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  1. x2! Nice progress, wonderful to connect with you here. Hope you decide to post on the 2011 submission blog. Either which way, i'm already impressed and i'm sure you'll love this place. See ya on the threads.
  2. yea yea YEA! Sorry, this is how we welcome others to VBBF in all seriousness Hope you enjoy the forum and yes of course there is much to learn from here too, not just humor. Training journals are a pretty good place to search around in for inspiration / knowledge / support, to give or et etc. See you around
  3. It truly is She is right here. Hopefully she will get to posting soon too! Nice to see you also
  4. lolz at R.C. Hey your journal rocks and your goals are very attainable. If your macros are unbalanced, you're going to have gas. Protein is more difficult to digest. Best for a cleanse some other time though imho. I def suggest the classic bbing nutrition (aka lots of protein). Good luck with the up and coming comp. I'm sure you'll do great! Asparagus, Blk Coffee, Oats, oh boy, yes you are at it I'd bet you commitment pays off and in the long run as well. I'll check in again, keep us inspired!
  5. Hey mariamiller. Nice to meet you. I'm sure you'll achieve your goals. Hope to see you around
  6. Mums created the best Hemp Protein around. I have been actively seeking a way to carry the highest quality product. They are creating a new line and offering the older product at a deep discount. I don't have the exact pricing yet however I will be receiving 100lbs of Hemp Protein and it needs to go! It will expire by Jan 2012. Triple Cold Milled Organic Hemp Protein Powder sourced from finnola http://www.mumsoriginal.com/. Thankfully R.C. hooked us up with probably one of the most knowledgeable people around for hemp. He works for several different lines and this one is his favorite. This brand is rated at the top in terms of quality. Vegan Proteins will be the only company carrying this in the states and we'd like to offer a special forum only deal to those who want it. As soon as I can figure out what it will cost, I can spread the word to our community so we can benefit. I'm thinking proceeds can help towards the documentary which is finally moving forward with an estimated final production date to hopefully be around the fall. I looked at prices and hopefully we can compete or moreover beat Nutiva bulk prices. I have been told that Nutiva is not of good quality and have chosen not to go with them. Mum's will be better and cheaper for us If anyone can please respond with how many lbs you may want pre order, I can make sure to help out!
  7. That lady sounds hardcore! I don't consume as much spirulina as I had for the documentary. I just cannot afford it. I cut it down to about 50-70g a day. It is of course cheaper in bulk. I think it's prob 10-15 bucks a day. I keep optimistic to keep on a budget. Nice amount of calories you are getting in by the way! That's right on track.
  8. Icandothis, Looking forward to keeping each other accountable Good frame to build on. OK R.C., finally have the time, coming in with some pictures. Here goes.. Pictures taken in 2011 about 4 days ago (5 weeks of progress after 1.5 yrs off from training, etc) It's going to be a process but with muscle memory, a strong will and most importantly the support of VBBF.. I'll do it! I'll be posting the next 3 months of progress at the end of March. Let's do this!!! Relaxed (5 weeks of progress after 1.5 yrs off from training, etc) http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00667.jpg http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00703.jpg http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00668.jpg http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00669.jpg Flexed but not pumped http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00674.jpg http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00708.jpg http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c210/VeganBodybuilder/DSC00686.jpg
  9. Karen, Hey, sorry for the belated hello. Welcome to the forum! Liked hearing your story. This an an excellent place to find or give support. I'm sure you are already the prime example on the right choices to make to friends and family. I've only been vegan for about 6 years. Hope you reach all of your goals and then some! You go girl
  10. See you on the threads buddy and a great big vegan welcome to ya! Excited to read more about your experiences and knowledge. Nice to meet you and thanks for sayiong hello
  11. Eating lots of food on a budget can be trying, I hear ya. I wanted to keep it at $7 per day. With 3k+ cal days though i'm close to $10. I enjoyed reading one of motives for lifting, that you're tired of others saying it's b/c you don't eat animals. Show em' what's up!!
  12. Mikkei, Mikkei, MIIIIKKEI!! Nice to see you back too. Let's train together soon eh? for me it is either 9:30am or 9:30pm m-thurs. fri is snowboarding. sat is flexible and sunday is at 8pm. Hit me up.
  13. Scarlett. W.E.L.C.O.M.E.!!! Glad you found us and I look forward to seeing you around. I'm sure you'll find useful support and resources here to help with pre contest nutrition, the vegan way!
  14. agreed. Glad to see the bulk protein coming through also. I am a firmm believer in 1+ grams per lb of bw. I've learned over the years to always do WAY less then you anticipate being able to do when starting up again after a break. Smart call on your part. I was off for 1 3/4 yrs myself and just got back. Started off with 30 min 3-4 times pr week and 9-12 sets and gradually over the course of a month went to 4-5 times pr week, 1+hr per session 12-18 sets and from high reps to lower reps (15 to 10). After consistency everything else just seems o come together naturally. You can do it, you got this!! Look forward to checking back and seeing your continued progress.
  15. Well hello friend I see you're at it hardcore as usual. Hope the injury recovery went well. Thanks for all of your support when I was struggling. I was really nice and much appreciated. also, what's a dragon flag?
  16. If anyone pm's me I can certainly help on the price of Vega for the best community ever! I miss VBBF and it's cool to be back. The high quality blend is worth it to use 1/2 serving each time. More importantly though are other suggestions and here is what i've found to be useful. Sunwarrior NitroFusion (don't carry yet but will in 2-3 weeks) Protein Powders in bulk (brown rice, pea and hemp) Hope this helps.
  17. Big size! I'm sure you'll reach your goals and this is an awesome place that created many lasting relationships for me. Look forward to seeing you on the threads. Thanks for sharing the cool intro. I am headed out to Vancouver for the first time to visit a dear friend. I hear it is a really pretty city. Hope your carpal tunnel heals up quick. Acupunture I would imagine is very healing.
  18. I miss those days. Wash if you're around, I am planning on a visit to see you shortly, eh?
  19. I finally got a tattoo, been thinking about it for years. Left calf outside. Sunflower (i.e. universal symbol for veganism). I'll have to post a pic soon.
  20. It's all finally coming together. This is gonna be sweet!
  21. The road to 200 by Jan 24th.. Didn't you sign up for this course at the Straight Up Gas Institute back in December? I'm not satisfied, I want MORE FOOD!
  22. this is going to be interesting. Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we come.
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