worth it , you just can't make them every day, it is alot of work, unless you live in the kitchen and grocery store. For more simple recipes, i love Rawvolution (Matt Amsden, San Diego) Gourmet but not too involved Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine (Gabriel Cousens), Conscious Eating (Gabriel Cousens) Alot of selection, many easy recipes that need no dehydrator for those just starting out... As far as cost effectiveness, fresh can get expensive, especially for green smoothies addicts (like me), nuts aren't the cheapest either. But to go the cheap way SEEDS and GRAINS. (go for pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, etc...) Quinoa grain and sunflower seeds (shelled or unshelled but unshelled have to grow for a couple of days wheres unshelled can be good in 24-48hrs)are imo, they easiest things to sprout in the entire world, seriously. 2-3 bucks a lb of produce that keeps indefinitely until you are ready to sprout em, you can't go wrong....
  6. Welcome. My family is of italian descent also. My father was born in sicily and my mother born here but her family is all from noche inferiore outside of naples. If you have any questions or need advice from me, feel free to message whenever. train hard!
  7. thank you for putting me on to that. Come to think of it now, I cannot believe that never made that correlation. Good thing I don't have any in bulk. Thanks Zack...
  8. I tried getting real serious not too long ago with a "SAD" eater. We really loved each other but honestly, the social scene, even in private scene did not serve us well at all. Kind of like flanders situation, we just could not click all the levels that we did click very well on suffered more and more as the days went on. As of now, for a casual whatever, it feels nice just to be out and experience different being and not to 'limit' myself but to get serious i would have to say i definitely need someone who is at least vegan or it would be really hard to appreciate one another and survive.
  9. 100% raw. just did 7 day juice fast and increased strength in every exercise of my regimen since last cycle. how bout that? 4 day veggie juice only 3 day veggie and fruit juice today was day one off it....
  10. what is wrong with non gmo golden yellow pea protein powder. with a bulk price of around 2.50-3.00 per pound you can't go wrong. I have had much success in the past with it and will use it now that i'm back in bulk. et van horn <-- west coast supplier (reliable but wont ship to the east) freeman industries <-- east coast supplier (isn't always available though ) okay, whatever, it is starchy and can clog you up on the inside but it is way cleaner than processed soy and other stuff and IMO a good complement to the green algaes, seaweeds and grasses. downside, it is not too palatable plain, chalky tasting and unusual flavor. I wouldn't recommend during a cleansing period also. I have had several fellow raw foodies say it is too starchy and such but i like it to bulk up, personally (other opinions?) It is non-gmo but not found in organic form.
  11. save up some money and buy in bulk. you can usually save at least 65-75% on retail on green powders and if you buy big enough, you can blend the powder however you feel. i once made a 450lb order for a community and we blended it the way we wanted no questions asked for a great price. Usually the minimum's for personal use, though, are around 25-50lbs (depending on inventory) but hey, you go through it when you know it's so cheap. If you have no source pm me and i can point you in the right direction.
  12. priceless....... i love vampires too, can't believe i never made the association!
  13. Personally I am a tremendous fan of superfoods. For bodybuilding, to me, spirulina is irreplacable and of course other algaes as well as cereal grasses. The cereal grasses, yea sure, get a sprouter of buy some big sprout salads. But unless you have a algae farm in your backyard, how is it possible to consume fresh algae on the regular and in such great quantities. I have gone through as much as a pound a day of spirulina a day during certain times of heavy bulking up. I know it sounds excessive but it worked like a charm for me and I believe it to be a superior source of protein and my gains backed that up 100% through experience. There are ways to buy in bulk at mere fractions of the cost so that retail horror of a price for algae was never an issue. Just have to work at getting that much in your system at one time otherwise it will shock the shit out of your system and give you some really bad bathroom episodes. Slowly and gradually your body can acclimate itself to what you wish to fuel it with, isn't the human body amazing?
  14. welcome bud. My best friend lives in Pheonix. You guys have an amazing state. I can't think of a better place to have camped than the Grand Canyon; it was an amazing, scenic hike. And Sedona, man those rocks resonate some sort of surreal energy that is indescribable. Tons of great hikes out there, vegan and raw food friendly town, etc, etc. Lest we not forget Patagonia and the Tree of Life. Gabriel Cousens, what a guy and what a wonderful time spent down at the retreat center. Met friends for life and camped out behind the TOL fireside every night, it was a beautiful time. Looking forward to seeing you out in the forums, peace and love...
  15. I took a trip out to Lake Tahoe Jan 5-9th. They had 11 feet of snow when I got there and another 1 1/2 feet while i was there. I have never experienced anything like that in my entire life. It was unbelievably out of control. Even better was going down the trails with a fellow raw foodie. You can see some pics if you are interested on my site. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=64523765&albumId=1577927 over here in nyc, if there is more than 3 inches of fresh snow, the whole city goes awol and attacks the local mountains, lol. I don't even think we have gotten 3 inches in total this entire winter. damn you global warming. damn youuuuuuuuu............
  16. thank you. i am 27, that pic was when i was 22 but it was the only competition i ever did so i feel it represents me best. I am going to do before and after in a bit on the other forum. Nice to meet the both of you
  17. Hi everyone! My name is Jack. I have been bodybuilding off and on since high school. My track record in the gym is such that I seem to accomplish a drastic goal and then slack off or forget the sport entirely. Vegetarian 4 yrs, Vegan 3 yrs, Raw Foodist 2yrs (99% once in a blue moon something minute in the cooked world gets in the way, usually socially). 2002, Age 22/ I competed in an INBF sanctioned event, placed first (1.3%bf, 163lbs as per the avatar), shortly thereafter, slacked off. 2004, Back to personal training, regular training for physique and love of the game; did not give it my heart, though. 2005-2006. Decided to figure out just how strong i could become and how big I could get. At peak, Max Bench 405lbs, Max Squat 585lbs, Max Deadlift 545lbs. Became satisfied and after slimming down, walked away from the gym once again. 2006-2007. The year of slim. Decided the scrawny, slim look was the way to go. Wiped away all gains, dieted down, was overly active and throughout maintained weight between 155-170, toward the end, the lesser, due to excessive habitual fasting and cleansing without building episodes. January 2008. I am back and I bring myself at to this forum for support, friendship and a place to discuss all that is to keep me motivated once and for all. I have worked out every single day without one day off since Jan 1st. I am a highly motivated individual who goes extreme and finds success in the pursuit as long as the goals are set. I am here to prove that raw foodists can be as monstrous, fit, strong and healthy looking as they want. My goals are to exceed my old max's in strength and size considerably and then use then to grow rapidly for the long term as aggressively as possible. I am here to regain the title of LEAN AND GREEN, for GOOD... Calories in vs calories out = what you want. Fuel your training and know what you are doing and the benefits will be reaped. I will post in the before place shortly to show what happened and explain and to show where i am going and to boast progress from hard work. I wish to give and take from this forum. I have a wide array of knowledge both nutritionally and in resistance training. Please wrack my brain whenever, however. I used to be more proficient in resistance training but as of late, my expertise in now more deeply involved in nutrition, though i am well rounded in both. I hope to enjoy everyones company as soon a possible, bless you all... Current Stats, 190lbs (lost 8lbs this month), 12% bf, Angry and explosive, slimming down bf and laying the foundation for the bulking period of this coming spring.
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