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  1. I haven't been very active around here lately, but lets kick it anyway!
  2. what brand bcaa and beta alanine are we talking about? I was about to order some now foods.
  3. I've only been weighing about 135lbs(61.2kg). I'll give it a go.
  4. Yup, excellent product. I've been eating waaaayy too many Larabars the past few months - at least 3 a day.
  5. Have you tried Organic Food Bars, Larabars, or ProBars?
  6. Bouncing out of the hole using the stretchreflex of the muscles is essential to recover from a heavy clean, so it makes excellent sense that he would train the squat that way. To me it seems like he is an excellent squatter . 4X4, i like your avatar . Excellent. I'm still learning.
  7. Ryan, once again I appreciate the thorough response. I've been so busy at work lately I haven't had time to post a proper reply. 95% lower back...really? I've never had lower back pain or felt strain in that area. I guess my form is pretty terrible. The main things I focus on are pushing from my heels (sometimes i'll even use the toe curling technique), and not arching my back. I try to pinch my shoulders back in order to keep my chest up (as if I were benching) which I now know is wrong. Also, keeping my shoulders over the bar. I was practicing today, and noticed Im not pulling back. When I tried to use leverage and positioning as described in that article it felt very awkward. The bar was tearing my shins up, and i kept falling on my ass. Are you meant to pull back the entire pull? Absolutely. I am trying to pinch my shoulders back - as stated above. Can you explain to me what you mean by driving your knees forward? Holy smokes I would be a lard ass. Thanks. I only got into weight training a few years ago (3 maybe 4 years) I was so on point with my routine, and eating, but never made gains. This past year I really tried to focus on just lifting heavy, and eating everything. I was around 118lbs around this time last year. Currently I'm only 138-140lbs. Im still nowhere near happy with my physique. I'm pushing heavier weight, but it doesn't look like I'm putting on muscle. How do these featherweight fighters do it?!
  8. I drink these often: couple frozen strawberries frozen cherries frozen pineapple 1/2 tsp spirulina (optional) sunflower seeds splash of orange juice (seems to always mask the bland powder taste) water protein frozen mangos frozen pineapple splash of orange juice or lemon juice sunflower seeds pepitas protein water shouldn't the fat from the seeds/nuts help regulate the insulin spike? I admit over the last few years i've stopped being so critical of macro-nutrition, and just started eating.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZr9bpwMCtQ
  10. got proof to back up this statement? Is that what you've been taking?
  11. I've been absent recently. Can you fill me in?
  12. In the squat video it looks like he's using some momentum to bounce back up. It seems like that movement may be dangerous and/or poor technique. I tend to lower the weight slower then explode back up. A matter of preference I suppose.
  13. Gemma: Pea Protein - they also let you make custom mixes. the one i currently use is mainly pea, with some brown rice, and hemp protein. Lots of great recipes here Here's what I've been eating recently: tempeh yams red quinoa wheatberries black beans garbanzo beans sprouted bread (ezekiel) raw almond butter i make granola with: rolled oats, dried fruit, and nuts - i don't bake it either. just mix it up in a big container add some cinnamon. - you can also add boiling water to this later on to make oatmeal. lots of fruit and nuts/seeds - apples, nectarines, cherries, pears, strawberries, etc - almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds i usually make at least one smoothie a day with - frozen fruit - nuts/seeds: almonds, sunflower, pepitas - protein: pea/rice/hemp - spirulina im also a big fan of larabars, and organic food bars for quick nutrition.
  14. great stuff. deadlifts are my favorite exercise.
  15. I was working on my form the other day. I think I figured a few things out that have helped me with the initial pull. I agree with ditching the gloves. That isn't where I normally train. I was visiting my parents and decided to throw some weights around. I'm usually here: Thanks Eric
  16. kevin body weight: 138 deadlift: 300 squat: 225 bench: 160 total: 685
  17. deadlifts and squats. also, lift heavy, and eat clean.
  18. Thanks, keep crushin' - you'll be there in no time.
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